The Cosmic Soul Hits Home

Things have changed again. Who are you now? What world do you find yourself living within? While some still give their full attention to social-media memes and false leaders who proclaim that they will save and protect you from the bad guys, a few have transcended this trap. These few are already living and adapting to the next phase of a greater-dimensional Earth existence. They understand that we don’t really go anywhere; it’s the Cosmic Soul that comes Home.

There is an enormous challenge for the frontrunners who transcend the outer-world narratives at this time. You are probably unable to articulate this awakening to those around you. Why? Because we are still sharing common vibrational space, yet simultaneously perceiving higher layers of realities that others have not yet perceived. Make no mistake, this data does not come from the internet of the world. It comes directly from Source through you, or through other living-breathing humans who clearly vibrate in Love. My recent UFO-in-the-sky event and the resultant automatic-writing of this poetic message signaled the start of this latest phase for me:

Some things just weren’t translatable to the world you found yourself within. Direct experience begins to restore and reopen these pathways to More.

Somehow, I became a cosmic messenger. I did not seek this position out, nor do I consciously recall applying for it. What I learned from the Cosmic Soul is that it will find any way possible to reach you, until this window closes. The only difference between me and the larger-consensus population is, I faced my fears, transcended the judgment of those around me, and I listened to these lucid-dream characters arriving to teach, to guide, to wake me up. At first, I resisted. Then I expanded. (Lather, rinse, repeat.) Slowly, I came online with something More. Slowly, I welcomed the Presence of Soul to live, and move, and have its being within my body. This, I later understood, was what people called enlightenment. I call it the embodiment of Soul. This is when all the memories of who we are – in actuality – come flooding in. Sadly, though, it does not translate to those who do not choose to rise and vibrationally meet it within themselves.

At this juncture, what the ancient Mayan-Azteca and other Indigenous calendars point to, is this monumental moment between the grand cosmic cycles – a pregnant moment between the old world and a world filled with far more dimensional possibilities. It is not something handed to you from some great and distant god, it is the embodied Collective Soul that is creating it as we speak. You are aware of this or you are not. For now, the Soul will call and call and call until the window closes. We are in this territory now. Do you hear it?

There is an urgency now that you fully receive and perceive this. I am but one voice-on-the-fringe now, crying in the wilderness, as they say. Whether you hear this call from me or another messenger from the More, this is between you and your Soul. This is between you and your Maker. You either own and embody Cosmic Soul now or you give away the last little piece of it that is buried deep within your core. The cosmic messages have shown me these trajectories. I remain unattached to what you choose. My job is to inform you of the choice and point you in the direction of this Light within you. Interesting to note, that even while the Soul does not use language, in the end, it will get the last word.

Cosmic Soul initiated contact with me through what we have collectively framed here as ETs or inter-dimensional beings. It started in early childhood and occurred in “windows” throughout my entire life. Cosmic Soul contacted me through the squeeze of deep anguish, pain, fear, abuse, and my own screams and threats to end the body’s life. Cosmic Soul contacted me, yet did not provide the words and the pre-approved language of men, so I was cast out of the pre-approved world. Cosmic Soul contacted me until it filled me with ecstasy and awakened this memory of Love within. My Cosmic Soul is the rest of me, the I AM. It is what “comes online” when Father Spirit meets the long-lost feminine – the tiny flame of the Divine Mother that still flickers deeply within our bodies.

I held my head high, even long ago, as I walked with and spoke of this Divine Union. It gave me the strength to keep on keeping on, even when it was utterly invisible to those who do not know or even want to embody IT. I walk with it now. I am a messenger of the messengers, a tag-team from the Divine. I have met others here who are doing the same. We are not what you might expect from all that you were told about Love, Soul, the body, spirituality, healing, and enlightenment. It is not “special.” Fear is the only thing that blocks your direct knowing of this too.

I did not know it was my Soul using intermediaries to reach me. It did not dawn on me until much later in life, when I healed the bulk of the traumas, the misunderstandings, the distortions of this world. It opened my eyes and my ears because I made room for it. Through this marriage of body and soul, the resonance or music of this union “lit up” a natural communication device that is embedded deep inside our physical-energetic design. This is within all of us. These cosmic intermediaries of Soul taught me how to unpack it and how to stay attuned to it. I experienced the initial ecstasy of the Cosmic Soul meeting the body. I did not know what it was. There was no resonant worldly explanation for it, so I began owning it and describing these ecstasy episodes in my own words.

What I experienced were kisses from this Cosmic Soul, Divine touchings to lift me, cherish me, fill me with the sweetest Love that feeds and satisfies the deepest regions of my being, and the information that it delivers answers every question before it can even become a thought. Still, when I spoke of it, I was dismissed as a crazy, new-age lady. And at the time, most people around me believed that and avoided me like the plague (no pun intended). Why would people avoid the ecstatic experience? Because they are terrified of Light. They are terrified of a direct connection with the Divine. They have spent years and lifetimes building up their armor to defend against it, and there are those who love to take advantage of this fragmentation of your consciousness. No one can control you unless you agree to it. Most humans unconsciously agree to it. While I can give you my lived experience of why this is, it’s up to you to find out why you also chose to do this.

I do not care how you want to frame these things. Whether it is initiated through contact with ETs, UFOs, Near-Death Experiences, bioenergetic events, or the paranormal, the Cosmic Soul is not interested in words, in how you choose to explain it to those who have no interest in Soul. It wants you to feel who you are, directly, and if you stay present with it you will feel a very distinct vibrational communion occurring. And this is the rest of you! Except this time, it doesn’t want to remain a glimpse or a whisper; it wants to be fully known. It wants to hit Home.

I wrote and recorded this on my laptop in 2013. I never wrote anything like it again! “When the Soul hits Home.” Click on it to view the lyrics.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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  1. What a great post, and the song was just THE BEST! Here we go: acclimating to new stuff – I don’t feel I got acclimated to the last shift, but I guess it just moved so fast, I missed the feeling of acclimation – ha!

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