Sticking to your Story or Expanding into More

Now that we’re here, I wanted to ask you something. Will you be sticking to your story? Falling back into the past? Or are you magnetically pulled into the Presence that expands you into the magnificence of More?

I am complete with one phase of my work and entering another. (More about the new phase in a future post.) For years I was able to dedicate myself to the translation and distribution of this inner data. I decoded these frequency messages from this Presence or Field in order to penetrate this limited spectrum of 3D consciousness. I was made aware quite often that there were many of us here, some with more visibility than others, but all were helping in the awakening of human consciousness. Whether or not the individual work was popularized or visible within the smaller spectrum of consciousness, all embodiments have been enormously important in the anchoring of this Light. Thank you for your willingness to awaken here. Believe me, I know how tough this is.

The guidance and practices that I (and others) have received and shared over the years, have brought us into this important now-moment of implementation. The Sound of Gold messages had an emphasis on what was coming and how to move with these radical and necessary changes in consciousness. It was about going within so that at this timing we could be attuned to our natural state. This is where we can directly hear the guidance we will need in these times to transcend this “smaller-bandwidth” version of ourselves and the world.

Some of you have applied the given tools and have made extraordinary progress in the activation of your Source-given design – one that is musical in nature, with the capacity to attune to the greater Universal Symphony. Still, other souls are determined to submit to the outer-world authority, believing they are helpless or have little will to restore their connection to the Light.

Woven throughout these hundreds of messages is a common analogy – the train station. This wisdom was consistent in stating that “soon” we would arrive at the train station, on the perimeter of the old world. Currently, the majority are disoriented and are dealing with a derailment from their old story or track. And this is expected. There is only love and compassion here. No judgment. But soon you may begin to hear the old fears and associated narratives erupt again, tenfold. As long as the dark can tempt us away from our inner Truth, it still has a chance of keeping us entrained in the old programming. We must consciously disrupt these “loops” of fear, by consciously choosing Love.

You still have time, so to speak. THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. The train station is a completely safe and neutral zone. You are protected here. If you have been in fear, know that you don’t have to continue down that track. You can change your train and consciously venture into train in fog“unknown” landscapes of consciousness. There is no reason to fear the unknown. In this powerful, collective, near-death moment, there is every reason to embrace it, as this is where the rest of your consciousness resides.

There is no time and space here at the train station, and none of your old consensus beliefs and values apply. The people that appear to “die” or pass from your reality now are moving into a variety of new spaces. And for the people that appear to “survive,” it is the same. There is no death. There is only expansion into a greater sense of Self or a contraction into further limitation. The terms, “alive and dead,” are not based upon whether you have a body or not. One can have a physical form with very little presence of soul. And one can have a huge presence of Soul with little to no form. The visions I receive have shown me that bodies with little soul may intensify into a transhumanist reality. This will be its own unique trajectory of existence.

The most important message that this intelligence wants to convey to you at this timing is this: BE MINDFUL OF THE STORIES THAT YOU CONTINUE TO REPEAT. It matters not if it’s a good story or a bad story. You are no longer in storyland. You are sitting in a neutral spot, and before you is a glorious opportunity to actualize yourself and your multidimensional awareness – on Earth as it is in Heaven.

As always, whatever you give your energy and attention to, will perpetuate. But understand that on this neutral platform, you are making bigger decisions than you may consciously realize. You are on the threshold of new dimensions and new worlds. Give pause and ask yourself: will you be sticking to the old stories? Or will you brave the magnificence of More?

As we have stated at other times, this center of the cross is very much like a train station hub where you are choosing which train, which pathway you wish to proceed onto, or through. You may not know in one direction the circumstances – persons, places and things – or outer world realities. You may not have ideas of what that would look like. Just as the caterpillar in its liquid state does not know what it looks like to be a butterfly, and may not even have an image or idea of what a butterfly is, but it is willing to go liquid because it can feel that it is liquid love itself with the potential for greatness beyond what can be imagined at the caterpillar level. So there is trust, and that trust comes from radiating in this love, trusting in that love, trusting in the compass within. Or, there are trains [trajectories] that will move out of this center point to further explore life as a caterpillar – a life in a form that is not aware of its greatness, that is not aware that it can fly, for it has chosen to stay in its limited form.

Sound of Gold Files: CaterpillarToButterfly112419

“I am not predicting a mass-death event. It doesn’t have to look like that. I am simply sharing my lucid dream experience so that you have one experiencer’s view and interpretation of the Field of Potentiality before us. Who knows? Perhaps it will match what others are also seeing. I, for one, am comforted by knowing that this re-sorting may be in our future, and it may be happening as we speak.”  Eileen – “A Lucid Meeting with the Dark-Skin Angels” Nov 2019

– Image of the hollowed-out book by Steve Panella. Rest in peace, my friend. 

IMG_5325Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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  1. I read you often, Eileen, and find your work fascinating, eye-opening, and truly relevant. I share many experiences as well and appreciate your dedication to give to the world. This thank you is long overdue but I find myself with “time” on my hands right now.

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