Set the Mother Free and the Soul comes Home

I speak to those who need the reminders and the encouragement to demonstrate Love in form. You know who you are.

The visions and downloads continue as we proceed in our conscious participation with transcendence. This download is about the Mother, the Divine spark within, and bringing the Soul home. Some of us have had years of contact with nonhuman intelligence in a variety of ways that never made sense to the conditioned mind of the old world. It makes far more sense now. These transformative experiences were designed to open the inner doorways, to actualize, and to become a guide or demonstrator for others in this very real navigation between worlds. More data comes in as each of us has the courage to come forward, and to not only share what comes but to model this for others. This cosmic project is meant to inspire the unlocking in any human who chooses to remember their original design and transcend the lower-vibrational construct. Eileen covers more of the markers for understanding and adapting to the higher-vibrational energies, as well as potential areas on the path that may be misunderstood. Keep moving. Don’t concern yourselves so much with explaining it to those who are not interested. Your invitation is to rise and BE it, so you may demonstrate and radiate it to those around you.

Video Recorded Sept 20, 2020.

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