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An Interview with Mary Jo at Vibrant Living Wellness, NZ


My friend Mary Jo is a big benevolent force in New Zealand and on the planet. I had completely forgotten that we’d done this interview 6-months ago. I must say, if anyone wanted to know who I am, what my work is about, and how it came to be, I would point them to this interview. We cover a lot of ground: the direct experience with Kundalini, rage, trauma, the Divine Mother trapped in our body’s core, angels and ETs, honesty prayers, and why suicide is not the ultimate escape that people think it is. Mary Jo has a way of drawing out the best in her guests – the juicy stuff! Thank you so much, Mary Jo. It was a great honor.

Note: There was an error in the video itself about which Washington I lived in. Mary Jo will correct the text below the video on YouTube. I live in WA State, not D.C. 😉

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