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Turning: Messages from the Mother 120620

Divine Mother sings and sounds at the end. It was a surprise to me. It will take some adjusting to allow that much energy through. I haven’t sung much in the last several months, so short bursts at a time as I adapt.

At a certain stage of my “education” from within, I was taught how to translate energy. As a singer, I understood it. It’s music. Though describing it to those who consciously or unconsciously agree to suppress the natural state, well that’s a whole other world of challenge.

Just as I experienced great change at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, I am experiencing the same major movement now. It’s getting near impossible to explain the resonance data to the deeply-conditioned mind. Just like it says in this message, my body stops me. I will post these when I get the nudge to do so. They are a guide for those who are expanding. In 2020, I came to fully accept my role as a messenger. It only took an entire lifetime to come to this. It only took a foundational shift in my consciousness to realize that many of us are definitely not in Kansas anymore. I speak from the new ground. It is a wholly new-ancient way of receiving data. A nod to those who can feel and understand this. And love to those who have the will to rediscover it.

I’ve been informed repeatedly that I am not alone on this journey. Much of my energy over the last ten years has been devoted to finding others to reflect, practice, and orient to this LOVE… “where two or more…” Individually, we thought we were alone, and have gradually adapted to this universal current in our own ways. Imagine what could happen if we came together. Feeling that potentiality takes my breath away. – Eileen (EM)

Quote from message:
“…the old ways and the old frames will not be sufficient. You will feel a let down when you try… following this shift, this turning into the direction of expansion, your body will inform you. You will notice the contraction when you are attempting to make old ways work, to make old words work, to make old ideologies work… your body will stop you. Love will stop you. For your momentum and your direction will have shifted. These patterns run very deep. So this shift towards expansion will be an adjustment for every single human being who is making this journey at this time. So it is not physical death for many of you, but it is death. For it is a deeply transformative experience that you will move through… if you haven’t already.”


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