Lifting into the Joy of Transcendence: Transmission 083020

I’ve been waking up in joy. I continue to overflow with gratitude for all that I experience here. I certainly can’t say I’ve always felt this way, but overall, my life has been and continues to be filled with extraordinary blessings. It’s clear to me now that we are crossing through what was once perceived to be a fixed, no-trespass boundary line in human consciousness. The buoyancy of this high-vibrational joy is what lifts, transcends, and carries us through. And it makes us unstoppable.

After an unexpected transmission this past Sunday morning, the previous blog post I had scheduled is now scrapped. I’ve been a bit stubborn, I feel, in hearing the guidance over the past few months that it is done. No more reaching back into the matrix. According to the hundreds of messages over the years, this would be our greatest opportunity to rise into more joy than we could ever imagine. The difference now is, we’re no longer preparing. It’s here. My work is about mentoring those who have chosen to move with this expansion. It’s a process. And it’s not for everybody.

Here is a quote from Sunday’s transmission that I placed in the video below.

When the fears erupt, when the suggestions of something less than love erupt, simply bring your attention to it and ask for the help in healing it to restore your sight, to that which is clear, open, expanding, loving, and empowered. This is how you move forward. This is how you expand into more. So that which was always imagined as some future event that was translated in 3D terms, you are actually experiencing now.

Sound of Gold Files: JoyOfTranscendence.083020

Transcendence is happening and it is no longer translatable to a large portion of the population. Continuing to make the effort to articulate, let alone be understood in the lower-matrix reality at this point, serves no one. I get it. The 3D mind will seek out very different markers from the past or from the world as it was known before. If it doesn’t see those familiar markers, then material such as this is dismissed. On the other hand, if growing numbers of people are orienting to the inner, energetic markers in their movement forward, these kinds of messages will feed, nurture, and guide. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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