My UFO Sighting 8-5-20 and the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

I am a lifetime contactee, yet I can confidently state that I never saw a UFO or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) in the sky. I’ve seen unusual sky and cloud behaviors, but I’ve never seen (non-satellite) moving lights in the sky. That is, until just after 10 pm last night.

I’ve written a lot about this over the years, my theories about the difference between the inner and outer relationship to the unexplained “other.” I finally got to experience what this is like, to relate to this phenomenon “out there” and not in the deeper layers of consciousness where most of my contact has occurred. With the latter, I am referring to my out-of-body, abduction, lucid-dream variety of this inner consciousness-transforming phenom. Still, it wouldn’t be until 5 am on Aug 6th, after a coma-like sleep of 6 straight hours, that I understood what I had been shown in the sky the night before.

It was Wednesday night, August 5th, at about 9:55 pm. I had just finished watching the movie, Saving Mr. Banks. It had been a particularly long and busy day. I was exhausted. And when I’m exhausted I start wondering things like, how much longer am I here? Am I doing all of what I came here to do? Is there something more I could be doing? I got up to go to the kitchen with these thoughts now spilling out my mouth. It is so ingrained in me now to speak my feelings out loud. As an aside, they taught me that in these accelerated times, speaking honest feelings out loud will rapidly move and transform unconscious shadow material. I have sometimes called the process cosmic-trauma therapy because it was nonhuman intelligence that “downloaded” this practice into me. Simply put, when enough shadow material moves out, we are free to lock into resonance, which opens us up to the language of the cosmos. This dialogue then guides and informs us from multidimensional levels of our greater being, or soul. Long story short, it’s where all of the Sound of Gold messages come from.

On my way back to bed, I noticed I had a pile of recycling stuff by the door to take outside to the bin. I gathered them up and stepped outside in my robe and pj’s. After tossing the items into their designated areas, I paused and looked up before heading back inside. I’ve always loved the night sky and the stars. They feed me. I could stare at them forever. The view from my carport was the patch of stars in the southeast sky, currently displaying the more prominent solar-system celebrities, Jupiter and Saturn.

I took a deep breath and once again spoke out loud, “Why am I still here? How much longer?

Within a few seconds, a star grew very bright just to the left of where my eyes gazed on the planets. When I shifted my eyes toward it, it quickly dimmed. Hmm. I kept my eyes on it for only as long as it takes to think, was that a plane? No. The rational mind kicks into gear with it’s ever-so-responsible deductive methods. Are there clouds moving across the sky that might have covered its light for a moment? No. There are stars all around it. It then blinked bright again and then dimmed. Okay. This is odd. I’m intrigued.

It then turned on again but not as bright as it had initially, and began moving straight down toward the earth. It looked like a satellite looks, a tiny dot on a clear-cut trajectory. Oh, I thought, it must be a satellite. Still, I thought, why was it stationary before? Oh, this is not the same light. Now I’m looking at a satellite.

As far as I know, satellites don’t make right turns, left turns, or u-turns.

So from my perspective, it moved down below the spot where the planets, Jupiter-Saturn, and another bright star glowed. It stopped and then moved left. It took a slow, wide-curved right and rose up to just above the planets again. At this point, I’m aware that my jaw is dropped and I am in the altered state of WTF. The object stopped momentarily here, then started traveling in a straight line down again, banked right all the way past Jupiter and Saturn, then made a soft left and rose above the planets on the right side of them. It stayed stationary for a few seconds, then moved even more slowly straight down again. Here it paused, and then with a sudden blinding speed, it tore off to the right and disappeared behind a tall pine tree.

Sketch of UFO/UAP path, Aug 5, 2020

I was stunned and speechless. My thinking mind hurt. This sort of thing really does mess with the left brain. Now I must further explain. I am usually the one that will ask those who see things in the sky, “Yeah, yeah, I get it. You saw lights in the sky. But what did you feel?” This comes from my working theory that deeper contact occurs in our heart consciousness, no matter what our eyes might see in the physical realm. Honestly? I didn’t feel anything.

I waited for about 10 minutes for it to maybe reappear. It did not.

I went to bed feeling completely baffled. It felt like my left brain had been jammed. No more thoughts. Everything had come to a full stop. I fell into a very deep sleep and while I could not recall the dreams when I woke up at 5 am, I had the feeling of “very busy” and lots of communication. This happens more often these days. Busy dreams, but other than fleeting images, I do not awaken with memories. However, upon opening my eyes, my first conscious thought came with an image – the piece of the sky I had been looking at when I saw the moving light. I now had the understanding that this UAP had highlighted this piece of the sky by making a giant U around it.

Why didn’t it contact me the way I’ve always been contacted? Why had this been visual or “out there?” What was it saying to me? I was reminded of what I was asking right before I went outside.

Why am I still here? How much longer? And other related experiencer-wonderings about money and survival. In particular, questioning my recent shift to offering most of my private-session soul work by donation due to COVID economics. I get it. Everything is a big question mark for most.

I then understood that it was showing me that this region of the sky was important in answering my question. I was really perplexed that I hadn’t thought of that instantly when I went to bed the night before. Then I recalled that my thoughts had been jammed. No thinking allowed.

Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 0-degrees Aquarius on Winter Solstice, December 21st. Actually, since the start of 2020, this region of the sky is where it’s all been happening. While this conjunction occurs every 20 years, this will be the closest conjunction since 1623, within one degree of each other. There are so many other significators here, but in this post, I am simply sharing what happened over the previous twelve hours.

I have concluded that this moving light in the sky was pointing to this. At this moment in time, the morning after this experience, I am feeling we will experience a monumental, multidimensional event on or near that day. I believe this data came to me from “out there” because it will be an event that also manifests in our physical world. How much longer? It seems that this area of the sky, this important celestial event with Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, 2020, holds the key.

Furthermore, I feel that I had a contact experience of this nature so that I could feel the difference between these ways in which humans are contacted. For me, 99% of my contact over my lifetime was a right-brain event, speaking simplistically of course. The event last night was contact with my left-brain. My right-brain did not engage until I fell asleep to process it all.

At this point, this is raw experience and data, along with my inner guidance upon awakening. I have not analyzed it, I simply want to get this out as one of the gazillion pieces to this ongoing cosmic puzzle. After all, December is only 4 months away.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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14 thoughts on “My UFO Sighting 8-5-20 and the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

  1. Eileen, Good on you for sharing the story of your sighting. Almost every night I spend some time stargazing. I am always expectant of some great mystery being revealed. Once you see the unexplainable you always hope to see it (them) again. I will be looking more at Jupiter and Saturn since your visitors have pointed them out. With Much Love Jerry Cooper Pueblo, CO

  2. The Beings that contacted me in August 2005 via a gigantic triangular spaceship have come back in the recent years and told me that by December, things on this planet will be “heating up”. Many changes that will bring deconstruction of the old and initiate the release of darkness from this realm.
    They did not elaborate on the changes, but rather said that all the NHI’s currently here will contact me and others with instructions for the work we came here to do.

  3. Wonderful to read. Since 2017 I have heard very heavy noises in the sky like heavy metal dragging across the skies but when looking there is nothing there. I look to the skies every night see the moon and shimmering lights sometimes they move. In the last 3 years on occasions I have seen a huge craft go over covered in bright lights (no I haven’t been drinking). Only see them now and then. Over 3 years have seen several. I know something is happening and have always believed there are other life forms.
    Love Reading articles like this as you don’t feel so alone.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I am happy to hear from you. As someone who felt the pain of being different for most of my life, helping others feel “not so alone,” is my primary inspiration now.

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