Experiencer Dialogues: Adapting to Multidimensionality

The conversation continues around the conscious adaptation/embodiment of multidimensionality. As experiencers/contactees, we perceive beyond the current chaos of the world. We were prepared for this. This evolutionary contact occurred over our lifetimes, and it continues now. It seems the overall intent for the contact was to be conscious in this timing, find one another, and share with others as we navigate into a higher-frequency life with the Earth. To do this, we each share the data that we are receiving, and wow, it continues to come in an accelerated fashion. This arrives via contact dream experiences, downloads, synchronicities, and more. And when we connect in this way, further data is emerging within our shared space and intention. We feel that we are helping to demonstrate or model this conscious movement forward, sharing the maps and signposts along the way, if others should find it helpful.

Note: This is not intended to be a podcast or “show,” we simply invite you into the conversation, revealing the difference between how we managed to straddle two worlds in our past, and being-speaking authentically now. Making it public helps us to bridge the rift between an image or presentation, and our truth.

There were three of us for this episode: Zuzanna (top left), Eileen (top right), and Jeanne (bottom), are all lifetime experiencers of contact with nonhuman intelligence. (Unfortunately, our other wonderful teammate, Janine Savient, was unable to participate in this meeting. Next time!) We are stepping forward now with our truth-telling so that we may a) help others learn about the nature of these kinds of experiences, b) perhaps validate other’s experiences, and c) create the space for experiencers to further grow (evolve) and explore the deeper meaning of why contact occurs in the first place. This is an unfolding process.

Jeanne Phillips (Maryland, USA) website: https://jeanne-phillips.mykajabi.com/

Zuzanna Vee (North Carolina, USA) Blog: https://zuzannavee.wordpress.com/western-sidereal-astrology-with-zuzanna-vee/

Eileen Meyer (Washington, USA) website: https://koyoparising.com/

Evolution of an Experiencer (individual) episodes with Eileen:

Jeanne: https://youtu.be/ZtY0_d8m86I

Janine: https://youtu.be/kVe6LgVK0Ao

Zuzanna: https://youtu.be/aWNdxCmYeeE

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