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The Language of Resonance: ETs, Angels, and the Greatest Message of All

Prepare. We are headed into even more challenging times, AND we have all that we need if we know how to listen. Many were contacted over the years by ETs, Angels, and other inter-dimensional beings. We learned that they are not here to save us, but rather to remind us of who we are. Go within to directly receive the messages and guidance you need in these times and beyond. This is how we prepare for the enormous changes coming our way – both inside and out.

The closest markers for what I learned directly from nonhuman intelligence fall under the categories of Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” and ancient Gnostic wisdom. I’m sure there’s more I have yet to discover. I was instructed via a resonance language that in these times we have an opportunity to restore our natural state, so that we may feel and know our way forward. For over a decade, I was strongly encouraged by my “visitors” to abstain from reading or listening to any other existing material until I integrated and strengthened the data that poured into my consciousness. I have gone through several phases of contact over my lifetime. It took many years to fully integrate what was initially quite terrifying. I entered a new phase in 2020, so I feel a need to outline what I understand to be the purpose of my contact, how it may apply to other experiencers, and how we can help/model/demonstrate these ways of “knowing” during these highly transformational times.


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