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Embodying the Greater You

Every Sunday I tune in and record audio of what I am seeing-feeling for this timing. When I share these, they fall under the header of EM’s Inner News. Lately, there has been an emphasis on reaching those who have always known that we would arrive at this critical time to activate or “come online.” If you are one who is feeling the inner direction to speak your truth and be more fully who you are, hallelujah. We are treasure troves of data and in-service to those in our communities at this pivotal intersection in time. Are you one who is here to help others remember that there is more? And that it lives within each of us? These words are not meant to pressure, but rather encourage you to fully embody the Greater You. Let your inner technologies and skills shine. The collective needs demonstrators to see what is possible beyond the repetitive cycles of lower-matrix consciousness.

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