ET’s: Catalysts for Transformation

Today I have a better understanding of my ET experiences, how they folded into the Kundalini events, and eventually produced the ecstatic transmissions. I also see how it has folded into this incredible shared moment – right now – with the Earth, the Heavens, and Humanity. I suppose you could say that I’ve been experiencing a life review of sorts. Perhaps you have too? It is like a death, but not in the ways in which we were taught to view an ending to life-as-we’ve-known-it. In this pivotal moment, if we are attuned to Source, this is not only the death of an old way of being. It becomes a re-birth into our real and natural state again.

Over my lifetime, I learned that what we perceive as ET’s play a greater role in our lives than people might give them credit for. For me, and others I’ve met, they are like angels, distant relations that fly through these dimensions of our consciousness to shock us, and in some cases, to shove us back into the Center of who we are. These experiences can be quite uncomfortable. You see, while most of us have been living in a false world that conditioned us to believe that the upside-down way is the smartest way to be, accelerating our return to right-side-up again can seem downright harsh and cruel. In many cases, these strange beings become a catalyst that ends up triggering our greatest fears. Why? Because they know that what lies beneath these layers of unconscious fear is our greatest gift – the remembering, our inheritance, and the great reconnection to our wholeness and divinity. It certainly explains my life. Without their repetitive “help,” I would’ve certainly fallen back into the deep, dark sleep of forgetfulness again.

My existence was a mishmash of high strangeness, with both terrifying and ecstatic happenings that made me sound like a lunatic when I attempted to share it with others. Indeed, those were difficult times. Learning to be a restored, right-side-up human in an upside-down world is a lonely road. I know that plenty of you out there can relate. And I know this because you’ve written to me and told me so.

Velvet Dream, by Rassouli

Following my most significant Divine touching, aka Kundalini event, on Halloween eve, 1998, I never felt more alone in this world. And I had already been feeling quite alone. You see, this event occurred after a life of unexplained experiences with otherworldly beings – taking me, teaching me, healing me. I have shared often about the transformational nature and later the evolutionary arc of these experiences. Today, I see it clearly, and I know the ultimate reason for my contact experiences was to initiate a sort of rescue mission; to awaken me, and to show me who I am. And as I learned who I am, I understood more about who we all are. They asked me to share these understandings with you. It didn’t matter how many were listening. “Keep sending it out with no expectations,” is what I translated from the resonance in which they spoke.

Collectively, we have all but forgotten the divine seed that lives in our core. Although we might be mentally aware of it, this is not enough. We must awaken to it and embody more of who we are now. The institutions of religion, big pharma, politics, and all other disempowering messages in this lower-matrix world do not get to hijack our inner wisdom and divinity. We may have given it to them in our centuries of forgetfulness, but we can certainly reclaim it, anytime we choose. This timing, however, is the most opportune time to consciously act. There are many “anchors” on the planet who have sacrificed a lot to be here at this timing, to root this Love into the Earth, thereby shattering the gridlock and opening these energetic windows for you. However, one must be able to discern the opportunity. Do not allow any other narratives to take your attention away from the Sound of Truth – the most important message that is currently singing and ringing deep within your core. Cleanse your heart, cleanse your eyes and ears, humble yourself so that you may hear it and respond.

Following my Halloween-eve Kundalini event, my center of gravity had made the shift from an outer-world orientation to a Divine inner compass. From that moment forward, my eyes and ears had been opened. I was synchronized with this instead of the worldly conditioning I had been indoctrinated within. Shortly after this transformational event, a few wonderful books came my way. I felt immense gratitude for these synchronicities. At the time, these writings served as the only mirroring or resonance with what was happening to me. Believe me, it was a lot to adjust to. But if one must adjust to big changes, I recommend expansion over contraction. And for humanity, this is the current choice on the table.

St. Teresa of Avila

While I found resonance with many mystics such as Rumi, Hafiz, Hildegard, Julien of Norwich, and more during this time, I found particular resonance with St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. I remember weeping, just in the discovery that there was a frame for it! Words formed in these poetic ways were a kind of sweet refuge for me. I found little to nothing in modern life that supported this expansion toward the Truth. Rather, most of the modern world insisted that what I was experiencing was not “normal” and could only offer a pill to assist me (or reduce me) into forgetting what was one of the greatest transformational experiences of my life. Oh how this speaks volumes about the collective Western mindset.

Excerpt from a frequency message translated in 2010:

It does not matter what is happening on the television, or what is happening in your politics, in your religions, in all of your institutions; none of this matters, for it cannot interfere when you are dedicated to being present with (yourself and) others who are ready for the birth. Do you see? These are just excuses. These are distractions. So if you find yourself saying, “Well we cannot possibly move ahead because our president is not doing this or not doing that,” know that these are distractions.

You must make this choice now to change the world, to change yourselves. Do you see? When will you make that choice? When will you claim ownership? When will you claim your position on the threshold, and your willingness to be born?

These are the questions. These are the places to take your consciousness now. And I speak not to those who are blissfully ignorant, as you say, I speak to those who have moved through the passageway. And you know who you are. You have moved through and awakened to a degree that these words will resonate with you, and you will feel ignited. You will feel and remember that this was your intention. You have reversed your movement towards smallness and adaptation to smallness. You are now back in the middle point on the threshold and turning in the direction of expansion, and you are remembering the love that you are, and expanding into even more.

Sound of Gold files: AdaptationToExpansion.010310

I’ve been sharing the messages that have come from my own spaces of alignment and connection. I’ve also done my best to draw maps and articulate how I got here. I felt that you needed to know, not just in how to find your own way back to center, but to know that you could. There are many ways to this Center, certainly not just the way I landed into remembrance of, but I felt that telling my truth was the greatest way that I could serve in this lifetime.

When each of us is willing to initiate a true awakening and integrates this inner center of gravity at our core, THIS, and ONLY THIS, is what consistently informs us in what is actual, real, and true. Our very lives were designed to be guided and spring forth from this Universal Center of LOVE.

Some of these divine touches produced in the substance of the soul are so enriching that one of them would be sufficient not only to remove definitively all the imperfections which the soul would have been unable to eradicate through its entire life, but also to fill it with virtues and blessings from God. 

St. John of the Cross

I want to emphatically state here: we are not doomed. This rift can be healed very quickly and the foundation of our natural state of Grace restored. We can KNOW the truth that sets us free.

So it’s time to stop playing small. Stop playing into the very hands of fear. Stop rationalizing your fear and hatred. It’s time to grow into your full potential now, or fully hand over whatever is left of your light. Know thySelf as best you can before you take any action in the world. And always ask yourself in any now-choosing moment, is this a choice born of love or fear? If you do not know the value of who you are and the magnificence from which you were created, others will continue to take your value and use it for their own purpose. All of these “rock stars” of spirituality were here to teach you, or at least mirror to you, what is real and true about you. They did not want you to worship them! They asked that you humble yourself before the ONE who created you in Love. And none other. Sometimes surrender is all we have left. I pray that your core Divine gifts activate, and that you feel and resonate in Love once again. Because I KNOW, as sure as I live and breathe, it will always point you to the Light and the Way.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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