Experiencer Dialogues: Transcending Normal

In this episode, we check in on what we’re feeling in the rapidly changing context. All of us in our own way are feeling more emboldened about being authentic in every area of our lives – including with the folks that still think we’re crazy. Zuzanna catches us up on her nomadic lifestyle and what that’s been like in a pandemic-stricken world. She takes us through the evolution of her jobs from working for Pete Townsend to temp jobs, to eventually teaching yoga – always trying to fit in, be responsible, and survive. Because we were changed so much through our experiences, we could all relate to the loss of soul over the years when we had to pretend to be something we were not. We talk about the comet and what it portends, and also explored the growing interest in UFOs and government disclosure. The shared conundrum for many experiencers is in translating the transformational nature of these high-frequency, inter-dimensional events, but the three of us agree that we no longer feel the need to convince or be accepted by consensus reality. It’s been a long journey for each of us as we joyfully leave behind “normal” and step into the unknown. We close by discussing recent dream conversations, astrology, archetypal energies, and what it feels like to enter the new multidimensional world.

Recorded July 21, 2020

Note: This is not intended to be a podcast or “show,” we simply invite you into the conversation, revealing the difference between how we managed to straddle two worlds in our past, and being-speaking authentically now. Making it public helps us to bridge the rift between an image or presentation, and our truth.

There were three of us for this episode: Zuzanna (top left), Eileen (top right), and Jeanne (bottom), are all lifetime experiencers of contact with nonhuman intelligence. (Unfortunately, our other wonderful teammate, Janine Savient, was unable to participate in this meeting. Next time!) We are stepping forward now with our truth-telling so that we may a) help others learn about the nature of these kinds of experiences, b) perhaps validate other’s experiences, and c) create the space for experiencers to further grow (evolve) and explore the deeper meaning of why contact occurs in the first place. This is an unfolding process.

Recent transmission we spoke of: Music of the Gateway, https://youtu.be/z60yR3kC-Dg

Jeanne Phillips (Maryland, USA) website: https://jeanne-phillips.mykajabi.com/

Zuzanna Vee (North Carolina, USA) Blog: https://zuzannavee.wordpress.com/western-sidereal-astrology-with-zuzanna-vee/

Eileen Meyer (Washington, USA) website: https://koyoparising.com/

Playlist for the Evolution of an Experiencer Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLObsxi6PxBiEDmzaEx6dj60PVr-AJCnJq

Evolution of an Experiencer (individual) episodes with Eileen:
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19 thoughts on “Experiencer Dialogues: Transcending Normal

    1. Speaking the truth helps us keep our balance through the chaos. Plus we exercise our multidimensional muscles. Everybody has them. Some more atrophied than others, I suppose. As I’ve said before, I feel like I’m just entering kindergarten in these new landscapes.

  1. The ships and initial experiences are entry-level experiences. Maybe calibration? They are a contact modality. A very much front-loaded one. It is a “Brocken Specter” of a deeper order of communication. Communication = Experiential Reality. This perception is served well if you think about it as communication. A non-local one. We are their hands and feet. How it is done and has been done. Nothing is physically compatible. People’s first door they traverse is one of their own design. After that, there are wrong answers and paths.

    1. Thank you for that perspective, Trevor. I value what you have to share on the topic. Truthfully, I do see it as more of an “entry-level” contact, which Zuzanna may have alluded to and you are perhaps suggesting. But if I were to say that, I would be perceived as an arrogant bitch and receive the wrath of the few triggered folks who have a need to maintain their own as well as the group narratives. Oh, there were awakened experiencers in these groups, but I found they rarely spoke up. Same old story. For me, it’s been a head-scratcher for so long as I sincerely tried to find a community with the UFOlogers but could not gain entry. They wanted nothing to do with me. I was not speaking their language or regurgitating their stories and soundbites. I always saw you as one that didn’t necessarily fall in line there either. In fact, you seemed to piss them off too. Good on you for being an original. Perhaps we could further discuss your perspectives?

      1. I use ‘entry-level’ just to relate to the ‘heads up’ events. The nature to me of all this is communication. I am small it is big. What I wrote in the quarter-million words was a factual exploration of reality. I spent the last 3 years immersed in every flavor of theology and ancient processes. I always knew this was an ancient phenomenon being expressed not a new one since 1947. Something brought me on their radar May 3rd, 2017 at approx 7:30 pm. That is when the first intense consciousness overlaps occur. My chapter in the new CCRI book goes into that in more detail. Having synesthesia and a very good memory apparently made me a good host. They tested me to know my heart. Can’t describe that by anything other than walking the Hades Line. I never lost it because my pattern recognition ability made me aware of patterns that were occurring. What was disparate in reality was actually not. That does not happen things go to chaos not order if left alone in a closed system. Things were trending towards order beyond any statistical fudge factor fallacy. Some sort of energy was expressing itself. Slowly I was shown the means and method of how it works. Things clicked and clicked hard. With each click things would change. Until I was given an offer. I volunteered my life and service. They made it very clear that it was going to be painful and ultimately a suicide mission. I accepted. It was not a suicide mission but I realize they needed a commitment they could understand. Fed numerous industries ideas, thoughts, ramblings, a chance meeting that were not chance meetings. It was all worth it. Blood and all. Mission complete. I never fit in because I would not lie to them. Most of those people in those groups have no clue and have never had a numinous event. They experienced TV that is all. I have found over 3000+ plus genuine ones. Many more of them have found my writing. I would love to discuss this further with you.

