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Love Changes Everything: The Ultimate Message from Nonhuman Intelligence

I have been feeling a deep centered joy. Perhaps that sounds strange to those who have been entrained to see and experience life in a fearful way. Still, I radiate this unapologetically. My life is a testament that Love changes everything.

As much as we’d like it to, the world cannot be fixed or repaired to match an idealized or glorified wish for lasting peace and love. We must actually become that peace and love, and change the version of the world that we perceive and reside within. Are you being Love? Or are you being fear? Can you discern the difference? Which world do you now consciously, or unconsciously, choose to live within?

At the end of last year, November-December, I experienced more downloads of the frequency data that I have felt at this level only a few times in my life. It has taken months to integrate it to the degree in which I can articulate or translate it. This is what I will be sharing now and onward, and I will be mentoring more to those who have been committed to their own inner work. It is no longer possible to reach those who have already made a decision to continue exploring reality through a fear-based lens. It’s like a vibrational wheat-from-the-chaff scenario. However, it is not some great and distant God who “judges” our fate. It is us who will bridge the past, present, and future into now or further experience what life without Love, or the Mother, or Soul, is like.

Recently, I have become ultra-aware of a new phase of vibrational shifting (~ August 13-15). As a result, my audience, or who I direct these messages to, is changing. More may fall away, those who need a bit more drama and spice with their spiritual soup. Thank you to those who do continue to support my work via your letters of resonance, sessions, book or music purchase, or donation. It helps to feed me while remaining dedicated to this lifelong work.

Since 2005, most of the Sound of Gold messages have been preparing us for this crossroads. It is feminine, emotionally-centered wisdom that streams through me. I had to be changed to achieve and receive this. It took many years of my life to ultimately do what I do, and I will be the first one to tell you that it isn’t perfect. I do my best with the vocabulary that I have. The 2019 downloads emphasized further how individual and collective reality would radically change. I knew at the time that everything that I (and others) had been prepared for through these radical and transformational encounters, was imminent. Furthermore, I translated this material on how to consciously navigate into the greatest possible trajectory beyond this 2020 cosmic intersection. Part of my dedicated service was to share it with you, no matter how crazy it may have sounded – informing all of you that visits from inter-dimensional beings taught me how to speak the language, and how to traverse the multi-layered landscape from fear to Love. And here we are.

These messages do not appeal to the egoic mind. In many cases, they are either invisible or rejected as “not real” by those who are oriented to a different version of reality. And this is my very point. This is how contact with higher-dimensional beings, or higher aspects of ourselves, actually works. It does not, and will not, speak to your egoic mind. And to arrogantly demand that it does is simply a fundamental misunderstanding of Life itself. What I learned is that one must rise in frequency to discern, and to engage our natural capacities to see, hear, and know our way forward into this greater way of being and community. We say we want to know more about them, but we cannot know them unless we first know ourselves.

While there are plenty of those who will convince you of such, stories and identities will not help you at this monumental crossroads and choosing time. There’s no way around it. You must be fully you. Why? This is how we show up on the cosmic radar – the way all intelligence shows up and communes – energy, vibration, and the music in which we are harmonically attuned. Any fear-based belief system – no matter how it is spun – is simply not able to “keep a tune” or show up in the cosmic symphony. We are either broadcasting the song of a peaceful Earth and existence, or we block the cosmic harmony by holding onto and acting out of our shadow.

The majority of us were taught to disempower ourselves by adopting belief systems based on fear. This is the world that the ego knows and navigates, and unless we willfully change it, it will keep us looping in its polarized themes and all of its “caste” of characters. It is you, however, who must choose to actualize Love and navigate or “ascend” into your true, multidimensional, natural state. And this is something you can act upon right now.

From a 2015 Sound of Gold files transmission:

“…You have the capacity, every one of you, to absorb this field of data, of wisdom, of love. You absorb it through your skin, through your bones, your blood. All of your wiring is in place to instantaneously understand. So, we would say that even though there are words streaming through in this particular human, we are only doing so temporarily so that we may show up on your radar. You will find that once we sense that this is being employed by more and more humans in this fashion, this direct quantum communion, there will be no need for words. It does not mean that words are bad. Words can be very beautiful, as in poetry and lyrics, story. It is simply that your capacity to commune is so much greater than you were told. So we here to encourage you to kick this into gear.

Now, there are tools, there are suggestions that we would have for how to begin this very active attention and presence so that you may switch that light on for yourselves in a more regular fashion. As we said before, some of you get glimpses and you call it “crazy” with a word, and it is destroyed. It goes nowhere after this. So just be aware that when you do receive these feeling glimpses directly, be very very careful how you label it. It need not be labeled. You may just refer to it as inspiration and love. And perhaps you may put it into words how you have been changed by it and you are now living your life differently as a result. This way, this kind of resonant information can enter the masses and be available as food for the heart, for the soul, and to [help you] stay in balance… Reconnect with your own direct call-line to your Source. It is available.”

Sound of Gold Files: DisinformationToQuantumCommunion.071615

As the messages said quite often, “In these coming times you must know who you are and what you want. Speaking honestly will lead you to this clear knowing.” Restoring our eyes that see and ears that hear involves a commitment to the reintegration of our missing pieces – the Soul, the Divine Feminine, Spirit, Source, back into your consciousness. In this lower-matrix world, these aspects of you were relegated to the unconscious, buried under the blankets of unacknowledged pain and trauma that cover over everything else that doesn’t make sense here. And there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense here. It’s why dis-information works so well on the masses. The primary focus of the mental self grows extremely agitated and uncomfortable with the unknown or uncertainty of any kind. It demands an explanation so it looks to the “mentally-elected” authorities to provide answers from within the mental construct. These over-simplified fear and hate-based explanations are happily provided to you. If you insist on asking and receiving your explanations from this tiny spectrum of reality, you continue to deny the greater opportunity to be directly guided and informed by Love.

While there are those who will seize upon every opportunity to manage and control a large population of humans who are afraid and do not know who they are, they cannot do this unless you agree to it. If you currently see your tribe as the good guys that must fight and dominate the bad guys so truth and justice can reign once again, sadly, you are being played. As I’ve shared before, you are being played on both sides or tribes. It’s not “the man” or the “deep state” that keeps you down, it’s that which manipulates your shadow and keeps you under the thumb and emotionally dumb. You do not need anyone to tell you what is real and true if you are vibrating as the true you.

What I discovered over the course of my life as I was repeatedly visited by these archetypal forces, was that in order to Know the Truth that sets you free from this lower-matrix reality, one must practice the honesty and innocence of a child again; surrender and release the idea that you know anything at all. Then with that tiny spark of personal will that you have left in your core, ask to be guided to all that you have Un-known. This is the expansion that is possible for you at this bridge between worlds.

Love is the force that expands us into a multidimensional remembrance of our Original Source and our original design of wholeness. Fear is a choice for further contraction and exploration of the dis-integrated state.

Love will fill you in with all that was missing, and all that was missing was keeping you in the lower dimensions, with symbols or ideas of what Love is, rather than the direct experience of it. Then, and only then, you may have an opportunity to feel what Love is. This is how Love begins to heal and directly inform you. At the same time, you will have been healed and lifted out of your individual and collective shadow enough to see that the world you once thought to be so real is simply theater – light and shadows that dance together to keep you believing you are separate from your own divinity. You see, it all boils down to Love. And once it changes you, it changes everything.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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