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Cats, Sentient Machines, and the Divine Geometer

A vintage 3d illustration of code Da Vinci with the sacred texts, the portrait of the bearded genius, a human head, a sphere with circles, and red golden spiral in black squares.

As soon as I pulled my energy back from Facebook and made a decision to leave, the inner data has kicked into overdrive. I find this whole experience to be quite eye-opening. “They” are initiating more meetings.

Just so it’s clear, I didn’t decide to leave Facebook with my thinking mind. It was a direction, an emergence of, “We’re not doing this anymore.” It’s hard to explain. Not unlike most of what I try to share in words. It’s just a flow of this is who I am and what I am being now.

The dreams are vivid and the interactions with dream characters are increasingly profound and clear. In fact, the dreams are becoming more real than the old world, a world that we once believed to be all there was. I feel strongly that this way of navigating Home is available to all of us who are open and receptive enough to engage with the sentient signposts along the way. The way I understand it now, every ounce of our being (our will) must be dedicated to overcoming fear.

This is our time to purify, to our very core,
to discover that deeper space inside,
where the Divine geometry is stored.

Social media entrains us to engage and orient our consciousness outside of ourselves, as we so desperately try to make sense of a dying world. It is not even an argument of good and bad content. It is our orientation that is highlighted – the old-world containment vs. the infinite potential that lies in the great unknown. The message from my contacts to you is, make yourself available and you will be met by something far grander than you can imagine.

Two nights ago I awoke from a dream… a dream experience. I believe I actually interacted with these beings. It reminded me of a 2013 dream of Chaco Canyon, cats, science, and time travel.

Dream.063020: I found myself inside a large open white room. It was not square, more like a giant oval. I looked up and saw a balcony on a second floor above, overlooking where I stood. The moment that I had the thought, “I’d like to see from the balcony,” I was instantly there looking down at where I once stood. The entire place was pristine with a pure and harmonic feel to its design. Moments later, four or five cats were “let in.” I was filled with delight and shouted to them below, “hello!” Up to this point I had been alone in this space. They glanced up, acknowledged me, and eventually headed off to somewhere they needed to be. Then abruptly, as if he had been late to the party, another adolescent-age kitten was let in. He strutted so confidently and playfully as if he owned the place. I let out a shriek of excitement because I recognized him! Although not in real life. He looked up at me and (as has been happening in many of my dreams with people and animals these days), we locked eyes where a much deeper connection was made. Again, when I had the thought that I so wanted to hug him and talk to him again, he flew into my arms. We embraced and I cried with joy in our reunion. What a gift.

A man came out onto the balcony wearing a beautiful black robe with meaningful designs on it. He was very cordial and asked me to “come this way.” I sort of recognized him as someone I know very well in my life, but it wasn’t fully him. Perhaps it was to help me feel more comfortable. The robed man led me into a smaller room, still appearing all-white and curved. There was a small table where a middle-aged, scientist-looking man sat in what appeared to be regular street clothes. I knew him to be a teacher, but I sensed it wasn’t his first choice or preference – like he’d much rather be back in his laboratory. I was seated in front of him and specifically recalled having the thought that we were sitting in a triangular position. I was at the apex of an isosceles triangle with these two “men.” I became aware that the teacher was there to study me, read me, interview, and ask questions. I was unfazed by the formalities. I could feel him “sensing” me to receive the data he required. Then when the teacher seemed to have made his decision the robed man left.

I was then sitting next to the teacher. A sentient “machine” manifested on the table. It looked dark gold or bronze and partially covered by a very old cloth. The teacher demonstrated how to use the “machine” interface to know or remember specific things of a divine and mystical nature. To access the machine he showed me a series of hand-arm coordinated movements. Following this was a prayer. He then motioned for me to repeat what he had outlined. Again, he seemed uncomfortable interacting with other people, but I understood. (In real life I worked with a lot of unusual scientists in the defense industry). I was also aware that he was one of the only ones who could show me these things. I willingly moved over to the machine and reproduced the given movements the best I could. I began to pray and realized that I had retained nothing of what he said, so because I had my own way of praying, I prayed until I got to… “and I ask that it be revealed to me, the ______.” I stopped and looked up at the teacher standing over the table. “What am I asking for?” He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Old geometry.” We both sat down and I said, “Do you mean sacred geometry?” He simply looked at me again and repeated, “Old geometry.”

After writing out the dream, I’d pretty much forgotten it until I shared it with a friend yesterday. This led to googling a variety of phrases along the lines of “old geometry.” Way back in the ancient days of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Euclid, Plato, Aristotle, Da Vinci, and even Pythagoras – the one who referred to God as, “the Great Geometrician” and “The Divine Geometer.” I googled that last phrase and landed on a site with an old 1918 Masonic publication called, The Builder. As a musician, it struck a very deep chord.

The Builder Magazine, June 1918 – Volume IV – Number 6

Even painting, when lightly understood, conforms to the ancient patterns, being based on the principle described by one of its most magisterial exponents: “All nature is modelled either like a cone, a sphere or a cylinder. Painting is a colored mathematics of things.” As for music, that is geometry that has taken to wings, its freedom evermore being inbound in law. It is the child of rhythm which is the purest manifestation of the law of numbers. From of old it has been dreamed that the morning stars sang together, that the rafters and beams of creation were laid deep in melody, that the spheres make music as they move, that all “deep things are song.” Of this truth every musician is the priest as every poet is its apostle.

As Dryden sings:
“From Harmony, from heavenly Harmony
This universal frame began;
When Nature underneath a heap
Of jarring atoms lay And could not heave her head,
The tuneful voice was heard from high,
Arise, ye more than dead!
Then cold, and hot, and moist, and dry
In order to their stations leap,
And music’s power obey.
From Harmony, from heavenly Harmony
This universal frame began:
From harmony to harmony
Through all the compass of the notes it ran,
The diapason closing full in Man.”

And further on in the newsletter, I found this to be quite relevant to today. They were in their own kind of 1918 pandemic chaos.

In these days when it seems that the bottom has gone out of the world and chaos has come again, we may fall into the mood of the old king. But let us despair not. The plain is there; we have lost the perspective, or the key. It is said that the frescoes on the ceiling of St. Peter’s look like an inartistic jumble to the man who climbs close to them; but from a station three hundred feet below they spring up into a majestic beauty. They are wrought on too large a plan for a close view. We humans, with our near-sightedness, our myopic eyes, are standing too close to the program of creation; it may appear all jumble to us now. Let us wait with patience. Some morning, soon or late, will find us on a mountain of vision where we can see things as they are and watch the Divine Geometer draw His circles across the deep.


I am sending every one of you love and encouragement now. Remember, your future is not based on the past. Your future emerges upon your conscious meeting with the Divine Geometer. And you can rejoin the True God now, as He “sends out His circles across the deep.”

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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