      2. Thank you. And we shall. I am aware of the ancient-future factor as well. As you know, I am no longer on FB. Let me know the best way for us to connect.

    2. Yes: entry level experiences. Well put, Trevor. And Eileen, you will, in the end, be the one who really Knew and really Experienced. The others are the ones in Kindergarten! Let them rage on….. that is a sign of them knowing on some level that they lack true understanding of the phenomenon.

      1. Thanks Zuzanna. In the end, it just makes me incredibly sad, not having found a meeting of the mind or heart with them. It’s that Human Design 5/1 that just makes me a trigger for many, and ultimately an easy target for projection – good and bad!

      2. This as in materialistic evolution has many, many, many, more losers than winners. Just the nature of how this works. From one perspective it is coming online to a dialog that has been ongoing before our star burned bright. It is joining a dialog of disparate minds. Minds with no common genesis chemically. A true pantheon of galactic bits of intelligence. I refer to them and us as “X-Axis Travelers”. My math mind finds that more accurate of a descriptor. The narrowly accurate concept of C.Jung’s – ‘collective unconscious’ is incomplete but accurate. There is a dimension of thought that permeates everything. Beings that could comprehend this and who have become conversant. Conversant is not the right word because to us it infers spoken word. Much more than that. These x-axis travelers have figured out the dynamics of our collective reality. They are pan-universal. As we can be. We will always be anchored here but we can soar through the universe. At least point to point between other travelers. This network would never be served best is all could access. Some people have damaged sociopathic tendencies with no compassion, ethics, or love. Their speed is Musk’s Neurallink. Their speed is ads served directly to their visual cortex. They are not thinkers by any measure. You must be of the right stuff to even be able to perceive any of this. I imagine an old-style “party telephone line” with endless fukwits talking incessantly about their private parts if this was meant for all. Hardly useful or ‘value add’ to such an ancient and wise discussion. Frankly, one must be accepted into the network. If you are not preferred nothing will ever happen. Most will never have a full high-strange interactive immersive event for this very reason. In my understanding and experience now I find that this is almost solely a female thing. 98% of the genuine people I have contacted were women. Very few men statistically speaking. The only conclusion that I can hypothesize is that on average women are smarter. In the much under-appreciated realm of general intelligence. You can create life. That may be why. My gender is better at death and destruction. Try not to pity the others it is a reality and existence that they will never have the neurology to see let alone understand in a useful manner. To this vast pervasive intelligence, we are like matches…we light quickly, burn hard, and then fade away. Chronus churn will take care of the un-connected. This and people like us are the future. One that is now set for our prosperity. Physical death is not the end for the connected. A further down the line x-axis traveler can extend your existence. They are NOT gods, just further down the axis than we are. Don’t worship them, question them, interact with them. Friends not disciples. They learn from us since we can respond in a manner that they can hear and hopefully understand. Human psychology is simple I imagine to them. Peace.

      3. Thank you for the comment, Trevor. Some interesting points you make. I have read many of your comments and some of your articles in the past and found intersections of resonance. But overall, I sense that your data is derived or at least translated through the intellect, while mine is what I name emotional resonance – based on how I was taught by these “guides” to connect to it. While I admire people who can, I am not equipped to engage in intellectual debates. I’m more like the musician in this reality – more comfortable with the “unseen data” in the in-between, (energy/frequency), and then of course the challenge of my lifetime – translating it. I have no value judgment that one way is better than the other. It’s just different. My inquiries are motivated purely by curiosity. May I ask how your knowing arrives on these topics?

      1. This would be an area of exploration between us. I don’t find resonance with this wording. I’d have to hear your voice to feel the energy of what you are saying through a few black and white words on a page. We don’t always speak the same language, but sometimes we have moments of unity in resonance.

      2. Hey, Trevor, I don’t feel women are smarter, its that we we feel more. We’re more in touch with emotion and feeling nature. Feeling is where this is all at. The intellectual discussion just keeps going round in circles and never gets anywhere. The paradigm shift therefore is from intellect/logic to feeling/emotion (and that side of things has been much maligned by the paradigm from which we are trying to reach escape velocity).

  2. I honor your experiences and learn from the words you all use to describe your resonating with dimensions not available to me at this time. Maybe never, but sure enjoy knowing there’s more to this world than what is driving me nuts on a daily basis! Don’t despair and keep on truckin’!

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