Translating the Transcendent

I liked it when Lubomir Arsov used the phrase translating the transcendent in the interview below. I certainly do resonate, as I settled on the name, Translating Infinity, for my YouTube channel. We seem to be on the same page with insights into the collective state of humanity – both in seeing-healing the dark and embracing humanity’s original design and potentiality to embody the Light. I appreciate Lubomir’s work very much.

Below this video I add my own resonant excerpts from my body of recorded “Messages from the Future.” I began translating these spheres of energy after years of higher-vibrational orientation via contact with nonhuman intelligence. It’s difficult to settle on just one passage as truly all the messages were and continue to be on the topic of trauma, transforming the shadow, and healing-integrating all of it in these times. Even way back in the day when it wasn’t a thing.

The Rebel Wisdom interview (below) was about diving deeper into Lubomir’s inspiration for the piece, A Modern Odyssey, that landed on YouTube in 2017. You may have seen it, as it now has well over 3 million views. In my last post, Life as we have Unknown It, I introduced his co-created work with Peter Limberg, “The Cancel God.” The reason I am sharing others’ work now is because it is my understanding that initially it will be the Divine Masculine in these times that will lift the traumatized Divine Feminine into view, so that all of us, no matter our gender, can integrate this once-invisible, yet vital emotional component of our consciousness again.

This Sound of Gold message was transcribed from a verbal transmission in August 2019. It is about Self inquiry, so we might know in “these coming times” how to discern the difference between what serves humanity and what serves the system we were born into.

“…More and more individuals are rising above and seeing what they have been trapped within, simply by observing the drastic changes to your systems in the past few years. This serves as a wake-up call. That is the gift in these times, that you may not rely on your outer world for things to make sense any longer. Rather, you must go within to inquire, to be informed of, what is the truth? What can I do? Who am I? Why do I feel so much pain? How will the Earth ever survive these things? It must be self-inquiry now, and that is the benevolent effect of what is occurring on your world stage.

There will be continued resistance to going within. The wounding, the pain is so deep, so misunderstood, so disowned, that it may as well be considered a demon that lives within, and that is an acceptable reference if that is what it feels like. But these demons are simply fragmented pieces of the godhead, suppressed by denial, by guilt, fear… fear of being wrong, fear of being chastised, rejected for being different, for not following the maps that were given at birth. These are the fears that one must overcome on an individual basis. For those who pushed through, as we have referred to as frontrunners, they have pushed through and discovered that what has been given with the maps at birth does not serve you. It serves the system.

Many of you know this intellectually, but you are spinning in circles going nowhere. You may discover inaccuracies in the systems themselves, little blips on the screen, things that don’t make sense… ask, why do I see this? And why do I sound like a madman to the rest of society? Why am I called a conspiracy theorist? Why am I rejected because I ask questions? It does not serve you or the collective to stay on this surface level of exploration. You are only utilizing the intellect in your pointing out of inconsistencies, the inaccuracies, the lies. That was a phase. And this guidance, with this voice, at this time, encourages you to sink further into your consciousness to understand why you feel and behave the way you do, and why you are witness to the chasm between what we say we want and what is actually happening. So the gap must be bridged within individual consciousness. With the body, with the mother, with the heart, with the father. All of this divinity that you were designed to be in human form. This is where the inaccuracies are. This is where the misunderstandings are…

…So at this timing, you do still have the opportunity to realize this, and to take your own consciousness, your own healing, your own attunement seriously. This does not mean one would self judge or self condemn because you have not engaged yet with your own consciousness and your own wounds. There is no judgment around this. It is simply in each new moment you have a new present-moment opportunity to realize this and take charge. Many of you say this is what you want, but the fear of knowing the truth of who you are, knowing the light of who you are, the power, the grace, all of it, is far more scary. And why would this be? Because one must do their part, their share in healing ancient pain, separation, wounding. And because the intellect or the ego does not understand this, because it does not feel as the mother feels, it will stop this process, and keep the mother imprisoned within these subconscious/unconscious realms…

…Build a new relationship with his light so that it has a clear pathway into your outer physical world: More light. More understanding. More Love. More interconnectedness with each other and universally. Imagine the joy of this, the fulfillment. So you are being invited now to remember this choice. Everyone that is here now knew of the possibilities, the potential of what could occur if you were to make your contribution in these times, in this awakening, in resonation of this Divine Alignment of the natural state of humanity. This is simply been a reminder once again in this new moment. You are loved. You are cherished. You are celebrated for your courage and your power.”

Sound of Gold Files: NewMaps.080419 (Messages from the Future)

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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