Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep.5: End of the Long Count – Window Between Worlds

We have arrived. Now, where do we go from here? Eduardo and Eileen weave the Mayan teachings with the latest data coming through Eileen’s dream-messages. Her October 4th transmission zeros in on what ascension actually is; and that we have everything we need to ascend, transcend, synchronize, and embody our Greater Selves. As we walk the razor’s edge of consciousness between worlds, both Eduardo and Eileen dive further into the guidance: how to consciously navigate through what the Mayan Elders referred to as an all-important window between worlds.

Eduardo and Eileen talk about action-oriented ways to “go within,” which Eileen indicates are ways to move past the glitches that occur in deeply conditioned human consciousness. Dreams and breathwork are discussed as ways to begin to turn our attention inward and initiate the inner conversation. Eileen speaks directly about her recent dream experience of a more expanded, higher-self viewpoint interacting with sentient technologies. The recent download-message that she brought through was about synchronizing these higher aspects of ourselves. Eduardo shares what he learned from the Mayan Elders in Guatemala, and how it relates to what has been coming through the messages. This is the End of the Long Count – the time when we would begin to remember and reconnect with the Universe, beyond what we’ve been taught to believe. The Mayan window or portal between worlds is open at this time. Eileen describes the importance of showing up here right now, as the window will not remain open for much longer. We are all choosing our trajectories, either consciously or unconsciously.

Background: Eduardo, a Mayan Priest or Aj Q’ij, became Eileen’s teacher on the Sacred Mayan Fire Path in 2001 and initiated her in 2002 in Tikal, Guatemala. She did not take the title of Aj Q’ij. As a lifetime experiencer of contact with nonhuman intelligence, she knew that the Mayan wisdom was important to integrate into her sacred bundle, but that it would only be the beginning of her unfolding spiritual work. In 2005 she began to bring through the frequency data that she was taught how to access and translate via her lifetime of contact experiences, and her Kundalini/Koyopa event. When Eduardo and Eileen refer to the messages in these videos, they are referring to this evolutionary guidance she received and recorded in hundreds of audio files. They are about how our consciousness would be changing in these times, how important it is to remember who we are, ignite and give birth to our divinity on Earth, and transcend the outdated 3D construct that many still sleep within. This is not a time to be afraid. It is the time to remember and BE the fullness of who we actually are.

If you are interested in the future groups Eduardo and Eileen are planning, please send us an email expressing your interest and why it resonates. We’d like to get a feel for this before we move forward. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep.5: End of the Long Count – Window Between Worlds

    1. Hello Eduardo and Eileen,

      Thank you so much for your email and video chat. When this email comes through I was considering a job work for USSA 40 hrs a week. I’m kinda going in every direction with “jobs”, living in Pueblo, and letting go the old. This video helped me stay focused. It was also nice to know others are experiencing the same feelings and how to stay one path. This was just what I needed to hear!!!
      With much love! ❤️

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