End Times, Beginning Times, and the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

The days slip by so quickly now. It’s becoming more like a dream, or a nightmare, depending on your orientation to these times. At this stage, most of us can acknowledge that we’re moving through an extraordinary time. Still, a great deal of the population continues to argue over who and what is to blame, and who will save. When one can rise above that part of it, things become more clear, and a more conscious role and experience can begin.

It seems in this life I have been offered the job of explorer, reporter, and map maker of inner territories in consciousness. Also, how to expand with the higher-vibrational changes required to navigate here, rather than resisting them. If you’re headed in the direction of expansion, know that things are gonna get even weirder than they already are, and you may feel tested like never before. Those who meet this moment with conscious awareness will simply rise to the occasion. It’s physics. If you have a dedicated spiritual practice, you’re doing the shadow work, and you have felt the inspiration that propels one forward, you’ll be fine. We will all be fine. However, we may be taking different routes and schedules to arrive at our own individual acceptance of this Grace. And making comparisons to the past, or projection upon how it should look in the future, will only invite further confusion and delay.

As a dedicated reporter on traversing these spaces, I must also mention there is a noted handicap in translation. I’m not berating myself. Words just aren’t reliable in these territories. And frankly, words alone, and without the power of the will behind them, do not build a sturdy bridge to higher-vibrational consciousness.

Language, little agreed-upon symbols, will never accurately describe the Original Word that emerges from the vast spaces of the inner Kingdom within you. Yet, in the world out there, the land and people are fast dividing into virtual clans, landscapes, and emotionally-disconnected ways of communicating. These digital pathways have only caused further detachment from the inner Kingdom, our collective region of the heart. Technological progress is not bad, in and of itself, but engaging in technology without the Soul or feminine aspect of our being is not a fulfilling trajectory for human beings.

I recognize that words connected to the light of the Kingdom can be used to express poetic beauty and rhythmic tones that can spark the magical properties of an open heart. On the other hand, words disconnected from light can be used in mentally deceptive and manipulative ways, a sorcery that promotes contraction and fear. This is why we must know thySelf; the ONE who lives in the Original Kingdom, the ONE who is whole. Many of us are beginning to see that this is the ONE we set aside to further engage in this unique study of separation. And this is the ONE who can lift us out of the nightmarish experience of believing we were separate in the first place.

When asked about it, folks may say they don’t know about a direct connection to the inner Kingdom, nor do they question the decree that they must communicate with the Divine via human intermediaries. Meanwhile, the people are sick, and the towns, the cities, and the very land itself is falling into ruin. Many folks say it’s okay because all of this chaos was foretold in the provided scripts or special books. To them, it means they are closer now to being lifted out of the ruins, out of this god-forsaken place. Someone “special” should be arriving any day now, they say. This great man (or insert savior character here) will save us and take us to the peaceful kingdom in the sky. They do not falter in their worship of what has been interpreted from the book. 

Interpreted by whom? The Kingdom within does not require language. Therefore, there is no need for interpretation. In universal terms, it is the inner Soul that resides here – a gender-less Divine Feminine wisdom. It is knowing wisdom and it emerges from the pre-articulated spaces of the Kingdom through inspiration. Energy used at this critical stage to assign 3D names, labels, stories, and identities, will only detract from our ability to directly know and rise to our highest level. Once this inner Kingdom is restored within the human being, the masculine and feminine are wedded, harmonized, and united once again upon the unshakable foundation of ONEness. All things are made known here.

Today our land is infected with nothing less than a disease of forgetfulness, a lack of connection to the Light at our core. The people got all turned around and upside down, not realizing that these interpreted words in a book about heavens and saviors got a bit twisted. It’s not unlike the old game of telephone that we played as kids, where the original inspiration or Word has been broken down or degraded over time. At a certain point, the participants are not hearing (or feeling) any of the tones of the Original Message. Instead, the Word is replaced by whatever “message” they were given. Even new messages have been introduced to capture the consciousness of those who may not be inclined to believe in the old stories, but who are equally accepting of a rebranded mental suggestion. And that suggestion is that we need saving by someone out there who has more authority than we do. Whatever the popular story, plot, or characters, clearly all of us on the planet now were born into the “end” of the telephone game.

