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Happy Multidimensional Earth Day

UniverseWombYears ago, the messages informed me of these times, the great intersection between worlds. Last Sunday, April 19th, I translated the first message that wasn’t about the coming times, or the future deciding time. It is about now. We are here. Ground zero. Each and every soul has decided – consciously or unconsciously – its own trajectory forward. As a result, you may feel your light work changing to move with this explosion into a greater context. Be gentle with yourselves, and listen as you adjust with the greater potentiality of your being. From this moment forward, it is about expanding with each other and the Earth – that is, for those who have chosen to bravely open to this heretofore unknown, multidimensional earth. It’s time. Happy Multidimensional Earth Day.

Excerpts transcribed from a Sound of Gold Message: DivineSeeds.041920

“…many, will remain to assist those in the expansion of their selves, their purpose, their greater identity; how to integrate… practice being More. Some may feel complete, holding the light, anchoring the light, being the light as best they could under the circumstances that they found themselves within. This is being decided now within these teams of the seeds: aspects of the ONE seed planted by Original Source Creator. Feel that oneness with each other, the coming together now, for some of you will awaken more of this understanding, which is precisely why we are able to speak in this way, at this moment, for you have arrived in the meeting place, in the station in between.

While some of you had intentions for this in-between and the next leg of the journey, it simply could not be seen or described in its fullness – only in essence – for you are literally in-between worlds [or] dimensional realities in this moment. And what came before has very little to do with what is chosen next. So the attunement to the essence… to Soul, the Divine Essence within is what informs you now. And if the mind requires detailed explanations – persons, places, and things – then you will be disappointed. But if you are willing to absorb what comes next. If you are willing to sense this in the ways in which you have developed and learned to trust, then you will see your way forward. You will simply find yourself being it and doing it. No thought.

The ways in which you have framed life on planet earth do not translate well into this next phase, so it is like a death. Death and rebirth will be viewed and translated through each individual being. And collective groups will form with the same viewpoints, and build their own track and train into their next reality. (See The New World, Context is Everything)

Very few will understand this and accept this interpretation. And those few who do understand what is being translated here now, feel our appreciation, our nod to you as you sit in the train station, celebrating how far you have come with your intentions for the life leading up to now. We see you. We are you. And we celebrate this.

Understand that as you move forward, you will be traversing landscapes that are challenging to interpret for those who do not understand. Your roles are changing in that you are not translating so much for the collective of humanity that you have known. Your role from this moment forward is being formulated, decided by each and every one of you as you traverse these unusual landscapes – landscapes that may suggest anything from “nothing has changed” to I feel like I am in an Alice-in-Wonderland reality. You will experience changing landscapes, changing backdrops. Do not get distracted by the backdrops [looked like green screens in my mind’s eye] for they are quick, fleeting, temporary, contextual… rapid contextual shifts. This is why it has been so important to truly know how to go within, in this birth canal.

All aspects, all souls are treasured, beloved, and it is the angels [seeds] who refuse to give up on these aspects of self that have mis-taken – taken themselves out of the understanding of who they actually are. This misunderstanding has left them open to be preyed upon by those who will take advantage of this mis-understanding. This is the fundamentals of what we could share. This is not about predicting these trajectories, these stories; it is simply outlining where you are in this moment and what is possible moving forward. Stay present as much as possible. Stay neutral now. Feel the love and the guidance emerge from this space. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it. And as you come together now, communicating with each other, you will have different perspectives with this ONE crystal as it begins to radiate and deliver more guidance to you, more understanding, more unraveling to assist you in your commitment to be of service in whatever form that may take out of this crossroads. This is where you trust and know.

There is no longer the egoic mind that must have the answers and the structures, for they are “no more” in your framing, and in the space in which you are resting now. Trust that all is well. Listening, feeling, praying, engaging in the dialogue with Source will keep you informed. Again, do not be distracted by the quickly-changing scenes, the quickly-changing backdrops of this physical reality that you are shifting out of. You are transforming. Do not become attached to old-world explanations that you will hear everywhere. Tune into the vibrational data, always. This is how you know. We thank you for your passion and your presence, for your light, for your dedication to humanity and to the Earth. Good day.”


Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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