America: Vote from your Soul, Say a Prayer, and Expect the Unexpected

At this crossroads, anything can happen. In all things, choose love.

In 2016, before the presidential election, I prayed and spent time in deep inquiry. There were many discussions at the time with clients, friends, and family, about voting and the perceived qualities of the given candidates. While I heard a few folks speak with a clear, no-question-selection for the next president, mostly what I was hearing was that people were stuck, frozen, or apathetic about the whole “charade” of democracy. The response I received from my deep inquiry helped me to move forward with a new tool and a bigger-picture view.

A level of engagement with conscious intent is far more self-actualizing than a stubborn refusal to participate. In our declaration that the “system is f*%ked so why bother,” it’s pretty clear that we expose ourselves to further loss – the proverbial throwing away the baby with the bathwater. Maybe you don’t vote, but what action are you taking to manifest a greater reality? How do you raise your own consciousness, expand beyond the given spectrum, and embody more power and authority in your own life? If you do not see what you prefer out there in the world, how might you embody and demonstrate what you do prefer?

In this stage of human awakening, before making any important decision in our lives, it is wise to review our deeper intentions and appreciate the context from which we vote for sameness or something new. There is our consensus-ego mind, and there is our greater-multidimensional design. We tend to forget the latter, as our popular sources for news tend to omit references to our greater potential, and our power to grow beyond this limited construct.

The vision-download showed me that while it may seem so, we are not just voting on a given identity, personality, or even an ideology. With our vote – whether it is for a public official in an election or a deeply personal choice we are making in our individual lives – we are reminded to expand beyond the given context. I encourage you to engage with your innate power to see beyond what it seems. Currently, we live in a highly-charged window of potentiality whereby we may blast beyond the polarized limited view, bring soul back into the mix, and manifest more of what we want for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We are never stuck inside a smaller, this-or-that view unless we agree that we are a disempowered human with little-to-no options. We are indeed far more powerful than we have been told. If we buy-in to the dark forces now and believe that we victims, our trajectory forward will be further experiences of all that we have known. Why not choose to break the chains of past programming and expand into the great unknown?

You, along with every other global citizen are here to participate in this conscious shift. The individual heart decides: further contraction and disempowerment, or the restoration of humanity’s natural state and exponential growth into new evolutionary trajectories. If you are interested in expansion, engage your heart’s intent for Universal citizenship. Engage with your own power to transform yourself and your world. And for those who still choose apathy: In the process of giving up on a broken system that you feel clearly does not represent you, make sure you are not giving up on yourself and your massive, yet untapped new potential. Take action on some level that signals to the Universe: I am willing to engage my power to support the benevolent expansion of human consciousness.

Know thySelf. Know thy way forward.

Pray for what you do want. Don’t hold back. Speak directly to your Creator. Imagine that you are your higher self, an ascended angel of the Light viewing the earth and humanity from pure Love. This may not be an integrated aspect of yourself yet, but the potential is here in this crossroads. Make no mistake, the biggest event occurring now is not the U.S. election, it is the cosmic potential to transcend fear and re-embody Light. Cast your vote from this perspective and behold the greatest transformation ever.

When you vote (even if you’ve already voted early you can still say this prayer), if you don’t feel a preference for any candidate on the ballot, choose the one that you can imagine carrying out your soul’s intent. Center your consciousness in your heart, and then pray out loud.

I am here in the Presence of Divine Love. This is my prayer.

I choose Love. And I accept my power now to consciously choose wholeness and well being for all humans and natural world beings… (You choose and describe the greatest context you can personally envision in Love. As you speak, feel this love expand in your heart.)

I have placed the mark on my ballot for _________. In this current world and reality, I feel and I envision this human being accelerating into alignment with, and easily synchronizing with my soul’s greater intentions. I accept that even if he/she does not immediately appear to manifest my intent, I know that Love is timeless, and the power of my prayer will manifest in ways and through people and beings that I may not see in this moment. In all ways, I trust in the outcome of Love.

Suggested prayer. Use your own inspiration!

Remember, when enough of us choose Love, ANYTHING magnificent can happen at any time. Your future is not decided by the limited framework of American politics and the results of elections. Your way forward is decided by your ability to rise and act within the highest vibration possible. In this window of time between worlds, your choices are not based on red or blue. Step up. Stand tall. Accept your spiritual sovereignty to vote as a Universal Citizen. And remember, in all things, choose Love.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

Photo by Steve Conroy.

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