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I’ve been receiving more data for those who are consciously transcending this limited context of reality – the seeds and light warriors who have boots on the ground and are helping many others rise to do the same. As we move closer into the actualization or embodiment of our original multidimensional design, my inner-data shows me that many of us will cross into this new higher-vibrational orientation in “not-too-distant times.” Those who are returning to another cycle of contraction will remain unaware of the split between worlds.

Some of the things I cover: Consciously navigating into a greater way of being. It’s okay to not know; to be uncertain in the “thinking” mind. A simple equation of how the mind-control of media works. Overcoming the fear-trauma that cannot be carried across the threshold into greater consciousness. Using dreams as a tool to integrate pieces of our hidden aspects of self. Tuning our body instruments by working with feeling and the harmonics of Truth (as taught to me by nonhuman intelligence). Dialoguing with the archetypes. How we get stuck in smaller-frequency bandwidths. Unlocking the codes within. Modeling these changes in consciousness for others. Navigating the wall of paradox. The experiencer’s view of the rapture that I was shown, and what the bride and bridegroom mean. I mention again my recent dream with thousands of gold-light ships on the backdrop of a milky-white sky, with the confirmation of, “this is happening.” I’ve now heard this from a few other people as well, “gold-light ships” with the inner knowing that we are not alone with our transition.

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  1. Eileen, this video is a treasure!!! They all are, actually. But this is one I think I could share with some on the “edge.” Perhaps just beginning to turn their heads….

    I realize it’s been intense for you of late. Thank you for persevering in supporting and bolstering us!

    Love and gratitude,


    P.s. And…when you get a chance, please remember the recording of the recent Soul Reboot. Thank you!

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