Blowing the Roof Off Your Heart: Through the Lens of a Lifelong Experiencer

I’m interested in the lifelong evolution of ET contact, OBEs, Kundalini-Koyopa, and other spiritually transformative events. Both mine and others. That’s where the real data is – inside the ones who were seemingly pushed into More. Back then, I wasn’t even allowed to speak of it. The wounding I experienced in my younger years mostly came from being “too much.” Put a lid on it, they would say. The recent dream experiences and the downloads are helping to reverse all of this. The roof is so far blown off of the containment now that I doubt if we’d ever find it again. I, for one, will never agree to put that roof or any other roof over my consciousness again. We are witnessing now, what happens when we agree to be smaller than we actually are. And for many of us, what happens when we reverse our direction from contraction to expansion. Endless possibilities await.

With this new phase of interaction, I am feeling a sense of completion. I am still surprised that I survived that old world – the one in which I felt I must’ve been wrongly born into. Yet from the base of that “wrong” world, every experience and interaction where I was taken beyond it, turned out to be far more-real-than-real. It’s what kept me alive, that connection to the beacon of real within.

In recent dream experiences, I am a higher-self version of me living in a huge oval or egg-shaped environment that I am deeply familiar with. And I am being shown that at this timing, I and many others are actively synchronizing with this Higher Self by going within and restoring that conduit of consciousness to the Universal. From this view, the synchronizing feels like a beginning again, like I’m finally headed in the right direction. No one can stop me. No one can stop any of us who choose expansion.

The dream I woke up with Sunday and the download-message I brought through helped me to understand that it truly is all about perception. The difference between KNOWing and believing is clear. Once you KNOW, there is nothing from the outer world that can change it – resonate and inspire, perhaps, but not change what we know in our core. From here, we adapt to being the embodied creators that we are again. This, I’ve been informed by this Source Field of Intelligence, is how we were originally designed to live.

My Sunday dream experience blew my mind to such a degree that I had to walk away from it and just rest, do a little cooking, and watch a movie. It felt like too big of a leap. I was processing it on many levels at once, and it felt almost as big as when these “visits” and journeys were happening repeatedly in my twenties and thirties. My plan is to do a video conversation about all of this, as it would take too long to reduce my KNOWing to the printed word. So I offer excerpts below from the dream and the downloaded message until I can sit in front of the camera and speak about it.

Dream Journal Excerpt: My Power Place.100420

…The environment was stunningly beautiful, from the tiniest of design choices on the walls to the breathtaking beauty of the architecture. I have been here and seen this before, many times over my life. It has an open layering of floors that lead up to the top of an overall rounded feeling of enclosure. We were at the top “floor” so to speak, a communications hub, and we were preparing to “go live” with our “broadcast.”

My crude drawing inside the egg-shaped community.

Some would say I was on a ship. The feeling I had in the dream was one of limitless power with benevolent technologies at my disposal. I was with a select team, which included my dear friend and Mayan Priest, Eduardo (from the Return of the Jaguar Mother series). The technology that I remember quite well was all of the monitors, of all sizes, that would drop from the ceiling for viewing or broadcast. As we both worked to prepare, we were in sync with each other and the technology. Whenever I just had a thought to do something, it would engage and do it. Everything was in the service of inspiration and creativity. This also brought forward the feeling of infinite abundance for me. No blocks or barriers to my imagination. This was such an important part of this dream. I was in my element and felt empowered to do anything.

When I woke up at 5:30 am with a screaming bladder, I was so disoriented that it took quite some time to pull myself out of the energy, as well as to physically pull myself out of bed. I stopped in the bedroom doorway, holding onto the frame, and spoke out loud. As my eyes adjusted, I began describing what I was seeing in my living room and kitchen. It was helping me ground into a reality that felt a gazillion miles away from where I had been. When I emptied my bladder and landed back in bed, I was out like a light, and right back on the top floor and helm of broadcast central. That’s a long way to go to use the facilities.

…So at this timing, you may find that more and more of you are syncing up with these other aspects of Self. And this is what the dream was about for this one. The broadcast of Love is immense when these pieces are brought back into an integrated perspective, an integrated view beyond time-space, yet still in form. This is the magic of what you wanted to experience coming here, or to have the potential to experience, depending on your level of engagement. And as we have indicated in previous broadcasts, this is the direction we are moving in now – expansion. Not contraction. So those who are choosing expansion may still have the view of those who are contracting but it is up to you to stay engaged with expansion. And if you find yourself slipping into fear or judgement, correct it. It is as simple as that. 

Sound of Now Files: Synchronize.100420

Lou Reed said it best. It’s time to blow the roof off our hearts and let the universe in. Are you in?

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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