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The Writing is Definitely on the Wall. So which Wall do you Read?

In this past week, we have landed on a new plateau. It has the vibe of being a major marker on our conscious path of transcendence. When we arrive at this particular threshold, there is no one to give us a how-to manual with lots of words. The big difference between this and previous markers is, to move beyond this layer, we must be connected to the manual written deeply within. The one painted on the walls of our innermost being.

I brought through the most recent message this past Sunday, Sept. 6th. I’ve been sitting with it all week and receiving further guidance through resonance and synchronicity. The way that I am being and perceiving now will most definitely change how I translate. Of course, it will. This message suggests that we are no longer attempting to translate to the intellect. This is somewhat like receiving the final notices from your constantly upgrading software. “Use a recent operating system to make sure you continue to get the latest updates.”

What I share doesn’t translate well to the analytical mind. So much of the energetic data is lost in linguistics. I’m surprised this lifelong cosmic partnership kept up with this translation project for as long as it has. It was always made clear to me that we were reaching to make contact with a small group of humanity that could perceive beyond the confines of the conditioned, mental realm. In other words, we were not speaking to the rapidly-aging and mostly-sabotaged operating system. Instead, we were reaching to those who were receiving the upgrades. They needed this deeper mirroring and encouragement to continue unraveling the greater design embedded within. [Note: All of our natural-design upgrades come from within. Any trans-humanist technologies imposed upon us from outside are attempting to duplicate the treasure that already lies within human consciousness. These upgrades must include soul in the equation of progress and evolution, or proceed at your own risk.]

Very rarely do these messages speak directly to me. 99% of them were downloaded messages directed toward humanity. But on this past Sunday morning, upon awakening, I could feel that we had just made another big leap. And it had a feeling of finality. I was curious about that clear sense of finality, so I inquired, as I do. I wondered if this was a sign that I would be departing this reality – physically – although I have wondered this very thing at many similar plateaus in the past. In this life, I have lived with no desire or attachment to anything worldly. I live very simply, with decades of any collected “things” having been whittled down to today’s barest necessities. If it were not for the kindness of friends and clients, I’m not sure I could physically be here. I am most grateful for their support. I do love this contemplative life and being of service in this way.

The Sound of Gold messages were accurate about this crossroads now. But because they did not appeal to the ego, they were not as popular as the competing grand visions of ascension – the ones that offered extra incentives, like light beings and spaceships to escort us away from our pain. Since 2005, the messages coming through me were pointing to very challenging and uncertain times ahead. Simultaneously, they pointed to the power within us all to transcend or grow beyond this lower-matrix reality. But this required the engagement of our will, and consciously healing the pain that blocked our way forward. And to find that inner will power again, we needed to be honest with ourselves and to each other. To those who have engaged with the guidance, I see you. I thank you. I celebrate your courage. Bless you. You have made this entire project worthwhile.

I will be sharing only an excerpt of the referenced message. In a way, it speaks to my entire life, and is deeply personal and touching to me. Through the lens of higher-dimensional values, I am aware that I am one of the richest humans who ever lived. These blessings are so vast that at times it felt I could not bear to fully receive them. And my greatest motivation to be here now is to make sure you know that you are connected to these riches of the inner Kingdom as well.

In the format of my deep-soul weaving sessions, I connect to the Field in the hour prior to the session. I ask to “perceive” the soul who has reached out, and I am given the feelings and visions to pass on. I want these clients to know that at times your beauty is so overwhelming to me that I weep. And it’s my job to help you rediscover this directly, and to encourage you to BE this now.

I love you. And I sure do wish that I could explain in words how much you are loved by Source. Alas, words will never suffice. You must feel it, directly. And this Love has always been here, and always will be, for the asking. You know, “Ask and ye shall receive.” But this time, I encourage you to look inside for the response. Read the writing on the inner walls. It’s where all of these messages have come from that I share. Maybe it’s time for you to find yours now, and share them with me. How wonderful that will be!

…You are expanding now, along with those who are on this threshold and crossing. Be patient with yourself. The territories that we are moving into now cannot be reduced to words. One must be able to feel. So while we appreciate your passion in reaching to people; to help them remember, to help them restore, to create the openings so that they also can perceive more, that phase is ending. One is on this threshold and aware that they are on this threshold. While there may be confusion, there is still the sense that they have moved beyond what they were inside of previously. 

…The time-space factor is perhaps the most confusing for you and others like you. You have always been inside of this container of time-space through this entire life and to transcend that, to adjust to something beyond that, we understand the conundrums. Hold it lightly. Do not judge yourself. Patience, understanding, compassion towards yourself. This will create more of the spaces in which to understand. But you see now, you are looking backwards for an explanation. Stay here. Stay on the threshold. Value yourself. Value what you have accomplished and value your abilities…

Remember who you are, vibrationally speaking. Trust, welcome more of your capacities. Be willing to release the past and your dedication to reaching as many minds as you possibly could. We are here on the threshold now. There is only expansion. Moving with it. This is how you can best serve those around you; those who resonate with you. Help them to step into expansion. And instead of revisiting all the conundrums of contraction, you are present only with the conundrums of expansion.

Sound of Gold Files: ForwardOnlyNow.090620

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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