So how are you feeling today? How is your world? How is your Kingdom?

A few days ago, I was surprised to experience an intrusion of darkness. It was very uncomfortable because I hadn’t felt it to this degree for some time now. The more I paid heed to the ugly suggestions being whispered to me from the world’s low-vibrational “lockdown,” the more I felt it wanting to suck me back into the lower matrix. Mind you, it is not a pandemic lockdown of which I speak. It is better described as a collective lockdown of fear. This dark voice implied that I had no value or purpose here, and to stop sharing the inspirations that pour forth from my own inner Kingdom. I have to say, I was tempted for a few hours to believe it. I was tempted to give attention to something other than the inner voice of the Kingdom. The more this darkness pressed in, the more painful it became. That is until I cried out with a thundering voice whose power and reach startled even me,

I AM here! I AM Love! DEAL WITH IT!

Immediately, everything changed. Peace came over me. And I am here in the Kingdom again. This is an important entry into my explorer journal: I used my will to get here. It’s okay if you grok little else of what I write on this blog or say in the videos. But please do hear me on this. If and when this may happen to you, know that direct engagement with your inner will-power will swiftly deliver you to the calm of the Kingdom again.

When more of us consciously choose to reenter the Kingdom, the more our lives and our actions (activism) are backed up by Universal Love, Light, and Truth. And the more that we individually and collectively know thySelf, the more we reintegrate and embody the true power that we are. While we don’t think it could happen to us, it is possible to be thrown off-balance or tempted, even if we strongly believe we are doing just fine.

“Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside,” 

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Over the years I have shared my unique maps and notations from the journey. Others may share their actual journey through these landscapes as well. This service is offered with loving intent so that together we might be aware of not only the absolute joy we have access to but also the potential tricks and pitfalls along the way. Ultimately, we must encourage each other to remain clear, strong, and connected so that in concert we may restore the Kingdom on Earth to reflect its true and original state of consciousness – the Kingdom of Heaven within.

So in closing, if and when you might feel afraid and feel like giving up, I pray that you remember what is real and actual. For many, this will appear to be the end times. And for some, these are the beginning times. It all depends on your orientation. Whether you are currently experiencing the end times or bouts of doubt in the beginning times, each new moment is a doorway. As the old world falls, engage the power of your will, because YOU have a critical role in how this goes. After all, YOU are the designated ONE who bridges the past, the present, the future, and the radiant Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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12 thoughts on “End Times, Beginning Times, and the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

  1. Good morning to a beautiful sunny nearly spring day in New Zealand

    I just had to reply with heartfelt thanks for your emails especially this one. Your words as always come in perfect timing as they resonate with the dark space I found myself in yesterday.

    Thank you for reminding me of who I am, of the journey I’m on with its ups and downs and the knowing I have that keeps me going

    From my heart to yours In love Elizabeth

    1. Hello Liz in New Zealand! Bless you for your loving thoughts and honest feelings. We do have the power, the will, and the courage to continue on. When one of us slips, we lift each other up again. Much love to you, and thank you for your presence here and now.

  2. Again, a wonderful articulation of Reality and Truth. I know it is very difficult finding the right words – you’re doing a great job, Eileen. I am grateful for your presence and continued dedication to sharing the Wisdom.

  3. Great piece, Eileen. It’s the message I share in my videos most often. I shared this piece and tried to tag you on FB but couldn’t find you suddenly. Did you leave?

    1. Thank you Egyirba. That means a lot to me. I love that we seem to resonate quite often. Indeed, I joyfully left FB a month ago. I’m exploring Twitter just so that I can follow a few folks that make me laugh and also post things here and there. Low profile 😉

      1. I do not blame you one bit. I’m still there but I hope not much longer, either. It’s a disease, Facebook. Anyway I’m on Twitter, too, so maybe I’ll post it there, too. Love you.

  4. Sure needed that pep talk to stay in the Kingdom arena and shut out the increasingly disturbing noise around us. Shadow work is so challenging. Shutting out the clamor of the day to listen to the inner voice of the ONE. Thanks so much for your work with us!

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