Adaptation to Expansion

All of these transmissions-through-resonance were for humanity at this crossroads in time. This one happened to arrive at the end of 2016. ~ EM

[EM dialogues with Source for ~ 20 mins and asks if there is anything that she needs to know, for herself or others who may read or hear these messages in the future.]

Human Consciousness

It is indeed a blending. Not blending with Other, unless you do consider aspects of yourself to be other. You do have the opportunity now – all humans if they choose – to reconnect, to blend-in the aspects of themselves that were not identifiable previously. If it was identified, it was from a momentary glimpse, and the identification was other. And what you had available to you in the category of other – in the category of loving, beautiful, powerful, and wise – was a variety of characters and archetypes. There are so many, and they are born from personal experience and personal culture. They were the clothing of what you refer to as spiritual and sacred until you could feel and remember that it is you. This might feel and sound strange to many people, but it is the truth from this expanded perception, through this one individual. Others who tap into this expanded state may have different interpretations, different words, different perspectives, but the tone, the vibrational understanding would be the same – that this is what is occurring in these times. You are blending with the rest of these aspects of Self that you once agreed, within the confines of the limited bandwidth of consciousness, that it was something special and that you are not. It is your unknown value, shall we say. It is this unknown Love. It is the unknown identity that is here now, in an actual field. Some refer to this as waves. So be it. It matters not what you call it. Are you prepared to receive the sweetness that you are?  For it is here and available to you now.

Have you made way for the truth? For this power, this grace? Have you made way? For there must be room for your Greater Self to find you. It is important that you are resonating with the truth of who you are so that the rest of these aspects of yourself can find you. If you are pretending to be someone or something else, it cannot find you. If you are resonating with past injury and trauma and pain, it will be more difficult for it to find you. Be willing to heal. Be receptive and nothing further is required for your Greater Self, your Soul Self, the Overtones of who you are, to find you and blend with you; to be you, to be whole once again.

So choices are being made as to who you choose to be now. Do you choose to be the perfect light, the brightness of the stars and the cosmos sparkling within you? Or do you choose to remain with what you accepted as your identity within a dimensional frequency that is fragmented in nature? Your abilities to perceive have been reduced to a manageable level. Manageable for those who benefit and let us say, profit from your contained consciousness. They do not have power over you at all. It is a 100% agreement on your part to participate in the smallness. This is the way it has been. In this moment, right now, the moment you are in, reading these words in a book – is the moment that you can choose differently. Do not be afraid. It will be the most joyous moment imaginable, once you are willing to open and receive the rest of yourself.

It may be shocking at first. It may be frightening at first because you are not adapted to these levels of Self. They seem distant from who you think you are, but it will not take long to recall your wholeness and your abilities, your purpose, the grace that you are. And when you do this with others in community, acknowledging what is occurring, being truthful about what is actually happening in your bodies, in your being, in your consciousness, it will grow within you and in your communities – rapidly – so rapidly that your heads will spin, as you say. There is no more waiting, indeed. Now is the time. It always has been and always will. And now has always been available… but you haven’t.

It is not because you were stupid or bad, it simply was. And in this now moment, you may re-choose and re-identify and reorient to Love. This will initiate the changes and adjustments within your body that will support the incoming balance of your consciousness. Allow these changes. Move through them with the support of your communities, friends, healers, and then you have the opportunity of discovering what Life truly is. You are literally climbing out of a darkened box into the very bright light of Love. Give yourselves permission to gently move through these changes. You will not always have the immediate answers that you seek, due to the fact that you are framing your lives from the past. It will not make sense in past framing. Patience is required in the present moment to allow the answers, the understandings to come and fill in the blanks. It is important that you know that it is in this present moment attention that the blanks will be filled in, and you will have the understanding as you move forward from this place of wholeness. Be mindful, for you will all find yourselves doing this – reverting back and becoming frustrated when it doesn’t make sense in any past framing. It is a felt experience in the moment.

So yes, there is a letting go, a willingness to surrender all that you once identified with as very real and very true in your lives, so that you may feel Truth and you may navigate these new-to-you aspects of yourselves and integrate them. But know that they are not new. You will remember when you allow yourselves to remember in the moment. You have been entrained in a time-space container that is all fragmented information, stories, and characters. And you adjusted to that because that’s what you do. It is one of humanity’s greatest talents – to adapt.

Our main message to you now is, simply acknowledge that you are leaving this container, turn in the direction of this enormous Love and Light, and be willing to adapt to the expansion of your consciousness, of your being, to welcome this and to be this. Accept the gifts. Accept the Light. Accept the Wisdom, the Joy that you are. And be it now in your world. Good Day.

from Sound of Gold Files: ExpansionNow.121816


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