Evolution of an Experiencer: Gail Swanson

Gail Swanson takes us through what she says is only a “tiny piece” of all that has unfolded in her life, through the most demanding life-and-death ordeals, to the most exquisite blessings of the Divine. She is full of joy and a veritable treasure trove of wisdom. Gail and I have followed each others’ journeys with the Divine Feminine for over 5 years now. And what a blessing it has been. I believe we arrived in each other’s lives to support one another in understanding and accepting the purpose of our numinous contact with mystical-Christian overtones. To simply say, “I see you, and I encourage you to keep going.” Neither one of us are affiliated with a religion, yet both of us were asked by the Presence to share what we were being given.

Gail published a book full of these downloaded messages in the form of empowering prose and poetry entitled, “The Heart of Love: Mary Magdalene Speaks.” She continues to write when the inspiration arrives. I was deeply touched, and Gail will surely touch you, with the reading of her most recent revelation – straight from the deepest regions of her heart. It so beautifully paints the ultimate path of not just the Experiencer, but the quest for all whose hearts have been purified through the journey, and stand ready to accept a greater way of being now.

Gail Swanson’s website: http://www.theheartoflove.com/

About the Evolution of an Experiencer Series: In the before-world, we had to pretend to fit in. That world was beyond weird to us, and it’s a miracle some of us survived. These are not interviews; these are experiencers in present-moment dialogue with each other. Many of us have been shown these “end-time” scenarios in our mind’s eye during our journeys beyond this containment, and have trained our whole lives to be of service when these old systems fail. These are the “beginning-times.”

The recently uploaded videos that Gail refers to:
Mother Creator and the Divine Human
Course Correction to the real world

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6 thoughts on “Evolution of an Experiencer: Gail Swanson

  1. Glad you two are alright. God (whatever that means) is female… No doubts. A beautiful androgynous intelligence. Back in the day, androgenous did not mean what it means today. It meant whole. Peace.

    1. Thank you, Trevor. We only use words to translate to the linear mind. There is no gender in wholeness, yet humans have been split into perceiving masculine and feminine as separate. I believe I would also speak for Gail in saying that putting pure energy into words is laborious and drastically reduced from the data that comes straight from the Source. Until people recall this ability in their own being, we are stuck with language, and all the misunderstandings that come with it. Peace to you.

  2. The voice in your own voice should be easy to tell is not internally generated. It will not be in your cadence, rhythm, or syntax really. Nuse… There are NO coincidences 🙂 No way to tell another what that feels like, 0-time communication has to be unpacked slowly, I guess that adds to the high strangeness. There is a chorus of minds. You are right.

    1. Unpacked, decoded indeed, and definitely no way to tell another who hasn’t felt the direct experience of it. Who are you, Tom? Talk to me.

  3. Dear Eileen and Gail. What a wonderful sharing it was! I laughed with you, I cried with you, I hear you, I know you, and I love you. Thank you🙏💚🌹

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