The Language of Resonance: ETs, Angels, and the Greatest Message of All

Prepare. We are headed into even more challenging times, AND we have all that we need if we know how to listen. Many were contacted over the years by ETs, Angels, and other inter-dimensional beings. We learned that they are not here to save us, but rather to remind us of who we are. Go within to directly receive the messages and guidance you need in these times and beyond. This is how we prepare for the enormous changes coming our way – both inside and out.

The closest markers for what I learned directly from nonhuman intelligence fall under the categories of Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” and ancient Gnostic wisdom. I’m sure there’s more I have yet to discover. I was instructed via a resonance language that in these times we have an opportunity to restore our natural state, so that we may feel and know our way forward. For over a decade, I was strongly encouraged by my “visitors” to abstain from reading or listening to any other existing material until I integrated and strengthened the data that poured into my consciousness. I have gone through several phases of contact over my lifetime. It took many years to fully integrate what was initially quite terrifying. I entered a new phase in 2020, so I feel a need to outline what I understand to be the purpose of my contact, how it may apply to other experiencers, and how we can help/model/demonstrate these ways of “knowing” during these highly transformational times.


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    1. Methods exist for resonance to be used in the transfer between worlds. This science allowed Hell to anticipate the energy of The Primary Initiation of Earth (July 8th.1964), for the armies of Hell to rise up into this world. It could have happened, Karmic Law allowed a limited time for The Cosmic Adepts to save us. This war lasted six months from 26th.Oct.1967 .They were successful, but another attempt lasted from May28th.1969 to September 1982, in “The After Math of Karmalight”.

      1. Information is from The Aertherius Society which as an ancient member I took the responsibility of including in my book and later on my website, effects of which considered too frightening to some did not excite approval.

  1. I am watching this and I had to stop to just say that there were so many places where I felt like you were speaking directly to me like in a room! “I have been prepared my entire life.” Yes!!! “People can choose the small if they want, that’s okay.” Yes!!! Will I? No way!!! I want to go to space and meet everyone!!!! I almost feel myself saying, “I have go go now” … like I know that is my path. I am not scared. I am excited about the path. It’s weird I guess. But I just feel it.

  2. I also was prevented for many years from reading very much at all, and still today have almost no contact with visual/audial media, and none whatsoever with purely social sites. You might be interested to know that Joseph Campbell also held himself to a nearly total media fast throughout the last decades of his life.

  3. Never heard anyone explain this “dialogue” like this before. People think I’m crazy cause I have these “dialogues” and answers come…information….intuition not sure what to call it. It’s all new to me during last several months. THANK YOU!

    1. Awesome, Karen. And this is why we need to share our experiences 🙂 Next time someone calls you crazy, just say, “In today’s world, would you please define crazy?”

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