The New Light, Part 2

My job is to tell you what I see coming and how to prepare. As I reported in The New Light – Part 1, soon we will be tested, and to a degree that we have not experienced to date. Whatever that looks like for you, both individually and collectively, through your belief systems in “other” or if you’ve done the work in anchoring this Light within you, you will likely experience more blatant manifestations of the dark. It is up to you how you move through this challenge. Will you break the spell or agree to it? We have already witnessed this darkness vigorously promoting fear as it has become less and less interested in hiding its appetite for control. Why? Virtual Reality 2.0 requires your energy and participation. We are at the proverbial crossroads. Fear goes one way (contraction). Love goes another (expansion).

Hopi Prophecy Rock

While the next virtual-reality world awaits more participants, many of us are actively reorienting to our natural state or present-moment consciousness. It is here that we no longer dabble in or pontificate upon the materialist view of consciousness, but we actually engage with our lucidity. And yes, if you have experienced a lucid dream, plant medicines, or an out-of-body before, it is very much the same feeling of, “Yikes! Expansion can be bizarre and scary!” Inherent within the experience is an oh-my-god feeling of infinite potential to create, to be, to do anything. No limitations. It is a wonder to feel the thickness of the Light, and the glory of swimming inside that more-real-than-real way of being. As direct experiencers, this is what we gained entrance to when our individual spark of light aligned with the LIGHT, and in our own ways, we experienced something far more than we were told was possible. We saw and we knew the Truth. And then we returned to the old world and found that contracting back into that hot mess was the hardest part: Will I choose the Light and break the spell? Or will I agree to it all over again?

A message from 2007:

When this frequency is felt by your body, and it awakens, it does not return to the deadened state. Even though the mind will say, “We need to be small again, so stop that celebration now. We do not want to call attention to ourselves and people will think we’re crazy, so let us stay small!” Well the body will not cooperate. You may think you have it corralled… you may think that you have joy and love corralled and in its proper place after this occurs, but it is not the truth. Many of you will begin to feel the conflict between the mind, what it has been programmed with in this life, and your body and the feelings of love flowing through. …from this point forward you will not be able to make the old life work. And at the same time you are being led to wholeness if you choose it. 

Sound of Gold Files: Attunement.080307 (audio file transcription)

And yet, even after all of this, most of us are still teetering between worlds. Welcome to the razor’s edge of consciousness. The downloads-messages always informed me that we would need to do this together. We must have the reflection and mirroring as we move forward. While the old world contracts and gets weirder by the minute, those who are expanding have their own adjustments to make. Trust me, as a lifetime experiencer, I can attest to the weirdness of expansion. It’s been a wild journey, and continues to be so. I am grateful to all of you for being here at this time, and for the courage to join me as we “step up” into the Light.

Below is the balance of the verbal download I recorded on Sept 27th. The beginning paragraph of it is in my previous post, The New Light, Part 1. This Presence is speaking directly to those who are expanding.

If you are here now, in this new space, you will have let go of old definitions, old terms, to describe these things. In this space, you feel it directly and you share in your own words what this feels like. [This is] so that others may feel it as well, find the resonance, and therefore reflect back to you the Truth of what you carry within you. This is how we move forward. This is who you are, as you have always known, but very few people in the previous world spoke of it.

There were times when people alluded to what you knew, but in most cases, it was bits and fragments of what was fully present in your being. And so many times, many of you would express this excitement and glee in having found a reflection in your outer world, of what you know to be true. Perhaps a teacher comes along or a method, a body of knowledge, echoes from ancient voices, philosophers, Indigenous wisdom that excited you because you could feel it. You found it. And therefore, [you] accepted all of the literature, all of what had been recorded and expressed through voices, through words, through writings. And then, at a certain stage, you would find that it did not fully mirror and that it took you down a path of dis-integration rather than full integration, and these were experiences for you to practice synchronizing with IT.

So many times you may have felt deceived, betrayed. It is no fault of anyone in the outer world that played that role for you as betrayer-deceiver. It was simply you trying to find a match in a world that could never provide this match for you. It was too limited. It did not have all the layers that you need to fully see, hear, feel, the truth. There can only be bits and fragments of Truth in that old landscape that you have emerged from. 

We meet you. We greet you on this side of that wall. The wall that kept this spectrum of consciousness contained and controlled. If you are hearing these words, perhaps you have transcended that wall. And this is a very important time to be paying attention: to be listening, to be holding the Light, walking with the Light, standing tall. And stepping up; stepping into the greatness that you have always known that you are. We understand that this has not been for the most part an enjoyable life. This was not a life that you came to vacation, to have everything given to you, provided, which encourages the sleep. If you are hearing these words, you have transcended because you have remained committed to the Light within in its purest form, pure essence, without description, without a model to pour it into. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this Love is real, that this Light is real. And this is the beginning again. 

Now is the time for you to rebuild your trust, to rebuild your strength, your courage, your presence, your grace. For you are a light that will be seen. You will be visible wherever you are on this planet. You will radiate. And there will be more who will transcend that wall and meet you in this Light. The darkness that prevailed in the other world is not of your concern. You are to be that Light now. You are not part of the story of the past. You are representing the Light and all potential for the future or futures.

If you are hearing these words, you chose to be here and to step into this, to radiate this, to be it and to light the way forward – not through stories of the past but the story of now that is unfolding through this presence. You are still in form, some of you, and yet we speak to a grand group of souls who are not in form but who are present. All of you experience this together now. Allow yourselves to be present with this without requiring definition. You will feel it solidify. You will feel it integrate in stages. There is nothing that has come before that will explain what is occurring for you now. There was nothing new under the sun in the previous world. You have transcended that world. Therefore, this is new. With infinite potential to grow, to expand, to create, to celebrate. 

Sound of Now files: IfYouAreHearing.092720

Featured image is a photo I took at Salmon Cascades (WA) on Sept 28, 2020. I didn’t notice the shape of a light being in the tree to the right until I was sifting through pics to post to Instagram. It was a magical feeling there. Like I was in a new world.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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11 thoughts on “The New Light, Part 2

  1. I am just catching up here Eileen and of course resonating completely. I wrote this a while back but it came up just yesterday and of course synchs with all you are speaking of and how I feel in the now – whatever that is. Thank you for keeping on. It is such a beautiful radiance.

    I’m holding on
    teetering on the edge
    using all I’ve got
    all the strength
    all the power
    knowing I have friends
    in high places
    holding me up
    when I feel I am falling
    I turn to them
    the ancestors and saints
    I believe
    fully and wholly
    in powers greater
    than I can imagine
    and I believe
    in me

    Gail Swanson

    1. You know that I am in love your poetic words and images, dear Gail. Thank you so much for sharing it here. Just beautiful. I am so grateful for the radiance that you are.

  2. That’s it. What else to say? That entire photo on Telegram is unbelievable. Like a movie CGI! It is another world. I’ve been feeling it, too, over these last few days. I look at the beauty around me and give profound thanks for being where I am. XXX

  3. I just had an OBE this morning where I was told “you are fire of the sun” and a “beacon” so this post of yours resonates with me today. Thank you.

    1. I love it. So awesome, Dayna. I’m so glad we discovered each other on ACISTE. As soon as I get through a busy spurt here, I’d like to spend more time there exploring and connecting more.

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