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The Motherlode (Kingdom) Within

Last night, I was shown everything. Well, it felt like everything, and it was 4 AM to be precise. It was like the Source of ALL sprinkled cosmic gold dust inside my body and sang out, “Here you go. Love will fill you in!” And it did. I awoke inside an active download that delivered revelation after revelation. Or was it an upload? For now, let’s call it a Mother-load.

I will do my best to write this post in my current state. I should be used to this by now, but no. There is no end to what is possible with this Light.

Seriously, we have a whole other way of knowing, and it’s nearly impossible to explain to the linear mind. In my experience, the data that arrives in Love is wholly informing, as it bypasses the mental machine and enlightens us without thought. Unlocking the Mother within releases the flood of the rest of ourselves and all the data we require to restore our natural state. 

A few years ago, after publishing my book, I discovered what would become one of my favorite podcasts – Miguel Conner’s, Aeon Byte. And in all my naivete, this is when I realized that people called this way of knowing, “gnosis.” It was nice to find a name for it. This has been a common theme in my life, to experience first and then find the world’s definition for it so that I could speak of it. For this upside-down human, translating all of this certainly has been the greatest challenge of my life. 

However, I realize that I am coming to the end of my desperate search for words and existing frames to make this data visible in this dimensional space. As I’ve said many times, I’d much prefer to share my maps and travelogues to inspire you to go direct than to be the proverbial middle-man with my translations. It’s critical now that you remember how to talk to Source so that you may be “filled in” with the Truth as well; if this is what you choose, of course.

My early lessons came from the Presence. I followed the steps to uncover and unlock the treasure at my core. It was through the practice of a very simple emotional-honesty-prayer-dialogue. For years, I’ve spoken of this on the blog, online, in-person, and too many times to count. However, not everyone is ready to meet this blinding Light and uncover what has been long-forgotten here. It is for the few who dare to engage with IT. And if we discover more of ourselves here, what would happen to the smaller identity we’d generated to interface and continue investing in that old world? Death. You are correct. While it is not physical death, it is a shamanic death of all that we thought or once believed to be true (be-leave: leave our being; separation) so that we may gain access to the bounty of gold within.

Perhaps everything that we like to call “spiritual” while simultaneously propping up and perpetuating a false reality is a distraction from directly engaging with Source. I have experienced in my own body that the Light of Father Spirit is seeking the Mother buried deep within us. She is the Divine Spark that lies in wait ‘neath all of the debris – misunderstandings, confusion, and fear generated from living in this insane upside-down reality. If we engage by clearing the way for this reunion within us, this is when our Father-Mother Creators and our masculine-feminine currents can flow in union again. Then (in Christian terms) the Christ is conceived, gestates, and is reborn in us. Perhaps the religious stories and narratives have gone a little astray from this simple design and formula etched into our very flesh, bone, and blood.

My grateful heart is exploding. I’m sure my own joy continues to radiate beyond my four little walls, across the field and pastures, the ocean, and the infinity of starry skies. Yes, I was fully lit, and drunk with the music of the Goddess that sings and rejoices when the Beloved returns.

For now, I must integrate. But what I can say with confidence, is that if one practices the Presence in a genuine way, one will remember the Greater Truth. If we engage our will and choose to transform, our world transforms. If we embody this greater awareness, it seamlessly pops us into a world that directly reflects it. Synchronicities appear, and a myriad of new choices and opportunities appear as well. Lastly, there is an infinity of worlds and potential in every new present-moment doorway. I will elaborate further on what I understood around all of this when I am able.

Many of you have written to me to tell me that you are a little surprised to be feeling the Light moving and changing you on a physical level now. Keep going. As the resonance transmissions have been indicating, we are here now. And whether we call it a download, an upload, or the Motherlode, our bodies were made for this level of Love to be born through us, on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

From the humble manger of my heart to yours, Merry Christmas.
– Eileen

There’s a bright star hanging over the city tonight
It shines despite the busy world below
And like the greatest story ever told
We forget it’s personal
And so the chasm grows
But the sky has never been more real
On this amazing eve
As an ancient piece of Heaven 
Is singing in our dreams
It’s time to be renewed

Are you ONE who will make room?

Is there a place tonight where Christ can shine through?
Is there a way for Love to manifest in you?
Re-born in the hearts that have cleared the way

Is every day

So many decorations line the streets tonight
Like a dazzling reminder of the Light we carry inside
And in the offering of this gold
We bridge the distance to Soul
And we watch the chasm close
Raising our hands to the sky
We reclaim the gift inside
And the angels sing praises
On this ever-holy night

There is a place tonight where Christ can shine through
There is a way for Love to manifest in you
Re-born in the hearts that have cleared the way

Is every day

© Christmas is Every Day, Lyrics 2002, Eileen Meyer

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