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Life as we have unknown it

I like to share the work of those who are creative while nailing the deeper truth of humanity’s spiritual crisis. The short video piece below, “The Cancel God,” is a different kind of view than mine, but it is in resonance with what I have learned and seen in the visions over the years. I rather enjoy the variety of ways that we humans explore archetypal energy, but I’m especially enjoying how some of our missing pieces are finding their way back into our consciousness again. Indeed, our unconscious collective agreement to deny the soul seems to be up for review in 2020. Like a message in a bottle tossed into the sea so long ago, it returns to the shore to help us remember life as we have unknown it.

From my view, this ever-darkening scenario we find ourselves within can only thrive in this smaller-context petri dish where there is an absence of Soul, the Mother, or the Divine Feminine. And it is this deeper Presence that we have an opportunity to actually re-awaken to. Some of us may have experienced this wider context through the wonder of childhood, or at the very least we felt closer to the unknown by proximity to our recent emergence from it. Some of us may have been afforded a brief moment in the early years where we were given a reprieve – a greater permission to be “not-adult.” That’s when we could imagine we were giants, or lived in a tiny kingdom under a rock pile, or traveled to the sun and back. And like me, at age 6, fueled by anger that I had to stop playing with my friends when my mom called me in for supper, I made an extraordinary discovery. All three of us were bummed that we had to close the kingdom and go home. I told Susan and Dawn not to worry. We would continue to adventure and play that night because I would fly to their houses for a visit. From pure innocence I imagined it, and then discovered that I could.

How was it that I could fly?
No one had told me (yet) that I couldn’t.

As an experiencer of the numinous, I tend to see this cool new cultural identity of “woke” as a fleeting meme. Woke inside what context? The lower-matrix reality? The world where you were told you couldn’t fly? Oh, things are moving far too fast for that. One must transcend all of the polarized chatter and be courageous enough to truly awaken. Why not go all the way? Why not remember how to fly? And demonstrate it? Instead of fighting with others that you view as wrong, maybe help them remember who they are by fully being who you are.

After all this time of forgetting, start asking yourself how you might respond to the presence of an angel, an embodiment of Divine Love meeting you face-to-face. When I was a child, communing with them was a natural event. They left for several years and returned when I was a teen. But by then I had already forgotten who I was. I had forgotten how to fly. I had unknown the angel beings and I had unknown myself.

Without a humbling change in context from the hierarchical to the transcendent, humanity is doomed to loop, or repeat history, as they say. But hatred doesn’t just heal because wouldn’t that be nice? Without a transformative experience that exposes one to what actual Love is, and what it FEELS like in the body, we have no felt-reference for the greater being that we are. I don’t mean the Valentine’s Day sort of love. I mean the bullshit-annihilating kind.

When we meet the vibrational tones of transcendence, there are no hiding places for the darkness we carry inside. There is no disowning it or projection onto others. It’s just you and the Light. And with this meeting, you will not be in doubt about where you stand. This Divine core at your center is like a measuring gauge that has no interest in your outrage, the number of your Facebook friends, digits in your bank account, YouTube subscribers, Twitter followers, etc. It doesn’t care what nation you are from, what gender you are, what color your skin is, or what god you pray to. You get it. This is an entirely different valuing system. It’s Universal. And it’s here to reconcile on a soul level. However, due to your forgetfulness, you remain unaware that that “IT” is you. The Divine YOU. Sound strange? Whatever distance you feel between the persona-you and the Divine-YOU is the ground to be covered in order to remember the wonder of who you are. And not only remember it, but embody IT again. With our exposure to these kinds of high-frequency cosmic energies now, there is no in-between. One is either moving in the direction of the embodiment of soul, or one is a ghost.

So ask yourself: who are you and what value might you have in the context of the Universal? Because that’s where our context is going – and fast.

Ghosts will not survive these transformational changes in the direction of LIFE and balance and harmony with All That IS. So begin right where you are. Begin partnering with your bodies: becoming present with your feelings, becoming present with your thoughts, becoming attentive to how you move and operate in your life…

Sound of Gold Files: DFWisdom.041507

Cancel culture. Another fleeting meme. I would even say that the fear of being cancelled (or called crazy) is greater than being cancelled. As an experiencer, I know this first hand.

I have come to understand that the majority of humanity has an ancient and unconscious-shadow-trauma around the Divine Mother. I have spent many years of my life crying this out, getting to the core, and then finding myself on the floor of what is actual. Yes, humility is key to this literal falling out of the old world. So is truth-telling.

The Divine Mother has been invisible to you. It is the very reason why we have been so easily manipulated. The Mother is the aether – the fifth element, the field, the spaces in between. SHE is both the missing and the larger portion of your consciousness that is not oriented to thought. It is felt. It was SHE that was sent to the dungeon of the unconscious, along with everything else that we could make no sense of here. Doesn’t fit in the smaller-spectrum world? Explain yourself! Uh… it’s hard to explain in wor… Dismissed! She is stuffed in a bottle and tossed in the sea.

Right now we are expanding into More. If one cannot feel, one will attempt to stay looping inside a false sense of security, inside a fractional spectrum of consciousness. And as much as you say you want it to make sense, this limited reality never will. It was not designed to be whole. But you were. What is different now, is that you have a choice to consciously transcend this limited reality by willingly opening up and reading these messages in the bottle. It’s time to put these pieces of yourSelf or Soul back together. It’s time to integrate all of it. It’s time to be fully you and tell the truth.

If we are afraid to speak what we believe to be true, we cannot engage in real dialogue. If we cannot engage in real dialogue, we cannot collectively figure out how to respond to the existential risks that threaten our existence. If we cannot figure out how to respond to these risks, then our existence will be collectively threatened, and we risk going extinct.

Peter Limberg, Lubomir Arsov, The Cancel God”

Yes, we got lost in a massive misunderstanding or lie about who we are and how we were originally designed to be. Indeed. Cry, weep, grieve. It is a necessary first step to unearthing the rest of you.

…the memories that will return to you once you feel this presence of Love! For it is Love that has been absent. It is the soul of who you truly are that has been absent. You have each been through many simultaneous lifetimes, where there was never even an inkling of something more than what you were immersed within… and that is the nature of the containment. You will experience freedom… [and understand] freedom is even a concept at this point, for freedom… it does not have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is not a result. It is who you are. It is your natural state.

Sound of Gold Files: Intervention.071016

Soon you will notice a resting place. A deeper breathing. A silence that waits to become. Soon you will adapt to these potent spaces of resonance. You will remember what Truth feels like. What beauty feels like. These potent spaces are pre-articulated, undefined aether. They have no need to be translated into language to appease the 3D. And if we are moved to speak, write, and create from these new vibrant spaces, we now have a responsibility to hold this Divine resonance and match our words accordingly. It is up to us to stay in sync with Universal Love, Law, and Truth. It’s a whole new way of being. Or rather, it is a willingness to make the unknown known again. To expose the lies, heal it, integrate it, and become our empowered and magical self again. We are the Light that we once projected onto gods “out there.” And the embodiment of this Light not only sets us free, it is the Truth that cancels the cancel god – once and for all.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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