Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep.4: Presence, Emotional Healing, and Empowerment

Eduardo and Eileen discuss navigating the energetics of NOW and the importance of practicing presence, emotional healing, conscious dialoguing, and reconnecting to our universal nature. As we move through these monumental times, empowering ourselves to awaken out of our deep pain and conditioning is how we reconnect with the soul, the feminine, and the Earth. We can transform the reactionary behavior by going within, harmonizing our inner-outer natures, and bridging the heart of Heaven and the heart of the Earth. The higher-dimensional aspects of ourselves, angels, and guides have never been more present to help. When human beings remember, embody, and stand upon the true foundation of their power, they will transform the world.

Background: Eileen and Eduardo have had these talks for many years now about the strangeness of the world we find ourselves in and how to navigate through. So they decided to start recording and sharing them. Eduardo, a Mayan Priest or Aj Q’ij, became Eileen’s teacher on the Sacred Mayan Fire Path in 2001 and initiated her in 2002 in Tikal, Guatemala. She did not take the title of Aj Q’ij. As a lifetime experiencer of contact with nonhuman intelligence, she knew that the Mayan wisdom was important to integrate into her sacred bundle, but that it would only be the beginning of her unfolding spiritual work. In 2005 she began to bring through the frequency data that she was taught how to access and translate via her lifetime of contact experiences, and her Kundalini/Koyopa event. When Eduardo and Eileen refer to the messages in these videos, they are referring to this evolutionary guidance she received and recorded in hundreds of audio files. They are about how our consciousness would be changing in these times, how important it is to remember who we are, ignite and give birth to our divinity on Earth, and transcend the outdated 3D construct that many still sleep within. This is not a time to be afraid. It is the time to remember and BE the fullness of who we actually are.

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  1. Well! the wisdom shared in this one dialogue, if integrated and embodied, would be enough to change the world one aware person at a time – fast. This is IT in a nutshell. Well done Eileen and Eduardo. Jaguar Woman rocks.

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