Awakening Presence: Our Guiding Force in these Times

Whether individual consciousness is expanding or contracting, things continue to accelerate very quickly now. At the beginning of 2020, the video-message I posted was, Are You Prepared? This was around the time when the downloads shifted from how to prepare for a future intersection in consciousness, to a seamless real-time engagement with it. I have likened it to graduating from a classroom setting of Surfing-101 to a fully-immersive experience of hang ten and the infinite ocean. We are in it now. Concepts on a chalkboard cannot help us here. We either welcome and practice this actual vibratory Presence of Love, or we keep pretending IT is content to remain inside our venerated symbols and text. This Inner Guiding Force awakens us into a lucid, interconnected experience of Life if we are willing to practice honesty and innocence. Otherwise, things continue on as they have, into new cycles of – life is but a dream.

Transcribed from audio transmission, January 2020:

…And as we have given, in these times if you are only relying on what is given to you through your media and through others who are not attuned to the truth of who they are from within, then it will become increasingly confusing. Who is right? And who is wrong? In order to know the Truth that sets you free, one must attune to their own Divinity. This is where your power is. 

…one achieves the in-sight and the understanding that Love is the way, as your Christ indicated – Love, Light, is the way. Now this did not mean that it must be through a worshipped character. This Christ energy is available to all of you, and that is what is occurring now. Those who heard your Jesus Christ teacher and took it to heart, along with other spiritual teachers in this current cycle, you would be acting upon it. You would be owning it. You would be embodying it. Because that is what the teachings are about. [Instead] you were redirected to worship something outside of yourself; to follow narratives and stories outside of yourself. This disempowers you. This takes you off of your true path as a Divine Human Being. So for those who know this now, you will shift into another way of being, another landscape. 

Sound of Gold files: AreYouPrepared.010520

I am not a scientist. But I am 100% sure that if science could embrace consciousness as the fundamental reality, humanity would stand a better chance at freeing themselves from the smaller spectrum, 3D-menu of beliefs. Instead, it’s the very programming and belief systems within this limited spectrum that prevent one from landing back into our natural, present-moment state of interconnected consciousness. I attribute this to our lifelong entrainment to an outside authority instead of attuning to our own sovereign inner authority.

Scientists argue that they are immune to bias and belief systems. Listen, I love science, particularly the quantum variety. But from a direct experiencer’s perspective, I see that an unconscious collective of humanity is heavily reliant upon religion and science to “objectively” explain the unexplainable. That’s like seeking overseas travel tips from an agency that has only cryptic sketches and theories of what lies beyond our land-locked town. They are in the business of selling prepackaged data based on an incomplete worldview. And because this agency has never actually been beyond the borders of their “educated” minds, they plug their ears and judge the ones who have.

Many folks have no “idea” that by agreeing to live in this box of limited consciousness and cutting oneself off from that which is wholly within our design, we are rejecting our greater sense-making apparatus. I have been in numerous discussion groups with both the religious and scientific persuasion. While I am encouraged that some are beginning to embrace the idea of revelatory data arriving via the pathways of direct experience, I still observe an unconscious entrenchment to their given god. Meanwhile, multidimensional Presence continues to be trapped inside thought bubbles and corralled inside cultural and ideological landscapes. From the experiential view, I can see that this Absolute Power at the core of every human being was hijacked and printed into a cardboard-cutout idol that we must either study under a microscope or fall to our knees and worship. There are certainly clues found everywhere, but ultimately the whole of what we need to know lies within.

There’s no time like the present
To wake up to Heaven on Earth.
This is it, this is the truth.
There’s no need to worship
What already lives in you.

“It’s in You”: Song lyrics by EM Meyer. Listen here.

It seems that for many centuries, the direct present-moment experience of the Divine is either laughed at or has been held hostage by biblical story or mental beliefs. The way I see it, one of the greatest hurdles in restoring the grand potential of human consciousness is to get past the conditioning and fear of being called crazy for experiencing something beyond what we are told. I would know. I continue to receive a barrage of emails from those who send me love, thank-you’s, and lengthy accounts of their own experience and resonance. I say it to them privately and will state it here again: Be willing to be visible and speak your truth as well. As the download-messages repeat quite frequently, there is no person or group who has the power to control you unless you are giving them that power on some level. Speaking our truth out loud shatters the very spell we claim to be the victims of.

I am being shown via the downloads that the split occurring now is energetically shifting human consciousness into two major trajectories: a) the individual consciousness goes within and centers-restores-embodies the inner authority of Divine Presence. Or, b) the individual consciousness perpetuates the foundational lie by centering in the authority of the false world and continues to believe that one is powerless and separate from this Love.

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

John Kabat-Zinn

With the intensity of these inpouring high-frequency waves, it brings the shadow to the surface. Each individual will be choosing their forward direction, whether it is conscious or not. Human beings who continue with anger, rage, and fear, will continue to disown their spiritual authority and project it onto outer-world control systems, warring with their enemies, and worshipping their saviors. This will lead to further polarization and contraction. Human beings who are vibrating in Love will lift into the greater view by resonance. In other words, they are already humming or in sync with these higher vibrations, so the music of the Universal Song carries them forward. This is achieved without thought, and it is done in pure joy. It is done by BEING IT instead of talking, theorizing, or pontificating about what IT is.

I know what is at your core because I found it in mine. I am no different than you. Every ONE was born with this inner compass of Presence, and I would say this is a very good time to rediscover IT. You got THIS. Literally.

This is an excerpt from the most recent message, Oct 18, 2020.

We are not the only a voice in this way. There are a variety of voices who speak of these things – the importance of rediscovering that Self within to guide you forward, to restore, to reorient your consciousness. How this is done, how this is achieved is a moment-by-moment synchronous operation. Aligning and layering of dimensional awareness from many perspectives empowers the individual who is in form on earth. And this power point, the one who is in form on Earth, broadcasts this aligned consciousness. This generates a field of knowing. And those who are drawn to this field, those who engage with this field of understanding and knowing will find themselves accelerating in a rapid fashion. 

…Trust. All is well. You have everything that you need within your core and it is activated by Love. Being it, expressing it, welcoming more. We thank you for your courage. You are loved beyond measure, beyond what you can comprehend in this moment. Trust your way forward. Always in the vibration of Love.

Sound of Now files: Reset.Restore.101820

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

Photo by Steve Conroy.

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