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Tethering to the Universal

goldheartlightUnder the current circumstances, I will be shifting my group work online, demonstrating this present-moment practice and dialog on the Zoom platform. This resource/tool was delivered to me via my high-vibrational contact and bioenergetic experiences. It has been a gift to me, helping me restore my connection to Universal Love; the Field beyond this smaller-bandwidth containment. It’s where a whole new kind of data can be absorbed and shared. At this stage, all of it is to help us transcend the old repetitive cycles of limitation and return to our natural state.

Over the years, I’ve also called it Sacred Truth-Telling, Soul Reboot, the Koyopa Process, Connecting to Source, and the term given to me years ago, Embody-Building. As context and consciousness rapidly changed and continues to, I’ve changed the names and shifted translations, always trying to, at the very least, show up on the 3D consciousness radar to get your attention. The Source Field does not speak in linear or purely intellectual terms. This is the first hurdle, or “aha” to achieve in restoring this direct connection. Cool labels and terms do not constitute actual connections. They might get your attention initially, but the overall manifest value of the practice is all you.

You might agree with me now, as the walls close in, that it’s time to remember who you are. I’ve been shown many times over, that in this fuzzy in-between state, we are all deciding: either unconsciously re-contracting to the containment, or we may face our fears and re-tether to the Universal. Our greatest spiritual leaders taught us that we were designed to directly commune with the Absolute, the True God, the ONE that lights up within when we consciously choose to clear the way. Bottom line is, we must practice speaking Truth. This Light within taught me that Truth is the resonance that initiates communion. For some, it takes a while to locate this within. Depending on their own life conditioning, there may be little-to-no awareness of what actual Truth is. What one has is what they’ve been told is the truth. What I was shown in these “connected” or communion states is, the discovery of these differences, somatically, is how we begin to retune our instrument and consciousness to the Universal. This is where the re-tethering begins.

A message transcribed from audio, Aug 1, 2013.

Every human being has access, already provided for them, to this here-now place in consciousness. It is a free, as you say, all-access pass. It is simply the decision to experience it and to fully commit to travel and arrive. The re-identification occurs in this place of consciousness. And from this moment forward, after the welcoming and full acceptance, one finds themselves in an entirely different approach to life and consciousness on planet earth.

You may refer to this as a dimensional shift, but remember, these are ideas and concepts of something that you have not visited yet. Perhaps you have memories of dream experiences that may touch into this place in consciousness, this shift, but understand by the time you are interpreting a dream, you are conceptualizing it. You are placing symbols that in your consciousness now, in your 3D consciousness, the density in which you are focused now, there is only a fragment of meaning and understanding that you can glean from these symbols. Once you land and accept That Which You Are in this crossroads, in these intersections of consciousness, you are standing in a new dimension of Earth and human existence and consciousness. Full acceptance of this – no more symbols and representations of what this is, no more projections, no more ideas of what it is. It is direct and it is now.

So many of you state emphatically that you are ready. Did you, in fact, prepare, ready yourself for this? Your body will tell you. There are feeling exercises that we introduced in your time, years ago, that we have made available through this reporter-being delivering these messages. And even though this reporter informed others of her success with the exercises, there was still fear and judgment. Remaining outside of the actual experience, objectifying, intellectualizing, judging, comparisons based on virtual-world information. There is a difference, you might say, from playing a video game to actually experiencing what is occurring in the story – thereby generating the story, being the creator of the story in the moment, vs. accepting the terms and conditions of the author who wrote the game, and pretending to be consciousness that knows first-hand! This is what occurs with stories – whether it be video games or a film or reading someone else’s book or account. There is nothing wrong with these modalities but understand the time is coming.

The merging is almost here in your consciousness, and you will discover what it feels like to be whole, responsible, accountable for full consciousness. Again, something that many of you have said that you want and that you are ready for.

So, the tooling involves working directly and consciously with your honest feelings. How well do you show up honestly with your feelings? There is the level of showing up with your feelings with yourself, by yourself individually, and then there’s the work of being honest with feelings with each other – practicing with each other. And we realize that if one were to sit down and listen to all of the material reported through this particular reporter, it sounds like a broken record, as you say. We have given this over and over, the power of this, and how rapidly you would all accelerate if this were practiced – accelerate to your direct connection with All That IS, and the network of family and friends – both on planet and off – that you would be connected to. All of the things that you say that you want; it is all available and it is all available now. When will you begin?

We are not saying this is the only pathway. We are saying this is the accelerated pathway to direct connection with your Maker, with your Creator, remembering, knowing, recalling, being the gods that you are, the expression of Creator that you are – the full expression! Dare we say that it is has been stated previously through others on your planet, that this is what you are most afraid of – to actually feel the frequency of Creator in your being, in your body. This is when you discover how much fear you carry within your consciousness – even though you think, even though you have projected an image of the spiritual being that you are, you will find out. You will find out how much fear you buy into everyday. For in the practice of the honesty and the practice of the feeling and expression, you will work through this easily. We will not say effortlessly, for it does require the present-moment attention and practice.

All that is required is a commitment to explore, to travel, to feel, to be clear about what you are feeling, and then to allow the connection to be made to Absolute consciousness, where there is no language.  The linear train will only take you so far on this journey. There is a point where one must get off the train and allow the connections to be made, the direct connections to Source – to an understanding with all of your capacities, rather than just relying on the intellect.

So we invite you to come on this journey to meeting your Maker, meeting the rest of yourSelf, meeting your family that has been waiting for you at the train station to celebrate with you in your awakening to all of your capacities. And all of this without losing your bodies; staying in form. This is something to celebrate. We invite you onto this ride. The ride of your Life! Thank you. Good Day. Sound of Gold Files: ExcerptBookActual.080113

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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