A Kali Kind of Love

I wake up every morning feeling it. Your pain. Your suffering. People like me did our best to feel and transmute it for you over the years. It’s okay. You weren’t ready. Your to-do list in the world was long and getting longer. Actually, I’d still be very much like you if I hadn’t been “forced” to meet it, as I and so many others were. We “met our Maker” through a near-death experience (NDE), or the shamanic death and rebirth cycles that occur when we meet something greater than what our little minds, in our little rat cages, can handle… let alone define for those who don’t experience or remember such things.

I learned early on that the modus operandi here is, “stuff it.” Put on a happy face. Stay in line. Get busy. Go to work. Stuff your soul so that you can fit into the tiny equations that you were told is life. When you say you want honesty and truth, and you demand it in the streets, I do hope you are also willing to reconcile that rift within your own being. In the end, so to speak, it’s the only place that truly counts.

Ninety-nine percent of us have been blindly doing what the master of this machine-world says. And for far too long. This rage resonates within us all. The dark-skinned humans have a naturally deep and present connection to the Mother, whether they are aware of it or not. For me, it makes sense that the black-colored corn, the color of the element of Earth, would be the first volcano to erupt. It makes sense – why they have been so oppressed and “eliminated” in mass numbers over the centuries. But they can’t be eliminated. They will keep returning, as the Mother does, to resolve this once and for all. We have all lived lives of every color. The pain is etched into our collective DNA. It is this DNA that will transform and unlock the More of you if you are willing. We can heal and integrate, or we can continue to fight with pieces of our “other” selves until we are rounded up and made into their machines. It’s still our choice at this point.

She sends me her synchronicities. I am in process of sifting through old boxes. The one I opened yesterday contained my life in 2006. She came to me in a dream then, insisting that I print these words out and tack them to my wall. So I did, for a time. Eventually, She ends up getting stuffed in a box again. Don’t you see? It is you and I, individually and collectively, that must free her.

While you were living “normal” lives, I was getting an education on healing trauma, through a bioenergetic, roto-rooter-style transformational clearing. All that we unreal was blasted away to reveal what is actual. With all of this gone, one understands that the Truth is felt. We are using only a sliver of our available consciousness. In this limited bandwidth, we have no idea the power of our emotional intelligence and our will. It’s why the brainwashing works so well. You are in a prison of the mind. Yet darker forces can’t and don’t imprison you. You willingly obey something that is not in accordance with Divine Law. They simply take advantage of your temporary ignorance of who you actually are – one of the most powerful beings ever created in the universe. This Truth is hidden within you. And yet, many of you worship Jesus Christ but you don’t seem to hear and see, let alone apply, what he and the other greater masters were teaching you.

What happens when high-vibrational Presence meets the unconscious, fragmented-thinking minds of humans? They fucking freak out. I, and many others, would know. We experienced contact with what has been termed, nonhuman intelligence. Angels? ETs? The True God? Our definitions matter little in the face of this initially terrifying Love. It’s why in Bible times, the “visitors” on approach were heard saying, “Fear not.” These higher frequencies can blow our minds and our circuits if we are not entrained to them anymore.

You were conditioned to pretend you don’t hear the woeful cries of the Sacred Mother inside. We had to cut off huge portions of our consciousness in order to agree to this. What we are moving through now is the restoration. This is all of us, meeting our Maker. And yes, it’s kind of a surprise ending. Even the “Maker” you were given to “believe in,” was a terrible representation of what is actual. What’s real will be made very clear now.

Our True God is pure, omnipresent, unconditional Love, but you were taught to bury this knowing. And you did. We all did.

Everything you need to know in your way forward is found within. If one continues to seek and believe “the news” out there, we will experience all that we suppress inside, in front of our face, and on steroids. As the vibration of the collective rises, the shadow is emerging. It’s physics. And it’s the story of many contactees.

If you believe that any of your political candidates or your governments around the world want to free you, it is because you cannot see. You cannot feel. Your fear blinds you. What you are witnessing is the restoration of the Mother. It is the restoration of your heart. It is the restoration of the Soul. It is the restoration of the Earth. It is the restoration of the rest of your consciousness – the part that destroys the lies and opens your eyes. And this knowing does not fit nicely into a digital meme on Facebook. It’s meant to be embodied. It’s meant to BE you… if you can take it.

A lot of what I have shared about this LOVE is not the pretty-plastic kind. It’s a Kali kind of Love. At least in the beginning, it is. What I learned through direct experience is that she rises inside each of us and her power and light destroy all that is not in harmony with our true and original design. Yes, I may have been visited by angels and strange-looking ET beings over the course of my life, but what they wanted me to see all along was what I am sharing here.

Everything must return to balance and coherence with the unified field. It will. We have all just crossed the proverbial line. If we’re not meeting Her within, she will arrange to meet you outside. It’s all about transformation now.

All of the darkness that you may have covered over with “white-washed” happy talk is emerging. All of the lies, all of the shame, all of the betrayals that each individual suffered and then masked over so that they could still “make a living” or participate in society, all of what was denied is emerging. It must. The spell has been broken. So let your rage out, but be big enough to own it first hand. Bring the truth through your voice. Do not project it onto or hurt others. You are not alone in this. You are deeply loved. Work with Her now, not against Her, and you will be guided into a new world.

For eons, you have been participating in something that you could not possibly understand. Only those who had the direct mystical encounters had an opportunity to see beyond the collective rage in the collective cage. And the masters of the cage saw to it that these souls were the ones called evil. The ones who were beaten. The ones who were burned and nailed to the stake.

No more.

Things are going to be different now. Do not give up hope. Have the courage to go within and meet Her. She rose up and began singing to me, from within. She will do the same for you. She will rise and marry our Father Spirit. Together we will achieve healing and balance. Together we will bridge the True Heaven and the True Earth.

There are many of us. Together, with all those who have been met and changed by Her, we will shift the world into it’s true and natural state. Thank you for all of your years of service. For waiting, listening, trusting, praying. It is here. Tell them.


Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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7 thoughts on “A Kali Kind of Love

  1. Thank You, Eileen. So good to get the reminders and encouragement when you get them out there. Loving now… accepting my own and my brothers’ and sisters’ “faults” and “errors”…there is a lot of SHTF now and it’s OK…We are bigger than all the stuff. Sister Kali has her thing to do now…So be it. Robert and Renee

  2. I’ve been experiencing a lot of rage over past days.. When we feel to the core how disconnected humanity has become from the earth to the point of punishing the cultures who lived closest to it (especially true here in Australia) we must awaken and vow to throw it off.. its not just primal peoples its the deep feminine that has been savaged or disparaged.

    1. Indeed. Thank you for your level of feeling and perceiving. These wounds are ancient and we are here to heal them. It’s important to let the rage flow in our own space. Give it voice. It helps relieve the temporary pressure cooker we are in. Nothing to fear. It just needs movement. Bless you.

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