On the Banks of a New Reality

It requires presence and a force-of-will here on the banks of this new reality. More than you might imagine. And definitely, more than you would think. Because unlike the old world, thinking doesn’t help much here. There was a very deliberate reason why your intuitive-feeling gifts were demeaned in that old world. Because these are the very skills that sing you into the memory of who you truly are.

On the banks of this new reality, there are no more consensus populations to blend into and squawk with. When every version of what you were told to believe has evaporated, where does this leave you? This is one of the hardest things to face on this threshold. When you realize that it is only you – all one – alone. You stand on your own integrity here because there is no one in 3D to reward you for pretending to be small, nor to validate the reality of this multidimensional meeting with your Maker. It is a one-on-ONE experience.

It’s been over a week since I translated and shared a piece of what to me what was a game-changing message from the Presence. I refer to the same Presence that I consciously landed “in” many years ago – one that continues to guide me through this cosmic expedition, and helps me to sketch maps and travelogues for anyone who dares to launch a journey for themselves.

I can still recall in my feeling memory how it all began –
A confused yet smitten human, slowly adapting to a wordless Grace,
Eventually translating that resonance
into page after page,
Along with pictures
of uncharted landscapes
that most who’ve never traveled
beyond their given road,
will vehemently,
is fake.

I was informed that my intent was to be born into this containment and essentially expand beyond it – with a little help from my friends, of course. I was reminded often that I was to share what I had received and pragmatically applied. I resisted, of course. Those were hard times. I was shy and the fear was immense. Ever-so cautiously I began to offer it. I did not advertise. My readers became anyone who might accidentally land on my self-effacing blogs.

Many nights I did not sleep. After posting, I would writhe in the extreme pain of overexposure – a vulnerability that caused my skin to burn with a punishing fire. All of it went against the religious and cultural authority that conditioned me here. Yet this Inner Spirit kept reorienting me to these pearls of animated wisdom within. Together we gave it words, though to this day I grieve over the many dimensions of data that could not be squeezed into visible-audible linear soundbites. After filling me with pure light, I would then have to watch the majority of this wild essence float back into the Universal Sea. Though I used to punish myself for not being a better translator, eventually, I understood. Never would it agree to be domesticated here, or swim on dry land. If one were to meet it, one would need to dive into and adapt to the wildness of where it lived… and invite it to swim within our being again.

I am well aware that this new expanded space is pretty scary to most, simply because it is unknown. This premeditated, generational conditioning has been an incredible success for the owners of this lower matrix. I have been shown that most folks will continue to fear the unknown and will bet on what they know or have been told. This is what I have been grieving for months now. And beating myself up for not reaching more people. I finally had to let it all go.

A significant chunk of the old-reality markers are gone. Who am I now? Where am I? If I am still alive, which I consider myself to be, who am I writing this blog post to? And more importantly, what is the most important data to share in this new equation of energetics? Is there an audience? A community? As long as this old 2011 iMac keeps working, this is where my hands and heart are present, and just as I lived it in the old paradigm, we are figuring it out as we go.

If you’re reading this and you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re probably still inside your head. In fact, believing that the mental realm is all there is, has been our prison all along. And those whom you project onto as your prison guards, or even your saviors for that matter, can only hold this power over you if you agree that you are a victim that requires saving. The Truth is, no one can harm us or save us if we know who we are and have to courage to embody this Grace again.

Regardless, we should all be praying. If you think you are awake because you bought into the latest narrative, soon you will feel what is actual. Pray for the Absolute Truth, so that you can adapt and feel your way forward. As the Sound of Gold messages repeated often, “In these coming times, you will all be meeting your Maker.” This Presence strongly advised getting to know your Maker while you still have the freedom to consciously choose the Truth.

Some will choose to move on, to leave the body during these times. A great many of you. It is not to be judged. There are many ways to meet your Maker, and we have discussed this in the past. There are many ways to say ‘yes’ to Source. Your greatest prison as we see it is your imprisonment inside the walls of words and phrases and ideas. What happens when a prison’s walls dissolve? …Well, some will not see that the walls have dissolved and they may recreate the bars and the walls in their mind and stay. For they simply cannot believe that they are free. Well this is where you all are right now. Your walls have dissolved and you do not know it. Some of you are still waiting and praying for those walls to dissolve. Understand that you have designed your own walls and bars now to help you feel safe within what you know. 

Sound of Gold Files quote: Channel.122607

That was in 2007. This was from yesterday:

This is done. And we understand that it does take time (in your terms) to come to terms with this. That is why we have delivered this many, many times to you. And now you are here and you understand. So be neutral; listening, loving, demonstrating peace. Practice being that Grace, that Beauty, even though the world around you is falling further and further away…

So be patient with yourselves, those who are here and looking forward, practicing expansion, embodying this Grace. Allow yourself the freedom to adapt to it, and let it begin to flow and inform you in all of your steps forward. This is, we would remind you all who will listen, who will hear this, this is what you chose. And most of you on this threshold do understand this directly and actually. You are here now. It will make sense as you adapt to this expansion. Embody it and demonstrate it. We thank you for your courage to stand on this threshold, to be here now. You are the ones we speak to, and you are celebrated for this courage and for the love you carry in your being. For it is this Love and this frequency that has landed you Here and Now. It is an honor and a joy to work with you…

Sound of Gold Files quote: AdaptatingToGrace.091320

If you are here on the banks of this new reality with me, do let me know. I’m also here to help you reorient if you feel the need to walk with a guide for a time. I’d like to celebrate with you; give you a hug, laugh and cry, and hold hands as we consciously walk each other Home. And as we consciously adapt to the Grace that we are. Onward!

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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13 thoughts on “On the Banks of a New Reality

  1. Yes. Very deep and real. Don’t know when but feeling anticipation for transcendence / freedom.
    It seems there are few of us and I’m not a math whiz, but if we are even the (‘other’ 1%) there are millions of us.
    Just a powerful minority who may be removed soon by grace…by force…by choice…whatever we’ve agreed to!
    The Akash has it all… so we don’t have to hold it anymore!
    Blessings and Love, Robert

  2. Love Love Love and infinite grace. I really enjoyed this journey, energies and reminders xxx I still have our wonderful Stories of Awakneing interview to edit and upload.. coming closer and I restructure my world some more to allow more time and inspiration for it. Also trusting the divine timing !!! Much love for all you BE beautiful soul.

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