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I’ve been getting the nudge to share what I can from my recent phase of dream-downloads. The data “arrived” in the last three months of 2019. I have audio files where I am speaking it, plus scribbles, words, and drawings on the page and digital text files as well. It reminds me of the pages of my 30-years of contact journals, now tucked away in a dusty plastic bin. The process of how it comes is the same, but sharing it is the bigger challenge. It’s like translating infinity.

We’re moving so quickly now into a greater multidimensional experience that for me, and others like me, language becomes an exhausting thing. When I even think of trying to 3D-splain what came in the downloads just a few short months ago, I feel the lethargy of a slow-motion dream. Spock seemed to have a brilliant solution.

spock.mind.meldNice fantasy, but I know that’s not happening just yet. So because detailed explaining is becoming less possible for me, I decided to share some of my notes that I compiled on January 2nd. I hope there is some value that can be gleaned from my sharing it.

This is the tip of the iceberg for all that was “unlocking” within me. The last time I received this much data at once was in dreams and waking downloads in 1987.


January 2, 2020
In the morning I woke up… and in the night a few times too, realizing that I was actively putting more together about all the data that came before – from mostly October (2019) to now. It’s about how this shift in consciousness takes place, how we are changing when we do this consciously… reconnecting with the Field.

I’ve noticed that the processing is happening in dreamtime over weeks or months. In ’87, it took years to process and sort of understand. It would come into my consciousness more clearly when it was “time.” One time I wondered out loud if it wasn’t really downloads at all, but maybe something unlocking within me… inside my cells, I felt a big YES. We just call it downloads because we heard someone else use that word. That happens a lot for experiencers. Using others’ words and labels from books when it might not be the best description for us.

I’m receiving more insights and understandings… layers and layers. Hard to keep up. It’s the resonance language. It’s energy or sound/light. Data seems to mostly be about going multidimensional. Coming online with the Universal field… how we come online with the eyes that see and the ears that hear.

We can only perceive inside the bubble or container of what we are fed. If we still have emotional/trauma blocks in our core (mostly belly area) the Mother-Goddess-Serpent energy is trapped here. Free her and it opens the natural connection to the Heart of Heaven/Heart of Earth. Opens the core into the spherical shape that directly connects to the field through resonance. As they have shown me so many times, speak only the truth until she can move, breathe, and rise again. Lying (to fit into the false world), or being inauthentic, keeps her in the unconscious realm, where the human remains “disconnected” from the field and will continue to be controlled in false reality. 

So… humans are trapped in a limited perspective mainly based on blocks to emotional power – feminine energetics of human consciousness. Can’t “see or hear” the universe without it. People don’t know how programmed they are to disregard this.

Language and the “select” education and/or programming poured into the human mind must all be re-examined by the masses now… but only people who accept, “these things and greater…” will step into the greater potentiality.

The Creator, the Field is omnipresent. It really is in us and all around. We are attuning to multidimensional realities and new probabilities. That’s what this shift is in consciousness. Most think it’ll just be about systems of government or money. It’s way more.

Those who can “see” still appear to share the same space with those who choose not to see, but we are having a completely different, more multi-dimensional experience of reality. Eventually, there will be a different “track” or trajectory.

Hopi Prophecy Rock

The window is still open… can’t tell how long, but after a certain point, I see the fork in the road.

Interesting… about people seeing spaceships. Was shown some versions of these beings and ships, even Sasquatch, do pop into this density, or they lift our awareness into an altered dimensional view to be able to see-interact on other levels that are not as dense. Appearance in the lower-dimension is more like a symbol or representation… just like everything else here. They are seen as mostly light beings, oftentimes orbs, when people can “see” or are lifted into a temporarily higher-vibe view.

A rapid acceleration occurs in the collective consciousness when the experiencers or others who’ve have had these kinds of lives… contact, downloads, codes, and then integrating… When they meet and share with each other, wow. They showed this to me many times. 

It’s all here. ALL is HERE and we just can’t perceive it in our conditioned form. I know this isn’t new. I’ve even said this in talks and groups in the past, but now my eyes are opened to even more layering. This was the most profound of all that I was shown. Linear lines of understanding turn into spherical knowing.

As I read or listen to the verbal transmissions now, more understanding jumps out at me. They are encoded somehow, in the sound.

We truly are coming to the switch (this way or that) on the train tracks. I feel it’s initiated at the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, with Jupiter closing in. This is in a week, really. The eclipse on Friday, Jan 10th and the 22-degree Pluto-Saturn on the 12th. Sheesh. What an epic Saturn return at 22-degrees Capricorn. Will I live through it? Ram Dass didn’t. He has the same degree Saturn.

Well, I can feel that this material can’t be for everybody. This will just be crazy stuff to most. Is it that the material… as you’ve shown me in my mind’s eye but I didn’t understand at the time… is it for those who find themselves in the new dimensions but don’t understand? And they will need maps and reorientation? “Yes,” I hear. Everyone, lightworkers/sensitives/visionaries, who’ve “trained” through the first world will show up with their gifts after crossing this threshold into the new. So much more is added and will make sense then.

So the lucid dream with the dark-skinned angel beings a few weeks ago (Nov). That portal, the teams waiting to help reorient people… that was real? Also a “yes.”

This is a quantum leap. I see it. I feel it. It’s beginning now. We’re heading into something huge. Not sure what all comes with it, but for those who intended to shift in consciousness, it’s here.

This is my post in a private FB group for contactees on 010220, 6:59am. It generated a good discussion of others having similar kinds of accelerated activity.

I’ve been up since 5am trying to write out the downloads into words. The acceleration and in-sights are on a whole new level because I am perceiving more layers. I do understand, in feeling terms, that there is a quantum leap occurring now. The messages I’ve brought through over the years are encoded with a lot of what I was shown last night. I’d like to know, are there others in this group that are experiencing similar accelerations and downloads right now? I can’t keep up with it. Right now, I perceive that I am changed, and changing rapidly, and just trying to put myself back together again for basic functioning in the world.

012520: I found myself asking out loud for more understanding of the previous months’ downloads. Then bam. The revelations began. It’s still coming. I’m sketching in the notebook and just prompted to make a record of it here. If someone asked me what the gist is… it’s the codes of consciousness and multidimensional realities. You can’t “think” quantum physics, it’s felt. Then getting images of symbols and wisdom from the ancient past and going “OHHHH” I see what that means now! In way bigger ways. 


ZJJE.StillFor years this Presence has guided me to find and work with other experiencers. In the last decade, I tried several projects and it went nowhere. It was mostly because I found that very few experiencers were ready to speak publicly about their lives. They were still very much invested in the world and had to keep silent so they wouldn’t cause any undue harm (ridicule, judgment, loss of status/jobs) to themselves or family and friends. I don’t blame them, because that is a choice that only they can make. I started sharing publicly about 15 years ago, and indeed, it has been a difficult path. This time I feel that we’re in the timing to unpack more of what we carry within each of us. See Evolution of an Experiencer, or the more recent, Experiencer Dialogues. This is my passion. And we’ve only just begun this organic evolution of birthing and sharing it. The YouTube Channel is called, Translating Infinity. You are welcome to subscribe. Thank you for taking this journey with me/us.

IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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  1. I love your notes, and thoughts. I love “you can’t ‘think’ quantum physics – it’s felt”. Yes! that is the big difference. This means a lot. So happy to be journeying with you, my dear!! Looking forward to More…

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