Embodiment: A Necessary Revolution in Consciousness

Some say the world has gone mad. A revolution is at hand. However, in my view, the world has always been mad. Today my life makes far more sense, and ironically so inside the chaos of pandemics and politics. As an experiencer of spiritually transformative events, the first to go was my worldview. Now it is the collective worldview that I am witnessing the death of as we speak. I find this to be a necessary transformation before one can know or embody Truth. In my recent video with Mayan Priest Eduardo, I shared more of my ongoing insight and experience with what embodiment is. It has been a purification, blending, and synchronizing of the higher-consciousness aspects of Self-with-the-self whose feet are currently on the ground of Earth. I understand now that our Original Source Design is a far greater mapping of ourselves and reality than what we were told. And reinitiating our natural state is not only possible now; it is a necessary revolution in consciousness.

The new age term for this has been “ascension,” which feels like the opposite of embodiment. No surprise here. I’ve referred to this world quite often as “the land of opposites.” Nevertheless, my interest in the embodiment of More of ourSelves has nothing to do with any of the popularized narratives in the world. I’ve been living and adapting to this expansion-while-in-form project for many years. And there is no end to it. There is no finish line. It is an ever-expanding opportunity to BE and manifest who we are – a Divine being on Earth as it is in Heaven. While that may sound fluffy, it truly is the most challenging thing we’ll ever do. At the same time, it is within each one of us to achieve.

Over my lifetime, these manifestations of nonhuman intelligence – ET, angels, or aspects of myself – taught me about conditioning, trauma, and other malicious programming introduced to confuse and disconnect us from Love and our natural design. One can see that many of the controlled narratives within UFOlogy have pointed to ETs as the ones who are controlling, hurting, and manipulating human consciousness. Maybe. But my sources point more towards a hijacking and reprogramming of these deeply-personal transformative events into a more manageable, fear-based, narrative. By whom? Those who tend to lose everything if human beings fully awaken and remember who they are.

While I’ve been asked to share the process with you, I also know that none of this can be conveniently framed or translated to the linear mind. It is a multidimensional way of being in form. And it makes initial contact via communion with your heart. Not your head. If the heart is open enough to “hear,” that’s all that is required to guide you to the re-blend of head, heart, and body. This is the required foundation or anchor for the embodiment of higher aspects of Self. My “visiting” teachers may not have lived inside the lower-matrix world, but they seemed quite determined to reach into this lower-dimensional quicksand, crack open my heart, and time after time, reintroduce me to a universal cosmology and identity. With each inner revolution, it took time to integrate and adapt. But as I look back over these landscapes of destruction and rebuilding, I see that it brought my greater Self much closer to Home – a frequency alignment within my own consciousness. Whether you call me a prototype or a guinea pig, I am no different than you. Every individual carries these Source codes within. And whether or not we engage with them is completely up to us.

Today my prayer is: May many more of us actively choose Love. May we invite this personal revolution within our own consciousness. May we know and broadcast the Greater Light within so that this Light may ignite everywhere – in the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth, and in the Hearts of every ONE.

The topic of Embodiment is woven through so many of the messages since 2005. Here are two excerpts transcribed from audio transmissions. One from 2014 and one from 2019:

From Sound of Gold Files: Multidimensionality.072414

It is good to review, to see the panoramic view. And it is not meant for you in [this phase of] your evolution to focus on your journey, where you have come from, and to repeat the stories of how you came from point A to point B. It is interesting for a moment and then it is the timing to stand tall on your particular mountaintop and to begin to re-call the Universal into embodiment.

Now these may seem like foreign concepts, and indeed they are for they are not intended to be concepts. They are messages from this more expanded identity to this more focused identity. A blending is to occur. 

Now to know what this might feel like and what some of the symptoms may be could be very valuable. And/or it could be of great value when you are in the confusion, or fear, or panic because of these greater frequencies meeting the more limited streams of understanding within the dynamics of the realm you find yourself within. When these meet, there is a reaction.

…Do you see how delicate this is with the translation of the cosmic identity to the earth-human consciousness identity? Know that it is one consciousness blending now and you may feel your identity as a human on earth, while simultaneously experiencing yourself as light, love, peace, beauty, energy… self-aware energy. Do you see? It is possible. You do not have to separate the self into compartments as you were conditioned in this focused, 3D reality. It is possible to be ALL on earth, and as we have stated in the past, your bodies, your physicality is wired for this. You have amazing physicality. It is utterly amazing what has been created as your physical form. Earth assisted with this. That is why we stress the connection with the natural world, for it is through your bodies, through Mother Earth, that you begin to recall and ground the rest of yourself – the rest of yourSelves. And you begin to take the steps, not only upon Mother Earth, but the steps in energy to practice being this profound, multidimensional being walking on earth.

From Sound of Gold Files: NavigatingHome.060219

…There are those who wish to capitalize on this confused state of humanity, and they are.

Very simply put, if you are not resonating with your Source, your True Original Source from the natural grid, then you are compromised and you can be very easily manipulated because your perceptions are based upon first the foundation of disempowerment – the foundation of believing yourself to be small and nothing unless you are a part of the game, for which you will be rewarded if you participate in the ways that are given. And for those, the meek, who embody the heart of Original Creator and practice it and radiate it in this environment… they are the ones who shall re-inherit the Earth, the True Earth. 

Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. This Truth resonates within you. So all of this work has been about guiding you into recalling this direct resonance with your Source Creator so that you may be empowered to broadcast the Truth within this containment. And this is what dissolves, dissipates this [lower-matrix] creation and those who created it based on intentions that were not considering the Whole of Humanity. But rather, again, capitalizing on this limited view that has been programmed over time. Humanity at this time is encouraged to recall the other portions of your consciousness that have not been welcomed or brought forth in the ways that could rapidly shift this reality into its natural state. This is done within human consciousness itself… Your power comes directly from your Original Source. Truth comes directly from your Original Source.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

Photo by Steve Conroy.

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