Living Beyond the Game: Every Human is an Experiencer Now

Some people are trapped in the game, and in this crossroads between great cycles or worlds, they may not remember who they really are. Why? It’s because they have developed little-to-no will to see beyond the given view. And with the given view changing, many will continue to follow the next script that is handed to them from the authors of this game. However, the story isn’t complete you see, because currently several competing playwrights are involved in a feverish re-write. And whether the auditioning actors are your family members, or they live in another land across the globe, or even if this is you, it is time to make a decision on which path you will take. Will you enter more of the unknown and restore your sovereignty? Or will you continue on to the next season of this well-known program?

We are now in the place that my own inner guidance and messages pointed out to me years ago – the choosing or deciding time. I suppose it could be translated as the proverbial wheat-from-the-chaff moment. This is where we actually choose our expansion into Love, or we choose to remain small and follow the trajectory that will definitely be evolving, but not necessarily in soul-expanding ways. Recently, in a private session with a client, more of this came forward in the form of an analogy, that I will further explain.

In the hour before I do a Deep Soul-Weaving Session, I connect and record my multidimensional sketchpad of what I am shown. These soul sessions were born a decade ago when this inner guidance pointed to an expanding ability that I have (and had to learn to accept) in working in tandem with “them” – beings of light, angels, or in the Divine Human definition, greater aspects of mySelf. While this trajectory is available to all of us on his threshold, I found that the only way that I can help, support, guide, inspire, or facilitate the healing process for others, is if they have the will to shift out of the old-world paradigm and into the new. This is why nonhuman intelligence took me out of the game so many times over my lifetime. They were teaching me, changing me, and showing me how this is done through our consciousness.

My work has never been about supporting people in staying and being “successful” within the lower-matrix reality. My work is to help you rise above it and embody your greater gifts for this new world, where your abundance and “success” are multi-dimensionally anchored into a foundation of Love. While it might seem so, this isn’t a new way of being. It is a restoration of our natural state. And this is where we can begin to integrate these greater aspects of our consciousness and apply them inside the game – thereby, changing the game. And this is not for everyone. I am speaking of a spiritual-warrior level of commitment to assist humanity in remembering who they are and why they chose to be here at this time. This window or portal of opportunity does not come around often. Just ask the Maya, the Hopi, the Hindu, and more. According to their calendars and maps, it’s roughly every 26,000 years.

LE MANS, FRANCE - JUNE 16, 2017: A crowd of people and children behind the barrier at a Parade of pilots

So let’s say this lower-matrix world is a spectator sport, like a football game. They showed me that humans are usually born into the class of seats in which their parents have secured. Most of us, about 80%, are easily indoctrinated into the game. We are taught to watch and respond to the game, right from the get-go. We either cheer or boo, depending on what our parents, family, media, teachers, etc., are doing. We learn by watching and mimicking their behavior. If we misbehave or don’t easily fit with the protocols, we are punished or shamed. Obviously, as the child grows up there are opportunities to rebel and switch sides if you will, but unless someone is exposed to something beyond the game itself, there will only be the awareness of the two sides. A small segment of the population might find other ways of expressing their sense of atheistic non-belonging or repulsion for the game itself. These humans exhibit slightly more will than those who are fine with the dualistic choice, but they can still get just as trapped in their new, “not that, but this” identity.

Then we have those who live on the fringe of the game – the non-spectators. They have no interest in the game at all, so the given culture usually boots these non-ticket holders “out” into the periphery of the stadium. All of the compliant spectators are taught to judge and fear them. Having this status becomes the last and most feared thing the spectators would want to experience – going without the stadium’s “currency” and being homeless.

Furthermore, there is something else that can occur – events with nonhuman intelligence or mystical openings into More that clearly transcend the game. This is something that spectators are deeply programmed to laugh and make fun of – evidence that this method of entrainment-to-the-game has worked quite well. Until now, that is. You may have noted that the game has recently come to a screeching halt. This interruption is not unlike what we, as experiencers, went through. You see, it was the interruptions-in-life-as-we’d-known-it that transformed us and revealed more of the truth of who we actually are.

And now in 2020, with this global interruption named “pandemic,” all human beings are experiencers.

These new experiencers are terrified of dying, or perhaps even more frightened of being homeless and shamed. But what is the nature of this fear, really? And what will you do with this interruption-opportunity to perceive and know more? These are the same questions that all experiencers of “beyond the stadium” phenomenon were being asked to consider. I can only speak for myself, but what I learned from repeatedly dying into these deeper fears, was that concurrently I was being “re-born into” and adapting to a new multidimensional view. But there is something very important to point out here from this evolutionary perspective over a lifetime: After losing touch with my natural state and early childhood events, and slipping further into the indoctrination of the game, initially, I felt like a victim of something indefinable. I demonized these “foreign” beings (disowned aspects of self) and projected all of my unconscious fears onto them. Sound familiar? There is nothing “out there” that is not somehow calling out to be seen, reconciled, or reclaimed within you – whether it be dark or light. Oh, and it’s okay to be home-less from a false world that was never truly your home anyway. I, and many other experiencers, would know.

et windowWhile the majority of people were busy watching or participating in the game, some spectators and perhaps non-spectators were “assisted” in transcending the stadium. We experienced a near-death experience or other-dimensional realities (phenomenon) with nonhuman intelligence, and many of us were given a bigger-picture view above the stadium that we’d heard no other human speak of. It’s Love, a greater “currency,” and we were being reminded that we didn’t have to earn it. In fact, we are IT.

We are speaking up now. And in our coming together, it seems we may be able to help in unlocking a way forward. Many of us who are not engaged with the game have been dancing on the edge of the stadium for decades. Some of us became homeless or came close to it. Some of us successfully donned the masks and pretended to be like everybody else, with the help of a variety of coping mechanisms, no doubt. All the while knowing that there is no existing role in the old-paradigm show that will completely satisfy the self we know ourselves to be… the Self that is here now, living with you and living beyond the game at the same time. And just as the angels and ETs, or “visiting aspects of our greater consciousness” did for us, we are here now too, to help you remember the Greater You – the one that is already living, anchored, and building the next world.


IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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