Course Correction to the Real World: The Mother takes the lead

Here we are on the threshold, an opportunity to move from a false or virtual reality into the fullness of the real world again. Until now, I haven’t done these kinds of solo videos much. I am listening very carefully now. Every action I take emerges from an inspired place. I am strengthening my authentic voice – now that we have arrived in these times that I, and so many other experiencer/sensitives, were informed would become a reality.

GreatMotherToday I speak to those who have never felt that they fit into this world, and invite you to bring your inner gifts forward now. I also share an excerpt from a prescient 2007 downloaded message from the Mother about the changes she must make to restore herself to a balanced state again. She is letting go of all that is life-less; letting go of all the dying and the dead, in order to retrieve all of her energy to be fully alive again. She must do this because she is shifting, along with natural-world beings and those fully-alive humans who choose to reorient to the Universal. Depressed? Of course you are. Perhaps you weren’t meant to make life work in this limited virtual reality. Perhaps you are here to be, and demonstrate, the way forward.

These are game-changing times, and clearly, it is the Mother who is taking the lead to restore balance again.

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7 thoughts on “Course Correction to the Real World: The Mother takes the lead

  1. Oh, Eileen, what an incredible heart-felt message. So many points I want to have conversation with you about – and say, “yes! I know that; She told me that too!” It is a stunning video. You have been so instrumental in bringing me to mySelf on so many levels. Words just don’t convey that Truth. Thank you for your utter dedication to Truth and the movement forward. Blessings and much love to you!❤️💫

  2. Oh, and we shall have those conversations! Looking forward to it. It is such a blessing to know you and share this space with you, Zuzanna.

  3. I’m in. When I was a child I tried telling people what I knew but no one would listen. As a result I withdrew from the world. It became the world and then there was me. I participated and did my part but did not talk to anyone, did what I wanted, and left everyone alone. At 10 years old I noticed that people pretended to be something they were not. I learned that in order to become something one must pretend (practice) until they believed they had become what they wanted to be. This did not make any sense. Then I learned the reason they were pretending was they were trying to become what society had encouraged them to be which is not easy to do. Even worse, I discovered everyone believed this was a good thing, to be the best that society wanted you to be. I decided not to participate and took it a little to far. This is the first year I have spoken to anyone online, even my family. Learning to reconnect to people is my current goal.
    Thank you for creating a website that the world needs very badly. People need to become the best they can be and be proud of it. It sucks being normal. It is boring, tedious, redundant, and unnatural. One should always strive to be weird, unique, and one of a kind. No one can be you so you might as well be the best one there is and it is a lot more fun and fulfilling then trying to be anything else.
    On behalf of those who do not know of your work yet; “Do not give up. We are listening.”

    1. Bless you, Christine. You knew that my soul needed to hear from you. I see you. And I thank you for seeing me. This isn’t where life ends; it’s where Life finally begins.

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