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It Took a Few Angels and ETs to Jog my Awakening

On this morning, making my way through the mundane task of email correspondence, my heart began filling with the familiar glow of Presence. Many years ago, I affectionately referred to this blanket of sweetness as “the Love Goo.” Whatever I decide to name it, and no matter what is happening in the world out there, I recognize that this current of Love arrives to inform me directly. When it permeates my being, I know what I need to know. It is thy rod and thy staff, a Divine Conduit within. And I trust IT completely.

However, things didn’t always work this way. It took a few ETs and angels to jog my awakening.

When I feel it, I’ve learned to stop everything and listen. Is it a message for me? For an article? For a client today? When the download is complete, I can start moving again. I then begin translating the frequency data by speaking or typing what I am hearing- feeling-seeing. Everything I share about my own life and process is with the intent to reach those who are at least beginning to unlock their own inner conduit to the Field/Source/Universe. We’re all born with it. It’s called consciousness. And we’ve been programmed to use very little of it. I see now that this was the evolutionary purpose of my contact experiences – to recognize this, and share what I am learning with you.

I realize that I speak of these things from a feminine, and therefore minority standpoint, but what I learned over my lifetime and from my direct experience was that they weren’t here to point to the physical stars, planets, and space “out there.” Ultimately, they are pointing to the uncharted spaces within us – all of the spaces we were programmed NOT to see and feel. You could say I was pressed into overcoming my fears. And through this I began to see what had become invisible to me and to most people around me. Upon our return, those of us who have been taken beyond 3D clearly see that this data can only manifest in bits and pieces here. And we can’t explain the whole of what we know to those who only see the bits and pieces.

The passion I have for this inter-dimensional project comes from the Presence itself – that which has filled me in. I’m simply here to share my maps. I have met and developed a small community with others like myself who are similarly inspired. Many of us have publicly shared how we were introduced to and continue to navigate these landscapes in consciousness. Overall, it felt like these spiritually-transformative experiences compelled us to face our fears, rapidly transformed shadow material, and then gradually, we embody more of who we are. Those who are courageous enough to “come out” about this journey in consciousness do so because they are driven to inform you of what is also within you.

I realize that most readers of this blog already see that the more socially-accepted maps were given to us by the managers of this lower-matrix world. Most of the population follows these maps because their unconscious wounding (fear) and limited emotional intelligence block the view into More. In this way, it’s pretty easy to maintain control of human consciousness and prevent them from even considering anything beyond the given maps. This programming runs deep. I note that even very intelligent people will unconsciously run these programmed scripts when confronted with the “unexplained,” or something that wasn’t indicated on their lower-matrix maps. The fear of losing identity-status and related revenue streams inside the matrix easily prevents just the basic curiosity required to peek through the prison bars into these “unmapped” territories of consciousness.

After my major Kundalini event, visits with ETs changed or happened less. It seemed that I no longer required intermediaries. A bridging had occurred within my own consciousness. It’s like going from a regular dream where we are relating to symbolic imagery out there, to entering a fully lucid state. And this is where we recognize that we are the ONE dreaming. The shift becomes a reorientation and alignment to the Source-within. Clearly, it was this bioenergetic event that transformed my body and consciousness. It felt like I had come “online” with the Universe. It took many years to reorient and adapt to this embodiment of More. And in many ways, it is ongoing.

Yes, I was changed, but I noticed that very few could see or hear me unless I continued to speak their language and wear the cultural masks. I was informed that they can only see what they believe to be true. And they don’t know what they don’t KNOW.

IT requires an honesty, innocence, and a will to open up to the spaces in between your programming. This is where we can begin to perceive and access the “tunneling” that occurs in this communion state. And if we do not engage consciously in this way, we will forever loop inside this lower-matrix reality where our fear and ignorance of our own Light provides great wealth and freedom for a few. And yet, they cannot trap you here. They do not have the power to do this! As much as many humans love to play this role, you are not a victim. There is no perpetrator and you do not require a savior. When you are trapped in that prison, you are easy prey for the given narratives. Let’s get real. When one agrees to the foggy view, it’s because one is more afraid of the Light than they are of the loop.

Over time, I realized that the major Kundalini event was an important marker in consciousness. I noticed that I was no longer interested in contact phenomenon, ET races, and all the intellectual speculation about who they are and where they’re from. It became more about, how do I accept my own spiritual sovereignty and therefore equality with what I once believed was visiting intelligence? They taught me through the downloads that it was in our design to vibrationally rise again to our natural state. And it’s HERE that we can meet them and more of ourSelves – which in the higher dimensions are one and the same. Additionally, I was shown that inherent in our design are the maps that lead us into our unitive state with our Source Creator again, our natural way of being. Ironic, isn’t it? All of this exciting talk about disclosure – ETs and spaceships visiting or manifesting inside the matrix. Beware. Perhaps some of the benevolent nonhuman intelligence has a way of getting your attention in 3D, but understand that if the lower-matrix managers can get you interested in meeting a display of ET on their mental maps, then there is less of a chance you will know thySelf and all your relations through your Source-given system of communion.

So in this crossroads between worlds, the one that many ancient Indigenous maps pointed to, you have a grand opportunity. Here, you may restore your Original Design and lucid view. Or, you can accept the new mapping (technocratic, transhumanism) that is being laid out for you as we speak. After 26,000 years, the old maps have expired. If you still trust what you are being told by the expiring-world’s mapmakers, I will respect your choice. I just wanted you to know that the map is multidimensional. And so are you.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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