You are the Heroes. Messages from the Future.

I continue to offer these Sound of Gold files for those who receive inspiration from them. The heartfelt guidance and synchronicities around which file is selected to share is a story in itself, and always humbling. This one is no exception. I was told from the beginning that these transmissions would make far more sense at a future point when everything would change. And it has. Even though this was recorded in 2014, clearly it is about what is happening now. Context is everything.

Quotes from this message: “You are in the midst of a breakdown, as well as a complete re-creation of life on Earth… Do not allow confusion to hold you back. Break through the confusion with a step forward into your new reality. It is your demonstration of this that activates your community.”

More of the back story: My relationship with this material has changed often over the years. Learning how to translate or decode energy began in 2005, and it was a process. I was taught how from within myself. Even though I understood everything in the downloads through instant knowing, like my earliest memories of “them” in the sandbox as a child, translating for others felt nearly impossible. It was massive amounts of layered data that did not fit nicely into ideas, language, and concepts. They are not meant to. When we rise in vibration, we rise to meet and unpack the data. And this is where we remember that we are designed to resonate with this music – a harmonic universal symphony that is All and everywhere. And when we embody IT, IT sings through us.

Today I see these messages as maps and travelogues to help us navigate through this important intersection in time. It’s why they didn’t make sense to me back then, and it’s why I refer to them now as “messages from the future.” Through the feeling data, I knew that something unfathomable was going to happen that would change us forever. This voice was mostly focused on how it would change our consciousness, and to make sure we were prepared, or lucid enough to embrace this opportunity. The other pattern that has become more clear in this recent phase of my contact is that more often than not, this voice was addressing those who are embedded here to help in these times. The messages seem to be too strange or cryptic to the consensus (linear) population. And that’s okay.

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7 thoughts on “You are the Heroes. Messages from the Future.

  1. I love this Eileen. I am indeed “embedded here to help” and your message is well received and understood. Thank you for sharing this for all those who are singing from the same songbook of oneness, love, peace, joy, truth, gratitude, abundance and freedom. Many blessings to all who step up, stand out singly and shine brightly as unique stars in the heavens, thereby uplifting and en-couraging others to BE all that they can BE..

  2. I love the idea of this being a message from the future received many years ago. I feel it is so. And I love the sound of this Voice. It is the Voice of the Mother to me. Awesome in the true sense of the word. Thank you Eileen, for sharing these precious messages.

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