The Universe is Pressing In: A Poem from the Mother

This is when we see the pain
The Universe pressing in,
Unveiling the Feminine,
The Truth laid bare –
Not in the world
But in you.
Don’t you see?
What lies in the deep
And what was missing is key?
It makes things whole,
Not just another story,
But actual.

You are the artists
Who slept for eons,
Forgetting the fall,
Your innocence,
Your power
To weave it all
Back together again.

I speak to those who came to rise.

Take your eyes off the canvas
They claim is yours
And return to your core.
There are paintings here
With colors you’ll say
You’ve never seen,
Tho’ you will weep
When you meet
This resonant hue –
For the Divine
Will come alive in you.
Every ONE is made of this gold,
That weaves us
Back into the earth and stars.
I am your Mother
And even I wonder,
How does ONE forget
Who we are?

Forgive yourself for this,
They called it sin,
But the real weakness
Is fearing Love,
Over the spill of another’s blood.
Yet how could you know?
When you were a thousand-times born
And the canvas you were given
Wasn’t wholly yours?

The Universe is pressing in
To make things true again.
Let go the fear,
Let go the gods
You thought were real,
And feel
This gold within.
You are the artist
Who rescues beauty,
And thus me.
Together we stand
On the threshold of Home,
Where no ONE shall ever be alone.
Let us paint the truth of who we are,
The weavers of gold
Throughout the Earth
And every single star.

I speak to those who came to rise,
What remains of sin?
When every ONE is brave enough,
To paint the gold back in.

The Mother, through Eileen Meyer, Sept. 16, 2020
Featured image: Daniel Mirante – Golden Veiled Sophia (oil on panel, 2012)

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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Koyopa: (n) lightning [Momos]; inner soul (receives supernatural messages)
from the Language of Mayan K’iche’. It is the Mayan term for Kundalini.


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13 thoughts on “The Universe is Pressing In: A Poem from the Mother

  1. Soooo beautiful!
    As the movie gets weirder and weirder it’s forcing us to make our choice.
    We must be pretty stubborn to have to crank it up this much!
    Blessings for all… and so great to have you here with us (for now) to help.
    Renee and I would like to invite you to lunch from our garden while things are still growing. or 360-460-4925

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