Beware the Narratives: More Unpacking of Codes

I have a few more things to say before transitioning from words-on-a-page blog posts to possibly expanding more into audio-video creations. I have written a lot here on this blog. There is plenty here that is still relevant to this now moment. I encourage you to explore. What I receive and share was never, and will not be, trapped in time.

In all of my downloads or “unpacking of codes” at the end of 2019, I saw-heard-felt-knew that we were on the precipice of something huge, and what a good many experiencer-sensitives have known was coming. When I first got the news at the onset of this certain virus, what arrived was this:

It has emerged. It’s spreading. It will lay bare the current corruption, control, and domination in all that we once (collectively) believed was good and true, and all that we gave our power to. Certain countries or leaders did not intentionally release a virus AT THIS TIME. Go within for your data. If one doesn’t know what “go within” is, then make this your first priority… like the air that you breathe.

morpheus memeSo at first, “they” are caught off guard, but they will quickly swoop in to use pandemonium to their full advantage. Spin is something they are masters of. Thus the battle for your linear mind in ALL forms of media. Who is “they?” I have shared this before in the past. Even though it’s quite often presented in this way, there are not just 2 localized groups (blue and red) vying for control of the next contracting, mechanistic future-cycle of humanity; I sense there are at least 4 or 5 major (global) ones. There is far more going on behind the curtain that only a very small percentage of human beings can “see.”

My guidance showed me that we must rise to the mastery level of “reading” energy and not attach to given narratives. It’s the first step, so to speak, on the proverbial ascent (or remembrance of our multidimensionality) up the vibratory ladder. Keep praying to “see” the Truth beyond what is given on our screens or in print. This includes the so-called secret, underground sources as well. We are invited to see beyond the promoted “front person” of each narrative, as well as the associated alternative re-sources who are the most successful in recruiting egos. Tune into the pre-translated energies behind everything that is offered. The ego-level can only see what is already translated for it.

So “they” don’t care which side you choose. They just want you split, confused, and “warring” with each other. If they can get your ego-level awareness to “take the bait,” you have given them permission to further control your limited (egoic) level of awareness. Meanwhile, I and so many others, are attempting to inform you that you are far more than this. It’s your fear of the “unknown” that keeps you agreeing with the extreme limits of what is given.

This is a mind-blowing level of psyops that my inner guidance pointed me to years ago and essentially prepared me for. What they showed me back then seemed impossible based on the context we lived in at the time. Yet, here we are.

Contrary to what some might say, I AM NOT TALKING TO ETs. Through a lifetime of mystical experiences, that included angelic or nonhuman intelligence “visits,” Kundalini, and later, a sacred experience of 5-MeO-DMT, I was pointed to my Divine, inner, multidimensional Source to access in the same musical or harmonic way that that other multidimensional beings do. If there are ETs that “visit” you and point you in any other direction to find the Truth but your Inner Self, beware of mind-control technologies.

We are experiencing psyops on steroids. It’s brilliant. It weaves some truth into narratives and always has a strong front person to identify with. As human consciousness is being invited into the transcendence of this lower-matrix reality, and the restoration of Universal Divine Truth, the game is on. “They” cannot do anything to you without your permission. And when you buy into the exciting narratives, this is how the ego is roped back into the continued cycles of unconsciousness. Permission granted.

I’ve shared here before, there is currently no visible public leader on the scene who “knows thySelf” and fully operates from Love. Thus, there is no one “out there” that you can fully trust to “lead” you. Thinking and wishing for this convenient emergence of an old-paradigm savior does not make it so. And again, the only way out of this is to fully rediscover who you are, and what YOU are actually connected to – Omnipresent Original Source Love. So choosing Love or fear is truly where it’s at. How well do you know yourSelf? If one does not trust their ownSelf, there is no one in the false world out there who can guide you to Truth. They can only point to it within your own consciousness. Yet, if you know thySelf and thy natural-state (balanced masculine-feminine) frequency, you are now shifted “back into your senses” – literally. All that vibrates in Truth will be shown to you in resonance with your renewed eyes that see and ears that hear. And with this comes the synchronicities that will help point the way… the way forward.

I’m not attached to you listening to me. I’m sharing what I was given. It wasn’t just meant for me, but because this is wisdom not born from the machine itself, it will be invisible to most. If this has resonant value to you or validates what you already know, then I am content. If it’s not useful to you, I’m fine with that too. Otherwise, I am on with wherever my inspirations guide me next! And I wish you all many happy new inspirations from the foundation of wholeness and with ALL of your senses. Because the music born from THIS is what actually changes the world.

Excerpts from 2018 and 2020 Sound of Gold Files transmissions:

“Do not be afraid of the chaos. You are in the process of creation. And Creation being an Artist in this way, is creating Beauty and Peace and Grace out of chaos, out of nothingness. So be the artists that you are now and trust that you are on course. And to the older generations, who have had more of the programming of fear, do not be afraid for things are changing. And if you are getting your news from the old-world methods and platforms, it is all a game at this point, to secure your mind and your allegiance to the game, to perpetuate it, but not in the same way.

There is a new design that is in the works and it is the design for those who have not rediscovered the Truth of who they are. Therefore, they continue to project it out upon their systems and leaders, following the stories – whatever the stories may be. There are many stories, and unless you are grounded in the Truth and the resonance of your Original Source Creator, you will not be able to see the Truth, to know the Truth that sets you free. ” Sound of Gold Files: Revolution.081318


“We speak to those who perhaps are on the fence, who are still wondering if it’s worth looking like the odd one out by choosing the path forward of embracing this Love and being guided by this Love that has no existing category or definition in the consensus consciousness. If you cannot find definition and descriptions in the existing world, then this may be a very good clue for you that you are moving in the direction of expansion. Truth is woven throughout all of your reality, your current collective reality. It is all there. But once the mind/ego latches onto definitions and terms, concepts, ideas, and begins to build an identity around it, then one is no longer expanding. One is contracting. Even under the header of spirituality.” Sound of Gold Files: BeyondThePlateau.032920


IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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9 thoughts on “Beware the Narratives: More Unpacking of Codes

    1. You always make such sense about the current situation. Today’s was particularly helpful in facing the barrage of propaganda on all sides. You practice “impeccable words”! Much love, Vicki

    1. Agreed, in my view, Kenneth. No offense to ETs. It’s semantics. Once we transcend this polarized view and are given the greater view, it is simply the essence of Love in a variety of other forms… or no form at all. There are other reasons for making that statement. Something that I’m sensing around demonizing the term and experiencers of it. Probabilities. When we get attached to 3D terms and language, things can get pretty twisted.

  1. Sharing Truth takes amazing courage.
    You have done so in a time when Truth is extremely important to those who are searching for it.
    Sharing The Divine Truth requires A Divine Presence Within and a cup filled with The Mother’s Wisdom enough to share. Thank You for sharing yours with us.

    1. Thank you, Eduardo. I have to admit, I posted it and ducked. I know how attached people are to either this or that being the truth. So much gratitude for your kind support.

  2. An amazing post – no crickets here! I know what you say is Truth, and it is a dire moment in our lives. I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine yesterday with whom I have shared consciousness conversations since 2004. I was chilled to the bone yesterday when I heard come out of her mouth things I never thought she’d even entertain yet alone defend. Two weeks ago there was a hint …. I thought she was joking or talking in metaphor. This has not only shaken me, but galvanized me away from anything ‘media’. It reminds me of the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, but it is really The Mind Snatchers. As you say: look within. That is the only way forward. Thank you, Eileen for speaking out!

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Zuzanna. It can be rather shocking to witness the radical personality changes. Prayers for all in the choosing time.

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