Meanwhile, Human Consciousness is Changing

It was an exciting day in America yesterday. The world was on the edge of its seat.

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”


Meanwhile, I was busy editing a long conversation I recorded with one of my favorite people on the planet to dialogue with – Nick. What a fascinating discussion on consciousness. Some of us are experiencing an accelerated metamorphosis, yet we are still reaching – not only for the right words but just any visible form of translation into the old paradigm. Even though there is a perceptible distance between Nick and I, in both age and geography, whenever we meet there is a palpable delight as we witness the emergence of fresh insight. Nick is 23 years old and lives in New York. I am soon to be 60 and live in Western WA State.

I’m sharing a clip today that goes deeper into it. I feel the importance of doing so for the folks who are aware that there is a whole lot more going on right now than angry riots in the Capitol. As I awoke this morning, I felt the inspiration to modify an old familiar saying:

If new consciousness is sounding in the forest while everyone is busy watching the news and fighting their perceived enemies “out there,” will anyone hear, sense, or know about it?

YouTube blurb: Eileen and Nick discuss their awareness of a new consciousness emerging and how they are personally translating and adapting to it. This is an 11-minute clip from a 2-hour dialogue recorded on Jan. 5th. Eileen speaks from the perspective of a lifetime experiencer. Nick is a 23-year old philosopher-bridge. They became friends over a year ago in the Game B space and have continued the dialogue ever since.

While Nick is working on his own platform, he can be reached through Eileen.

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