There’s Never Been a Better Time to Wake up from the Dream

Everything is going to change. And this occurs on all levels. Move. Engage.
Meet your greater potential now.

The above statement was essentially a memo to humanity in my dream last night. However, my arrival onto the dream scene occurred following the issuance of said memo. It’s just how we did things. I was there to help a community process a multidimensional transformation that was imminent. What does that even mean? Precisely. Part of my job was to assist people in reorienting to something much larger than what they had previously adapted to. I arrive in a world where meaning is dead. Although, many don’t realize that it is a necessary death. One that is synchronized with the demise of the conditioned mind. Otherwise, how could we possibly understand who we are in relation to the greater context of what is true and actual? Indeed, who are we beyond the dream? I have come to know that if one is to have a problem, this is the best one to have. And there’s never been a better time to wake up to this.

The dream started with me arriving in the community by slowly waking up in a bed inside a small apartment or home. I opened my eyes and immediately became aware of my training as a traveler in this way. I knew the protocols. I embodied the protocols. And with the help of the man (Partner? Coworker?) who received me in his home, I reoriented quickly. However, I did feel and mention to him that I had a headache. He acknowledged this well-known side effect. When I was sufficiently present, he began informing me of the lay of the land and the local plan to implement these transition protocols born from a greater context of high-frequency precision and experience. It took an entire team. There were thousands of us.

Some of the townspeople started coming into the home before I was ready to meet them outside. While some were seeking individual support, most were briefing me with their particular bits of constructive information. These kinds of helpers love their roles and are aware of the way these projects work. I remember feeling an honoring and appreciation for them. It was a display of teamwork in the most exciting and efficient ways imaginable. Everything was coming to fruition.

I wandered outside to get an overall feel for where the consciousness was. I spoke to a woman who was in an unconscious process of sorting and letting go of her physical possessions. It was clear that she was in shock, yet the body kept her engaged with the task. I said something to her as she slowed her motions and looked at me blankly. I remember waiting for a sense of soul to return to her eyes. It was then, with her attention, that I was able to tell her something that reoriented her consciousness to the new and bigger context. She pressed on with a more tangible sense of her new values and choices. I left her and wandered further into the community.

I approached an anxious young man standing in a line. I became aware that I was joining him inside his dream of standing in a line to get government help. I intervened and asked him about the line he stood in and what he needed. He was overwhelmed and had trouble with his words, but I ascertained that the previous help he had with the government to care for his blind mother was gone. He explained that he was standing in line to inform the system that he needed a new aide. When I inquired about why he would not be home with his mother now, he looked at me as if I were crazy and retorted,

“I have a job. Someone has to pay the bills!”

I was then able to help him reorient to the new reality that he needn’t wait in line any longer, though he could if he chose to. Again, I helped him understand that there were no longer jobs, money, or governments and that this was far from devastating. I squeezed his hand and said, “It’s a good thing to return home to your mother.” (Personally, my favorite part of the dream.)

Inner Light, by

The remainder of the dream was me wandering around the community, meeting people where they were in their conundrums, and helping them reorient to a much larger context.

The dreams have been coming quite regularly now. They are busy and mostly take place behind the scenes of the aftermath. On a few other occasions, I started to write out recent dreams to post here, as it felt collective in nature. But things are accelerating way too fast now. Navigating these present-moment energies is all-consuming. I was able to write this now because all layers of me were aligned in doing so. By the way, this dream reminds me of this one: The dream about the dark-skinned angel beings that came one year ago and I posted on 11/30/19. I can feel the resonance. The question may be,

Are we all gonna die???

Yes, on some level. Transformation is imminent. Everything is going to change. So I suppose this post is saying, snap out of the zombie-dream and consciously choose to reorient to your greater consciousness. And as an aside. To those who have thoughts of committing suicide: Yes, muster the courage to allow the death of a worldview. But many of you will still need your body for what is to come. I get it. You’ve always known that this world is sick and/or you could never make yourself fit in. Duh! You were not designed to fit into a dying construct. Listen. There has never been a better time to wake up from the dream. And to consciously meet and unpack your potentiality in the here and now. As the dream suggests, if you do take this conscious step, helpers seem to appear out of nowhere. And maybe, just maybe, they’re here to remind you, that you came to be a helper too.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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  1. Yes, ma’am. Tallies with my dream last night of the end coming fast and fiery. Love it! It certainly feels like death. I choose transformation. I want to stick around and see what happens….

  2. Thankyou for recognising my website.’ Space Magic’ made me realise the significance in the stars.
    You have a beautiful and elegantly poetic website.
    The Power of Love is All. You would like “TheTwelve Blessings”, in its themes of Sacrifice for Love.

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