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The New Light, Part 1

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I find that what I experience, integrate, and report has a resonance with people who are navigating these landscapes well. There are those who have similar work here, as I, and seem to experience these waves and patterns simultaneously with me. Mostly though, I have found that I experience these movements a little bit ahead of others. I feel the most recent one that I introduced in, Did you Feel It? Another Step Up, is a major marker. It involved 3 days of an intense broadcast of fear, a profound dream, and a download/message from the Inner Light, the same Presence that has guided me since I was a child.

Here’s the head’s up that I offer in this sharing: When you get to the wall or perimeter of this false reality in your consciousness, you may experience what feels like a test or series of tests. Depending on how present you are, your challenge will manifest as an event in your outer world or will “tempt” or agitate you to react in fear when these dark energetic forces press into the mind. How will you respond to it? This is the moment when we all get to measure our readiness to enter this natural, higher-dimensional way of being. This way of being is not new. It is our original design. And we do have a choice as to whether we want to restore this or remain captive in the lower-dimensional reality. This is the moment whereby we directly know whether we’re actually ready to meet other beings who are integrated and whole. This is how we know whether we’re ready to meet and integrate more of ourselves. This is where we see that in order to transcend this reality, WE have to transform, not the world.

If we do not know ourselves, vibrationally speaking, and we react to fear with more fear, it would not be possible to unlock the codes within us and expand into our greater design. It would over-tax the body-mind-spirit and we would exit the body and lather-rinse-repeat, as they say. As I’ve shared on this blog, in my music, and in the book, when I was introduced to these high frequencies over the years, I felt at times that I would be annihilated. It was way too much. The distance between Love and what I “thought” was Love was clearly a bridge too far. And yet, if you’d asked me prior to this if I felt ready to meet angels and higher-vibrational beings, I would’ve said what I hear many saying, “Wow. Yes. That would be so cool.” Oh silly me. I might have “thought” that I could meet non-human intelligence in its variety of presenting forms, but what we think and what is actual are two different animals.

This is the marker that I speak of now. This is where we individually and collectively stand. It is a life or death experience in our consciousness, and very much like what I experienced repeatedly over my lifetime. Essentially, one must shamanically die to better understand not only what one has been missing, but to begin to adapt to energies of That Which We Are. One must “let go” of all that was “thought” or programmed in order to embrace a level of Light that can BEGIN to reveal what is Real.

So here is a brief overview of the stages I went through last week:

Sept 22 – 24, A failed attempt to pull me into the darkness.

Some would call this experience a direct attack on me from a dark force. I do not. I give it zero power. I see it as a general “program” of waves of fear that are amping up through a variety of methods. Trust me, the details DO NOT MATTER. The desire for details sends us back into the pit and we are easily defeated again. Remember, this is our grand opportunity to transcend the egoic stories and identities, not engage with them. I felt this force “give up” on me the morning of the 24th. All because I remained in unceasing prayer and did not engage with it. There was not enough unconscious debris in my being for it to trigger – this being the primary reason that this lower-matrix reality is easily perpetuated. (If we remain in fragmented consciousness, we can be triggered and therefore controlled.) I collapsed when it pulled back its grip and I slept deeply. It took me a few days to recover my core balance through the dialogue, inquiry, and prayer. This is when the dream came to provide a “status update.”

Sept 27, The dream of the Great Room.

I seemed to be entering a new place with a group of people in an “edge-of-reality,” hotel-looking environment. People were gathering as if in a Red Cross-type facility. I wandered in without “checking in.” I noticed the beds in the facility were big with powder-blue fuzzy bedspreads. I then found myself in what was a dimly-lit room. I immediately smelled gasoline and began actively sensing and questioning whether I was in the right place. An unused baby diaper lay on the nightstand to my right as if it had been abandoned in a rush to get out. I felt the increasing potential for explosivity, so I left the room. I went to the front desk of helpers. They were kind and seemed pleased that I found my way there to inquire further. When I told them about my experience they seemed to know about it and then pointed me to the Great Room. It was great and grand, indeed. The bright sun was streaming in through many windows that met the high ceiling in a wash of beautiful light. There were cheerful people all around. I went to my bed in the center of the Great Room to “finish” making it. Clean sheets were already on. I picked up the neatly folded powder-blue spread and began placing it on my bed. I noticed a large water stain on it that was yellowish-green in comparison to the blue. It didn’t bother me, as I knew the bedspread was clean. I felt honored to be re-using it. It was simply evidence of a past flood that other people like myself had lived through. I felt so good here. It wasn’t luxury, but I had a beautiful community of others with me who had also “survived.” I felt safe and so very grateful to have arrived in this Great Room of Light.

Sept 27, The message.

I will not have time to fully transcribe the verbal transmission today. Here is an excerpt, which is the opening of this message. I will share it in its entirety in a “Part 2” in the coming days.

It is I.

Those who are present here now in this Great Room, welcome. You will learn. You will come to know that things work differently here. You are no longer connected to the darker energies. You are now adapting to Grace. 

This may be a confusing time, a reorientation to that which you have always known in your core, but it remained hidden and indefinable. Therefore, invisible in the world. Therefore, not valued. Therefore, not welcome. So you kept it quiet. You kept it in the dark. You kept it hidden, even from yourself. In this new energetic space, you will feel, if you choose, more validation for this treasure that you have carried within you. You are here and you can hear these words because it is still present within you. It is still alive. The Light shines. Truly, all that you are in need of at this phase is to have this reflected for you, to be seen. And therefore, more of your codes, your inner codes, seeds within you, come alive and begin to grow…

Sound of Now Messages: IfYouAreHearing.092720 (excerpt)

I do hope this all came together in a clear way. I wrote it very quickly. To be continued…

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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