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The New World, if you can become it

LucidMeetStillHow does it feel? In 2020 we have collectively arrived at the cosmic doorway. Before reading my recent vision-download, I invite you to review my lucid meeting with nonhuman intelligence from November 2019. It is all connected.

What I offer is not just another story for the ego to grab onto. This is “the new world if you can become it.” I use a play on words from a military colonel’s story in the desert of New Mexico in 1957. Essentially, he came “face to face” with nonhuman intelligence inside a cave. The being was telepathically asking for a 10-minute window to depart the ground without radar. The colonel said that 10 minutes could be an eternity and asked, “What do you have to offer?” The being responded, “A new world if you can take it.” (I like the phrase, so please don’t send me emails about whether or not it actually happened.)

This is essentially a channeled article that I will share in segments. I wrote all of this (and more) yesterday morning within minutes, echoes of my major downloads at the close of 2019. There’s so much data that it could be a book, many books, but there’s no time for books. I was too busy yesterday to make this article publish-pretty. Frankly, I’ve been wondering if I should even distribute it here. I’m not fond of publishing predictive material but here goes… at least the start of it.

Each of us, individually, will get to see our own personal, custom-made ending of this collective 3D cliff-hanger. You see, it’s like a really cool multidimensional reality show. And it doesn’t begin and end with the current episode of COVID-19. We still have some markers for a shared reality at this point, but even that will be changing as we go. This is what all of my dreams and downloads were about at the close of 2019. I will do my best to articulate a very small piece of it that was further outlined yesterday morning.

In this timeless window, our walk between worlds, many people – even people who consider themselves spiritually awake – will experience a breakdown/breakthrough in some form. Why? Because the storylines are ending. Whether you consider your current life to be a spiritual feel-good story or a horror show, it matters not. Just like every river has a story as it makes its trek back to the sea, we too have entered our sacred reunion with the ocean of the Universal. The ego-mind does not control how this goes, thus we will not respond to this in the ways we “think.”

What I have been shown, and this is woven throughout many of the Sound of Gold messages that I have shared here, is that if you are still attached to the stories provided to you by the authorities in this false reality, you will be at a loss as to how to navigate the “Unknown,” the Source Field, the Universal Sea. We have all unknowingly adapted to the pre-packaged (lies), smaller-spectrum identities, narratives, and translations. Nonhuman intelligence (of all forms) has been nudging/shoving many of us awake so that we would not sleep past this 26,000-year portal of potentiality. Many of the messages over the past 15 years have said, “You will be meeting your Maker, and based on your harmonic vibrational signature, you will find yourself moving into your next cycle (world) of reality.” Ultimately, this is a time of surrender and trust with what is real, with what is actual – Love.

Sound of Gold Files: EndOfSimulation.112617

“…and even at this crossroads in time that we speak, we remind you that it is not about staying in the containment and finding scraps to rebuild the containment, it is about adapting to your wholeness, to the truth of who you are, the largeness of who you are. It is understood that this can be overwhelming, even just the thought of this, and the energies can be overwhelming, as this translator knows. But once felt, you do not need to think so much about how to do this.

When confusion comes along, as the channel has presented in this sitting, it is simply that you have become overly focused on finding a way to deliver inspirational messages and awareness within the simulation alone. It does not work this way. The inspiration comes through this feeling, tunneling connection beyond the simulated reality. And it is tunneling. And everyone has this ability to tunnel beyond the simulation and feel what you are connected to.

Now, we realize that there is not a whole lot of information available within the simulation about how to do this, and understand that you won’t find it within the simulation. You may be momentarily inspired by Love, evidence of Love, through the heart-full movements of human beings and their stories of connections. There is something there that enlivens, but at this point, it is only temporary for most humans still defer to what was given through the simulation. There is still the lack of vision or lack of trust that there is something more and they have not quite grasped that it will not be delivered in the framework of the simulation – meaning it will not be defined within the container [you perceive yourself to be living within]. This is why everything that we speak about is pointing you to your heart consciousness, to your feeling nature. For this is how your Creator, your Source communes with you. This gift, this treasure that you hold within, your gift of communion, cannot be stifled directly by the simulator.”

I, and many others, have been sharing with you how to do this consciously as we tether to our Divine Authority (Truth) within. It’s all here: on this blog, the YouTube channel, and more. I feel I’ve completed the majority of what I intended from the perspective of our current shore. Now we surf these multidimensional waves to the other side. If you think things were confusing up to this point…

Whatever reality show or channel it is that you are watching, whatever tribe you align with, it will either take you to the next episode on your screens (projections), or you will transform into the Sea and cross into a higher-vibrational world. The latter doesn’t mean that you lose your current physical body, but it could. There is no “good” or “bad” way to transform. We are all transforming at this time, and there is nothing to fear. If you have lucidly engaged with your own evolution, you will, in essence, be reborn into your natural, multidimensional state and connect with others in this higher-vibe bandwidth to manifest the next world. This is what all of our true spiritual masters, indigenous elders, and guides have shared with you in its purest form – before it was changed or destroyed.

In a future post, I hope to describe the vision of what this transformation might look and feel like based on “groupings” of souls.

Here is a very quick overview of the flavor of the vibrational groupings and possible endings to the show. Understand that this is a painting of feelings, not exact details. All the details for your next reality will be produced from your own mind. Just know that all of the “captains of the dark” are competing for your attention and cooperation now – whether you agree to the new “cable” contract consciously or unconsciously.

To be continued.

Godspeed to all…


Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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