The Truth of the Matter: How the Goddess changes everything

My mission and purpose is to help you awaken THAT which I awakened – Presence, or the Divine Guide within. This blog is an ever-evolving expression of the I AM in me. However, I see that this website-platform shall be metamorphosing in the coming weeks. My intent will be that it reflects less in specifics of my life-before and more in the Presence that continues to enliven within and through me. Basically, I will get to the Truth of the matter – the Goddess within.

For those who have followed my work over the years, I am deeply grateful. I also want to say that if you choose to join me in my work moving forward, you will see a fundamental shift.

I have sufficiently integrated my lifelong contact with “other,” the Presence that arrived in many forms to essentially shake things up. What I once thought as a curse, is today the greatest blessing of all. As a result, I notice that I no longer require acknowledgment or validation from any existing narrative in the world. The embodiment of the I AM is a continuous, ever-unfolding commitment to expand. Simultaneously, it is an integration and acceptance of I AM THAT I AM.

At a previous point in time, there was an idea of Divine Essence. It was an idea that I once thought, believed, and was told by this strange world, was “other,” and that it was beyond me. Au contraire. When the Spirit ignites with the Goddess within, we discover the Truth of the matter, and the actual embodiment begins.

The re-awakening of the Mother/Goddess/Feminine is how we heal, shift, and restore our wholeness in form. It is the streaming of the Living Waters that instruct and guide our way forward.

I have integrated the understanding of why I am here. I am here, along with others, to mirror, to demonstrate, to model, to embody what I feel, know, and experience of humanity’s true nature. My greatest passion has remained constant since my major bioenergetic event in 1998. Following the experience, and in the first moment that I was able to speak out loud, I passionately committed the balance of my life to help others directly feel this connection too. I have not wavered. Over the years, I dedicated all of my heart, as well as all of my material resources, to continue sharing it with you.

When the Mother awakened in me, I instantly understood many things. Firstly, I knew that I was a frequency translator and broadcaster of words, energy, and sound. And with this, I experienced both profound joy and extreme frustration. Ultimately, I found that I could not reach anyone who could not feel, or had agreed to dishonor their own emotional power and wisdom within. A great many people still expect words to explain unexplainable things. This is when I spent years investigating how to translate something so huge into the mental grid of language, concepts, and ideas.

This is when SHE responded within me,
“Now you know how I feel.”

Inner Light, by

I am dedicated to translating the Presence in me, so that you may be inspired to directly engage with the Presence in you. It does not matter your gender identification. The Mother lives within us all. She is the balance of our consciousness and our guide to the restoration of our natural state.

[The markers within…] are what pull you forward. It is not the thinking mind. It is not the explanations that pull anyone forward into their natural state, or their natural design. One can teach and remind human beings that they are extraordinary; that they were designed in these extraordinary ways, that they are divine beings at their core. One can speak of these things until one is, as you say, blue in the face. It is not going to get through and be processed and understood on that level alone. One must break through into more layers of consciousness in order to choose to give the attention to these inner markers, to what is felt… to go within, as you say. 

Sound of Now Transmissions: BreakingThrough.110820

Understand that at this timing, if you long to awaken and embody more of yourSelf and Soul, the primary direction to be looking is within. The sooner you surrender to your Inner Guidance, the sooner you will feel the soothing relief and forward direction of Universal Love.

I am currently moving through the profound changes I’d been shown many years ago. What was shamanic vision-downloads way back then is manifesting now. The quickening is ongoing. And this will look and feel differently for each individual. However, the common denominator for all is, we are swimming in a sea of Loving Potentiality; an opportunity to consciously choose to meet many more dimensions of ourSelves. How will each fragment respond to this invitation? Will we open our hearts and say “yes” to the extraordinary joy that is HERE NOW? Or will we continue to deny it? I said “yes” to the Goddess and everything changed. The Truth of the matter is, you can say “yes” too.

Gratitude and blessings to all of you who’ve supported me on every level over the years. It is true what they say, I could not have reached this intersection without you. I pray that I may continue to inspire and lift you into the remembrance too. ~ EM

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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Koyopa: (n) lightning [Momos]; inner soul (receives supernatural messages)
from the Language of Mayan K’iche’. It is the Mayan term for Kundalini.


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  1. Thank you SO much for this!!!!  Lately, I love to sleep, like one night I went to sleep at 7 pm!  When I am asleep, anything is possible!   What you say here totally makes sense!!!!  I loved the painting too!  I was transfixed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!  🌈💜🌈💎

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