Experiencer Dialogues: Training and Technology Experiencer, Bear

In this episode, we invited Bear into a Dialogue – Experiencer, brief-time Mufon Investigator, and a friend of Jeanne’s. Bear shared the pivotal experiences in his life beginning at age 4. One of the overarching themes in his experiences with nonhuman intelligence is being trained in the technologies of operating and piloting a craft. Bear has sketches of his classic abduction-type memories that he shared, along with the types of beings he encountered. As always, it’s an honor and a privilege to welcome the accounts of others, as well as discover the themes and similarities in our contact experiences. Another common theme is that it feels like we can only scratch the surface of our memories in these Zoom talks. We have invited Bear back for another meeting to further explore his drawings and details of what he was seeing and learning about.

Note: This is not intended to be a podcast or “show,” we simply invite you into the conversation, revealing the difference between how we managed to straddle two worlds in our past, and being-speaking authentically now. Making it public helps us to bridge the rift between an image or presentation, and our truth. There were four of us for this episode: Bear, Zuzanna, Eileen, and Jeanne, who are all experiencers of contact with nonhuman intelligence. We are stepping forward now with our truth-telling so that we may a) help others learn about the nature of these kinds of experiences, b) validate other’s experiences, and c) create the space for experiencers to further grow (evolve) and explore the deeper meaning of why contact occurs in the first place. This is an unfolding process.

A link to the book that Bear referred to in the episode: UFO and Alien Management: A Guide to Discovering, Evaluating, and Directing Sightings, Abductions, and Contactee Experiences, by Dinah Roseberry.

For inquiries about Bear, please contact Eileen through her website below.

Jeanne Phillips (Maryland, USA) website: https://jeanne-phillips.mykajabi.com/

Zuzanna Vee (North Carolina, USA) Blog: https://zuzannavee.wordpress.com/western-sidereal-astrology-with-zuzanna-vee/

Eileen Meyer (Washington, USA) website: https://koyoparising.com/

Evolution of an Experiencer (individual) episodes with Eileen:

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