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Experiencer Dialogues: Transcending Normal

In this episode, we check in on what we’re feeling in the rapidly changing context. All of us in our own way are feeling more emboldened about being authentic in every area of our lives – including with the folks that still think we’re crazy. Zuzanna catches us up on her nomadic lifestyle and what that’s been like in a pandemic-stricken world. She takes us through the evolution of her jobs from working for Pete Townsend to temp jobs, to eventually teaching yoga – always trying to fit in, be responsible, and survive. Because we were changed so much through our experiences, we could all relate to the loss of soul over the years when we had to pretend to be something we were not. We talk about the comet and what it portends, and also explored the growing interest in UFOs and government disclosure. The shared conundrum for many experiencers is in translating the transformational nature of these high-frequency, inter-dimensional events, but the three of us agree that we no longer feel the need to convince or be accepted by consensus reality. It’s been a long journey for each of us as we joyfully leave behind “normal” and step into the unknown. We close by discussing recent dream conversations, astrology, archetypal energies, and what it feels like to enter the new multidimensional world.

Recorded July 21, 2020

Note: This is not intended to be a podcast or “show,” we simply invite you into the conversation, revealing the difference between how we managed to straddle two worlds in our past, and being-speaking authentically now. Making it public helps us to bridge the rift between an image or presentation, and our truth.

There were three of us for this episode: Zuzanna (top left), Eileen (top right), and Jeanne (bottom), are all lifetime experiencers of contact with nonhuman intelligence. (Unfortunately, our other wonderful teammate, Janine Savient, was unable to participate in this meeting. Next time!) We are stepping forward now with our truth-telling so that we may a) help others learn about the nature of these kinds of experiences, b) perhaps validate other’s experiences, and c) create the space for experiencers to further grow (evolve) and explore the deeper meaning of why contact occurs in the first place. This is an unfolding process.

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