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Course Correction to the Real World: The Mother takes the lead

Here we are on the threshold, an opportunity to move from a false or virtual reality into the fullness of the real world again. Until now, I haven’t done these kinds of solo videos much. I am listening very carefully now. Every action I take emerges from an inspired place. I am strengthening my authentic voice – now that we have arrived in these times that I, and so many other experiencer/sensitives, were informed would become a reality.

Today I speak to those who have never felt that they fit into this world, and invite you to bring your inner gifts forward now. I also share an excerpt from a prescient 2007 downloaded message from the Mother about the changes she must make to restore herself to a balanced state again. She is letting go of all that is life-less; letting go of all the dying and the dead, in order to retrieve all of her energy to be fully alive again. She must do this because she is shifting, along with natural-world beings and those fully-alive humans who choose to reorient to the Universal. Depressed? Of course you are. Perhaps you weren’t meant to make life work in this limited virtual reality. Perhaps you are here to be, and demonstrate, the way forward.

These are game-changing times, and clearly, it is the Mother who is taking the lead to restore balance again.

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