Mother Creator and the Divine Human

I woke up with a dream yesterday morning, along with the guidance that we would now demonstrate and video-record the delivery of a message. It’s not that I haven’t delivered messages in front of groups before, but this is different. I like keeping things small and intimate. And this is why I am experiencing anxiety attacks, stomach aches, and hyperventilating at the thought of sharing my very intimate connection with this Presence on YouTube. Sure, I’ve shared many of the audio messages, but never have I been this open and exposed. It feels like an initiation to me… like I could die at any moment.

The dream:

I was living in another time and place. I was always around groups of people, having meetings and discussions. I could feel that the time-period and the region I was in was highly volatile. I felt like I was a small, middle-eastern or asian young woman. I became hyperaware that when going from one location to another, inside a building to outside, and into different spaces, my life was in danger. I remember feeling the acceptance that death could come at any moment by assassination. At one point I became more aware of my identity when I realized that I was royalty and 2nd-in-line to the throne. But all the talk was that the likelihood of the immediate successor to the throne fulfilling her destiny was slim. Everyone seemed to feel that I would reign in the end, if I was not killed first. I remember the feeling of moment-by-moment existence very well. Every step I took could be my last. I remember glancing around and watching my environment with presence, but no fear. It was part of my destiny, and I had accepted mine.

I also added my 2018 musical poem, “This Time She Stays,” at the end of the video.

From one verse: “Her Truth Like a virus Is triggered inside To wholly reclaim And synchronize The healing of Earth And the heart of Love Bedded deep inside This human design…”

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  1. These thoughts Ive had since childhood. Life is simple in honest, transparent love ❤️ I resonate deeply with your message, Bright Blessings💕

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